Sunday, September 20, 2009

Suds, Sedans, Vans, and Sunday Stuff

I was hit with an epiphany today as I sifted through the same neon "Race for the Cure" bracelet, hemp necklace, Halo book, a singular pg. 141 in our math book and various lists and notes begging for iTunes downloads and trips to Borders. (They like to pass these notes to us while we're on the phone or asleep or engrossed in a critical political article online, with the heavy-duty pressure of the "yes" and "no" boxes at the bottom.)

Anyway, I decided I don't want us to own things anymore. At all, save for a few garments, lest we break a law, as well as grooming supplies, and books.

If this is too much to ask, and I'm told that it is, can everyone PLEASE stop touching/using everything I've just cleaned/organized? Granted my kids are well-trained but they still touch everything and it gets all asymmetrical and I go a little bit nuts and turn into Rainman. I cannot figure out whence these stupid trinkets come. Okay the cause bracelets are fine, as Reilly runs in support of Winter, but since when did Quinn start wearing a hemp necklace and where the hell did it come from, and how does he retrieve it everyday from behind the couch, under the bed, or wherever else I throw it? Furthermore, their iPods are the size of postage stamps and while Quinn and Reilly are really adept at tracking their shit, ahem, stuff, (ie the necklace), I worry about them because it would take 708 hours to reload a new one.

So today we need to get a grip on stuff. And by this I mean get a grip on it and throw it away.


-No neglecting the basics. Someone post a success story today. And it can't be me.

-Fill one garbage bag from your general household and one from combined bedrooms, and THROW THEM AWAY. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, throw it away or I will hunt you down and pour honey in your bed.

-Once you see clearly now the crap is gone, get a little tub of soapy water and scrub three areas, such as kitchen everything, floor(s), desk, entryway, bathroom. Suds are good.

-Finally, inspired by Dawna, get out to that car. Take a bag. Throw away coupons, fast food bags (I'm glaring at you if you really have those), Starbucks cups, French fries in the car seat, you know. The rest? Put in a caddy! Any old Rubbermaid shoe box sized clear tote will work. Mine holds a spare outfit, a can of Febreze, lotion, gum, a book, Ramen, a coat, a notebook, and two extra large beach blankets for the park. Sam, you would dig this.

Come on, we can so do this. We're talking an hour and a half tops. I have faith in you guys, show us what you've got.


  1. I have to admit, on weekends I tend to let my motivation wane to some degree so that I can focus a little more on my family. That said, for you Chey, I will put forth some conscious effort today and see if I can't get some things done. ;-)

  2. I'm planning dishes, dishes, laundry, laundry, and toddler chasing. About all I can do, even with Daddy.

  3. Ok, this weekend was all about Willow and doing a little birthday party at home in her honor, complete with Spongebob cake. We were hella busy yesterday, shopping at Toys R US, buying Sylvanian Families for her and me and Maurice arguing because he wanted to buy her the big ass house for her mouse family and here I was attempting to stick to some sort of budget. We compromised....the house I picked was 24.99 - the one we really wanted was 59.99 - yeah big ass difference. The last remark from him was ''FINE! We'll get the little cottage but I am so getting the big one for her for christmas!'' Apparently, he couldn't be seen getting her a shit house for her little family. Cos that wouldn't be very Papa of him. I LOVE THIS MAN!

    Anyway, today was all about wallowing in self pity since my man left today for Holland for a week for his company. He gets to stay with his Mom and Stepdad and yeah catch up with siblings and friends, but we miss each other something stupid and suddenly forget how to breathe away from one another. It's sick. Demented. I MISS HIM!!!
    Tomorrow I am out in town and buying every cleaning supply known to man, since I will be ass kicking the house when I get home and on Tuesday. Must keep myself busy to make the week fly by! Today I just enjoyed the kids and we had a TV day since I only get them once a month on weekends. xx

  4. Today ended up with perpetual dish-doing, and laundry folding. I also worked a little on sorting stuff in the spare room to get it ready to convert to Savannah's room.

    And somewhere amidst all that I worked in a two mile walk with my family.

  5. Today was a success first in that I walked 5K carrying my 40 pound almost-four-year-old on my back in a wrap. Yay me! (you asked for success stories)

    Okay. Today I: walked the Race for the Cure, supervised a two hour playdate for two wild and crazy beautiful children (no injuries), and made it home safely. I finished going through the seven (!) boxes of clothing I'd pulled down from the attic last night, and all of them belong to the ex. Hope she has lots of room in her car tomorrow. Washed all dishes, have the last load of laundry in the washer. No huge deal, but I'm tired after lugging 40 extra pounds for 5K!

  6. Dawna-I love people doing things for moi. What did you do? Because really, you're kind of a slacker, so I'm really hoping you got off your ass. <3

    Katie-The basics are good enough. Gotta have clothes, gotta have dishes. The rest will happen in between a toddler and well ... the toddler.

    Mes-I can't even believe you can show your face here, throwing Willow a birthday party. God. She's so selfish. Where was Mr. Dyson? All locked up? So instead of scraping our child across your kitchen floor, scrubbing to an orgasmic sheen, you bring streamers, balloons which will later sag, and confetti and shit into the house? Do you want a divorce? Ha ha. I can't believe she's three! I can't believe she's not the baby anymore. Kiss her like crazy and I hope you made a huge mess in her honour--and then cleaned it up in my honour.

    Sucks having those lips, er, Maurice, away. (I always forget the rest of him.) Just think how sweet your reunion will be. :)

    Dawna-The comeback kid. Is you human?

    Susannah-Goddamn. I hate when people hike, but props nonetheless. That giant fits in a wrap, holy shit. I loathe going through boxes, kudos, but I heart ridding my life of shit from exes. And au contraire, it is a big deal. :)

    Today was Sunday so I got up at dawn, cleaned like a madman, got back under the covers, awoke at noon, started screaming at everyone because my day was gone and I'm down to the shit tasks like sorting boxes--ugh. So they left and I felt sorry for myself, did the dishes, finished all laundry, worked some iPod miracle for Quinn's ongoing issue, dusted, lusted, changed the sheets, and let the windows know they're on probation.

    Nicely done team.