Thursday, December 24, 2009

24 Hours and Counting...

The diversity among people and their preparedness on christmas eve is as vast as the spectrum of colours. Some Moxlings need only to plug their trees in in the wee hours of christmas morning, everything spick and span, baked goods gloating in adorable smiling tins. (Ahem, Bail Bostrander...) Then there are the folks whose paychecks and/or schedules don't even let them out the retail gate until christmas eve. These are the people I pity. There is no wrapping paper, no boxes, NO RIBBON, and (indignant adolescent gasp) not one strand of lights in the United States. All there are are kitten calendars and Snuggies, but only the worse than better colours. Ahh.

For those who fall in the middle, who have 90+ % of their shopping done, most of it wrapped, a few odds and ends, and the reality of the house gnawing at their brains, I've concocted what I believe will be a booster shot to all the cleaning you've already been doing.

Try this on for size, even though it's one size fits all:

-Nail those dishes something fierce.

-Show the washing machine no mercy.

-De-clutter, sweep/Swiffer and wipe down entryway.

-Dress down that kitchen, lest it mock you and smell your fear.

-Double check your main bathroom, particularly for soap, spots on the mirror, plenty of t.p., and fresh hand towels.

-Choose your table cloth.

-Strip and make your bed. It will feel so good to collapse into fresh sheets after surviving this murderous season.

-Set a timer and kick ass in your room for 20 minutes.

-Set out totes for each person for christmas morning, as well as a bag for garbage and a bag for certain salvageable boxes, bows, etc.

-Make sure your camera has batteries.

-Take one wipe into each room and let it be all that it ca be.

Or just whatever tasks will help to usher in the big day. Coffee, music, ribbony ribbons, shiny manythings, and maybe hit the sauce later...

Merry christmas to all, and to all a clean house!

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