Friday, January 22, 2010

Survey Says: SATURDAY!

No, I know it's a retardation, but I'm totally fascinated by your responses to the really cheap-ass, ghetto survey I pecked out. I'm enthralled to no end that one mama's nightmare (dishes) is another mama's delight (me, I'm sick, I know). Today Moxie is featuring my twin (in lieu of flame, I will say aerosol spray), Gail, for whom cleaning is also second nature and less difficult, and for whom the littlest things can feel like the roof caved in. Things others wouldn't notice. It's our superpower and our disability, all wrapped up into one. I am holding like a 45% grudge against her for the whole particle revelation, but I otherwise adore her to no end, and have to laugh that she represents herself as such a tea-drunk slouch, yet her house is still pristine.

On a typical day, the first chore I think about is_straightening any towels that might be askew. actually, the first thing i think about is getting a cup of tea. I don't have any set chores for each day i just do a bit each day. I usually bypass this by __drinking as much tea as possible and sitting on the computer_. I finally get to it when ___the kids are set with lessons and i am finished on the computer. basically, when i've run out of excuses. It takes me _____1-3 hrs before I get into cleaning mode. Normally I go at it with ___60___% motivation. My top five priorities, regardless of whether or not I get to them, are, in no particular order:

The one task I'd sooner eat slugs than tackle is________the bathroom: floor, tub, shower, all of it__________________. The one task I dream of someone coming to do is________all of it. having a maid would be awesome___________.

The thing(s) I try never to let slide are________dishes______________. I do the following everyday___________dishes___________.

The tasks which I find to be the easiest are____________sweeping__________, ____decluttering_____________, _________folding laundry, making beds_____________, etc.

Some things that might motivate me are___more tea, cheyenne giving me time limits____________________.

On any given day, a reasonable, satisfying, non-insurmountable routine would look something like___________________1/4 of what cheyenne does_______________.

Hey, flattery will get you everywhere.


  1. I know right, but it's no laughing matter. We mustn't get complacent! Bleach bleach bleach!!!