Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Moxie Medal Goes to...JENNIFER!!!

One of my prized Moxlings, Jennifer, single mama of two beauties, with a full-time job, school, and who even volunteers, recently showed me her triumph over the bathroom cupboard which was haunting her, and I am really excited to post her success to inspire all of you as well.

Stage 1: We all know it.

Stage 2: Committed.


Thanks for sharing lady, and now I must broadcast my own dirty little secrets in hopes of feeling shamed into overcoming them. These are the demons I must slay. Today. The first cut is the deepest:

I loathe the school shelf, like nothing you can imagine. It's because of the crafts. They overwhelm me. I always buy them, and feel like such a good person for it, but when the kids reach for them, I choke. There. I said it. I'm a craft-hater. We'll see how this goes.

Next up, this hell hole, which I pretend isn't there. The laundry room cupboards. Lord knows what I will find or the sailor that will emerge from my mouth.

Luckily, I'm armed with these beauties, my new arsenal. Amazing.

I shall post later with glorious pictures or brilliant excuses.

Okay Kasondra--I haven't forgotten. Is your mom there yet? Hopefully not. I have but 12 seconds to type out an outline for your cleaning sequence, but here goes:

-Begin with point of entry and work your way back.
-Keep washing machine and dishwasher running!
-Sweep entry, wash mats, make the first visible pop. Folded blankets, wiped surfaces, neatly stacked books, weird shameful piles hidden or straightened.
-KITCHEN: Wash all dishes, wipe down counters, sweep/Swiffer floors, all appliances, knobs, 20 minutes tops.
-Sweep all non-carpet, vacuum all carpet.
-Hang coats as you race through, scoop up trash, magazines, etc.
-Bathrooms: Wash mats, Ajax, depending on how picky your mom is, but definitely scrub the toilet and sink. Windex the mirror, and hang new hand towels.
-Her quarters: Make the bed, create open space for her bags, a surface for her book, water, yo-yo, whatever, an extra blanket, Windex her window, spray some Febreze.

This is the fast version, under an hour. Toss all clean clothes onto your bed. If she's already there I'm a total douche bag, and I hope she doesn't disown you. I will write you a note. :( But I hope it's a success!

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  1. I missed this before she got here. But...being as we're the same person I did most of your list anyway :)