Saturday, April 17, 2010


It never ceases to amaze me, nor piss me off, that I can scour, cull, banish, and sneak kidstuffs OUT of this house, and if I so much as go out to dinner, new and uninvited clutter will emerge from God-knows-where to mock me and undermine my efforts. I still hate pipe cleaners. And puppy toys. And puppies. But I digress.

Manic cleaning Saturdays have been my tradition since my youth, when my mom would work all day and I would clean the entire house while babysitting my little brother. I'm always an early riser, but on Saturdays I wake up absurdly early with electricity surging through my veins and mind, and I cannot stop until surfaces are weeping for being scrubbed and abused. Aaahhh...

So Manic Saturdays are back. Join me in tackling everything you can, in whatever amount of time you have. Don't do it for you, lest you conjure up reasons to do ANYTHING else (and man have I heard some cute excuses), but do it for me.

Here is an outline of our morning, and I always add extra tasks, much like a chef spontaneously adding some spice or other to make their dish just so.


Hard work is good for kids:

You know the tricks: Music, coffee, timers, making every movement count, and CLEAR surfaces!

So grab your bag o'tricks and a solvent and get to work. Text me your progress!


  1. BTW, I don't think I have your number to text you anything :-/

  2. Um, I rid my house of over 6 large bags of goods. I really should have taken a picture because my kids rooms are totally different places. You would be proud! It seams like I don't have my kids do as much cleaning as I should. I need to get on it! Way to crack the whip!

  3. Dana--Ridding is my mistress. (My first love will always be scrubbing.) That's awesome! Yes you should always take pictures because cleaning is my poor man's crack, and I'll smoke anything you've got.

    When it comes to gutting one's house like a fish, help from kids is overrated. They want to touch everything, inspect it, remember it, KEEP IT. Yeah, it's best left to Mom. They can help scrub. Good job, I can't wait to see where you live, you're a total enigma, lol. I crack the whip when I can, but daylight savings robbed me blind of like 72 hours each day and I'm totally chasing my tail just to keep my own house scrubbed 9384985 times, you know? Plus there's all that writing...great seeing you here.