Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mouth Off to Moxie

I keep passing by this intriguing potion in the organic department of Fred Meyer, and I want to try it, but I am loathe to relinquish my ozone searing Lysol, Clorox, Ajax, etc.

Still, these bottles are batting their eyelashes at me every time I cruise by. Does anyone have experience with J.R. Watkins products? Soon Moxie is going to showcase solvents and supplies favoured for all jobs great and small. But first I need the lowdown on this one.



  1. We don't have access to these products where I live but I have heard of them and that they are good. Besides, why not try? Cleaners from Lysol, Clorox,et al, and ANYTHING made by proctor and gamble, dial, colgate, johnson co etc. have all been forcibly shoved down the throats of dogs, cats, bunnies in the horrific LD-50 tests, injected under their skin, or rubbed into their eyes for testing. Yeah, it doesn't end with bacon....sorry.

  2. Dyan--You know I love you like crazy, but after weeks spent wanting to rip my own intestines out and becoming such a stringent vegan, I'm mostly just a rice-ist, you are attacking my cleaners? Have you no mercy? You can take my bacon, you can take my life, but you will never reduce me to spray bottles of vinegar--NEVER! /dies. (Love you Jennifer!)

  3. I have used the brand and LOVED it! Great stuff I would say- I will have to try the cleaner!

  4. Joyous news indeed. My instincts for the win!