Friday, May 22, 2009

Forget-Me-Not Friday

There's been a serious lull in participation over the past 24 hours. Do I have a mutiny on my hands or did everyone go to the coast with Sam?

Regardless, I'm here if anyone needs ideas.

This morning I:

-Woke up and spilled water all over my new ottoman and almost cried, and had to tell myself "it's just water" 15 times before I believed it.

-Started last load of laundry and made the beds en route to the bathroom.

-Wiped down said bathroom.

-Came back out and realized my house is so disgusting I should turn myself in.

-Started tea, made a protein shake, and took meds.

-In refilling med cup, I dropped some very expensive pills right into my protein shake instead of the cup. This was truly excellent.

-Realized a tea bag had broken, and in transferring my tea into a different tumbler, I had the strainer upside down, creating a mess that necessitated two Kirkland wipes.

-Drank the Floradix Pam forced me to get, gagged, tried to curse her, but how could I? She be tryin' to help and shit yo.

That's it so far. FAIL! (See Sam? You spoke too soon!)

My goals for today are:

-Make sure the kids do their chores.

-Fold blankets, tidy up pillows, mourn wet ottomans, give up on table runner straightening itself out, feeling Quinn out for possibly vacuuming.

-Do all dishes (which are on hold because Quinny doesn't know there are clean dishes to be unloaded), wipe down kitchen, sweep floor, de-clutter.

-Fold two loads of laundry.

-Wipe down whatever is bothering me most as I weave through my house.

Here is what I had envisioned for my Moxlings today:

-Keep up with the basics. No excuses. You do not want to the weekend to catch you sitting atop a mountain of laundry and dishes.

-Go into each room and identify the five things you would least want your guests to see, and fix them.

-You've been wiping down top surfaces, go take a gander at side surfaces, like cupboards. And edges, and ledges, of counters, shelves, computer desks.

-And three things of your choosing. Great or small. But share them, because you guys are learning a lot from each other, and if I know what you have done, I will better know what to assign.

This should be a piece of cake guys (mmm...cake), get on it!


  1. Having a bad morning does not equal a fail. Or I'd already be expelled.

    You still amaze me with how you wake up and start working. I seriously lack that motivation. I should have it, but I don't. In any case, I'll get some work done today. Promise!

  2. "Go into each room and identify the five things you would least want your guests to see, and fix them."

    This is a good one!

  3. I've deliberately been taking this week off. But with a guest coming for a few days, I"m hurriedly picking up the guest room (which is also my office and space-for-stash)!

  4. Crazy work has been getting in the way of my Internet time :-) Oh, and the sick? kiddo.

    Let's see, in the last few days...

    Yesterday, came home at 1 with sick miss Z who has vomited. While she vegged on couch I took bleach water to my bathroom top surfaces, all knobs, all handles, all switch plates, even the thermostat knobs, remotes, phones and DS.

    I did 3 loads of laundry, all folded, mostly put away. I have been putting away garbage as I create it and getting the kids to do the same (I'm notorious for leaving an empty popcorn bag on my end table for over a week, on multiple ocassions).

    The night before I made bolognese sauce from scratch. I managed to clean as I went, I rinsed dishes, loaded them into dishwasher, hand washed large items, etc. Yesterday I put away dishes left in strainer to air dry. Even though we didn't eat until 8 because of my culinary time I rinsed those dishes too. I wiped my stove and counter, I froze sauce for later, I prepared my sassy water, gave my child a bath, spot wiped the floor, toilet and sink with disinfecting wipes after diarrhea incident.

    TMI I realize but definitely influences how proud I am of myself for continuing to deal even with stomach bug obviously visiting our home.

  5. oh, and to be clear it was her stomach bug, not mine :-)

  6. I have to sincerely appologize. I have had a rough week myself. That plus I got messed up on my meds...well, I'm not even gonna go there, but here I am anyway.
    This week I've been spending most of my time outdoors.
    Other than that I've done dishes and laundry and.....well, let's face it, I was doing good to do that stuff this week.

  7. I HATE mornings when things go wrong one after the other. Glad everyone's still alive at your house.

    I am proud to say I have finished the vacuuming that I've been putting off. I told myself I couldn't read your post today until I'd finished that chore, and I did. :)
    The kitchen is still looking lovely
    Laundry is still going and there's even a load hanging out on the line since it's so beautiful today
    Dinner is in the crockpot
    Fridays are my office-work days--I'm paying bills and attending to all the paper that seems to pile up and needs my attention week after week.

  8. This is my list for today:

    -Run errands (Joann's and grocery store)
    -While putting away groceries, clean out refrigerator. Wipe down shelves in there!
    -Unload and load dishwasher
    -Kitchen/dining room floor swept and mopped (this will be a task for DH tonight)
    -Take out recycling and garbage
    -Put away the last basket of clean laundry
    -Clean off top of DD's play kitchen. It has become a catch-all for way too much of my crap!
    -General pick-up or stuff on the floors around the house.

    Aaahhhhh....Now to get started. LOL

  9. Sam-You know perfectly well we all have our own personal "fails," and mine is...well, everything. But that's a different blog. Typically I wake up with a surge of energy, especially because my kids sleep in, but the not sleeping thing has thrown me off. I just make sure to reach out and grab/wipe/fix/straighten as many things as I can every time I walk across the house. Again, routine is key.

    Megan-Always glad to impress you! Just keeping everything afloat with company deserves major props. (Major props!)

    Katie-There is no single greater motivator than the impending arrival of guests! My work here is done, lol.

    Jennifer-Vomiting kids make you eligible for sainthood. Plus you wiped knobs and did laundry? I'm seriously impressed, as you were also texting me uplifting words throughout. You get more amazing every time you post. My only problems really, are "diarrhea incident," and, much much worse, "bolognese." Please tell me, no wait, don't tell me.<3

    Dawna-Med mishaps suck ass. Never apologize to me. You get a free pass, don't worry about it. We'll get you back on your feet slowly. Take care of you!

    Urban-Mornings are usually my salvation here, but yeah, the fumbling around like a goddamn sophomore boy on prom night this morning really pissed me off. I am so beyond flattered that you used this old blog as your incentive--you made my day. Seriously. Kitchen, laundry, dinner, working, smiling, that's one hell of a Friday lady, way to be!

    elliesmadre-WOW. Errands are exhausting, as is schlepping groceries, I'm loving the wiping of refrigerator shelves! Sweeping, mopping, garbage, and you even got that catch-all play kitchen clean? Gold star for elliesmadre! Welcome!

    You guys make me smile.

  10. Final tally:
    *boxed up at lease 100 books (can 100 books fit on 2 shelves????) to take out of the house tomorrow. I may cry when I part with them, but they're outta here!
    *cleaned off my desk, again. Why can't it just stay clean?
    *vacuumed the front room and hall
    *swept the tile, but it already needs to be done again. Damn cats.
    *revamped MAR (medicine administration record), which took way longer than it should have
    *took all dirty laundry to garage

    **sadly, I didn't keep up with dishes, nor rotate laundry. Tomorrow... I'm on it!