Friday, May 22, 2009

Dirty Little Secrets


(In my defense, after being told yesterday that I am so anemic as to warrant bed rest [ocd death sentence], I was told today that I have a potentially fatal blood disorder which could prohibit the surgery as well as require lots of other expensive, painful, and burdensome bullshit that I was determined not to let interfere with my cleaning. This is my success story.)

This is honest to god the most dishes I have ever had, including when I've hosted Thanksgiving dinner. I wanted to drop dead but who could die amidst such indignity?

Counter top strewn with miscellaneous kid-related bullshit (shudder!)

Frou-frou bath mats are a wonderful luxury except they take ten days to air dry:

This was a wake-up call. I am one slack away from grabbing this rack and becoming a bag lady. An albeit, a well-dressed, half wet/half dry bag lady:

Quick stop for some blood letting, just to make it that much more fun to tackle these catastrophes (Reilly always has a camera.):

"Let me at those dishes let me at those dishes!"

TRIUMPH! (Now I can die with some pride.)

Some order restored to the world:

Looks better, just smoke and mirrors, I moved them, but still, out of sight...

Hmmm...victory, or naked bag lady?

So I didn't get out the toothbrush today but I got my must-do areas clean so that my brain can have a modicum of peace while I'm on bed rest, and was able to provide one more vial full of that blood I'm starting to miss. What does FlyLady say about sick kids and sick moms? That's what I thought. We do what it takes.


  1. You posted that blood draw pic just to prove you went, didn't you? :) Thank you for taking care of yourself!


  2. Thanks Reilly!! Somebody's gotta keep an eye on Moms! RELAX...(I know, easier said than done.)

  3. humour amidst misery, i love it. i know what you mean about dying with a sink full of dishes - not possible. i can't think of one thing i got accomplished yesterday, except the dinner least today is saturday, right? and i'm glad you're taking floradix, i was going to suggest it for you. get well soon, and keep cleaning ;) <3 g

  4. Sam-Yes. I know better than to refuse orders from you.

    Dawna-Yes Reilly's habit can be quite endearing until, say, she blogs her own pictures of Mom at Old Navy stuffing herself into some frock, or sleeping (way back when). But yeah, this was our reality yesterday.

    Gail-Without humour there would be no life to mock at this point. And floradix ain't helping lady, let me tell you. YUCK!