Sunday, May 31, 2009

Here Comes the

So, as most of you have heard me whine, I acquiesced to my orders of bed rest yesterday and completed only the tasks on my list. Those who know me know what an integral part ritual plays in my cleaning, so I hope you can appreciate me abandoning my post, ON A SATURDAY, to heed doctor's orders. It was misery, but Dexter helped.

I did keep the sink clean, I did eat 400 pounds of salad that a friend brought over, I did drink three cans of diet Dr. Pepper that another friend brought, and I did hobble to the wax place only to have my girl call in sick, which, as we all know, suddenly forces your eyebrows to grow completely over your eyes and you basically become a werewolf. I dusted around me wherever I sat/lay, and was surprised at how much easier it is to lie down in one's underwear. That is to say, in my underwear. I can feel dust making its move, but I will get the kids on it later while I finish yet another book.

If I can get away with it, I'd like to:

-Re-bleach the sinks.

-Fold the last load of laundry.

-Wipe down/mop kitchen.

-Clear hard drive of old photos of irrelevant people and things, which I can do while sitting!

-Vacuum the car (shhh...). I can't even drive so what the hell?

-Put all clothes away.

-Give Quinn his weekly stipend for vacuuming and wiping down toilets.

-Not die of guilt when Todd takes them outside and I burrow into my blanket, waiting for the Vicodin to kick in. Sure am missing that shot of morphine.

-Take a shower before anyone stops by.

-Reward myself with more Dexter, which always makes me want to fall asleep, so I just eat continuously throughout my viewing.


YOUR CHALLENGES FOR TODAY: (I know the sun is killing us, but I think you can do these.)

-Basics. Seriously.

-Clean the cup/holder you are using for toothbrushes. That shit gets nasty, toss it in the dishwasher.

-Organize the top drawer in each room, whether it's silverware, Band-Aids, crap, papers, whatever. Line them up in front of you and gut those suckers.

-Wash three windows.

-Make all beds and make sure your room is neat and inviting, changing sheets as necessary.

-Pick up and put away/throw away 20 things, whether you have them or not.

-Try not to become reptilian in the heat.

-Report back to me with your achievements. I will live vicariously through your efforts.


  1. Wanted to share a little story...

    A few minutes ago I was reading your Blog (obviously) and dh came in and sat down. Here was our convo:

    Him: Whacha reading?

    Me: Chey's cleaning blog.

    Him: Does she do all that every day?

    Me: No, that's our challenge for the day.

    Him: If we could get our house clean top to bottom and you followed this blog, our house would be super clean and nice to live in.

    Me: Are you offering to clean it?

    Him: Ummmm

  2. Sounds about right. This is why I cut mamas slack. We're all in this alone! xoxo

  3. Well today I just did kitchen maintenance and washed a throw rug one of our dogs got sick on. The main thing I worked on was our yard...I weeded a lot today (and have a sunburn to prove it--I meant to get a burn cuz I'm trying to rid myself of my farmer's tan :-). The yard looks wonderful, so it was a day well spent.

    Hope you're feeling better...vicodin can only go so far. :-}

  4. Hey Chey! Well, I didn't get a whole lot done in the cleaning dept. I did get my calendar updated, in prep for June, though! And I cleared off some desk space, actually putting stuff away, not just stuffing for later.

    The rest of the afternoon I worked on our homeschooling plans for the summer. I may have to whip out the (as Gail calls it) Sam Plan to get us back on track this summer. Ugh. The last two years we've really slacked. 10 surgeries will do that to a family!

    Thank God kids learn whether you teach them or not!

  5. Wendy-First of all I'm always a fan of someone who can spell maintenance. Second, yard work counts, AND, the less time you spend indoors the less mess you make. Win-win!

    Sam-Still with the calendars, lol. I know all about the Sam Plan, it saved us in 2006, and I know all about ten surgeries. You're doing just fine. And you're so right about the learning. Too bad houses weren't as independent.

    Good job guys!

  6. I'm not even sure what happened to sunday! I work weekends (as I mentioned) so much of the middle of my day was devoted to that.

    Afterwards I had my Eldest do her daily chores of dishes in the kitchen, Maurice pitched in with some vaccuming (♥) and I bleached the dining room floor....again since the puppy sleeps in there at night. I don't like to take any chances I missed anything in there, I hate the smell!

    Other than that, I watched the Exorcist with Maurice and Tahira!

    Today is run around doing all the errands I need to get sorted.