Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Slideshow

Have I mentioned that I hate Sundays? I always have. And now, in my epic, futile battle for those elusive zzz's, my Sunday seriously lasted 745 hours.

On my honour, here is my completed list:

Oh for shame, my refrigerator is blushing in humiliation under all that shit, not to mention suffocating:

OMG that's so much better, and we won't die without 50 million coupons:

Clean surfaces clean surfaces clean surfaces!:

The dreaded, and I mean DREADED, appliance cupboard. And since when is Scrabble an appliance:

The domestic version of a ship in a bottle? How in the hell did a cake pedestal end up in this 1" high drawer? Um, yeah, I closed it. I'm a clean demon not a fucking magician yo!:

It's never as hard as you think (3 minutes, after two weeks of procrastinating):

Todd built a patio. In two hours. That's the same:

Suuure, they'd rather play on the new patio than in my newly cleaned cupboard. Traitors:

Oh, and he readied what was formerly all gravel for some sort of garden wonderland:

Not bad for the Sunday that wouldn't die.


  1. You're awesome!

    I, on the other hand, not so much. I just have no energy. I did manage to get the kitchen back in shape this evening, and rotate laundry several times.

    I spent most of the afternoon working on a lapbook to show the kids how to do it. But that time was also spent sitting next to Mom, chatting and just being. So it was good. I still have dust kitties scurrying around, and clutter everywhere, but wtf... it'll be there til I move it.

    Hm. Not a good attitude for whipping this place into shape. I may need that intervention after all.

  2. Reilly looks like a model standing there. Your fridge and cabinets look great!

  3. I love/hate when "insurmountable" tasks end up taking a matter of minutes. It makes me realize that I am much more capable than I think, but that I am also a huge drama queen. lol

    Good work!

    You have been a great inspiration and shining example all week...thanks again for all of the motivation. You are helping the world, one cluttered cabinet at a time.