Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Maintenance

Sleep and I have reached somewhat of a detente, whereby I surrender indefinitely, and it promises nothing in return.

With that out of the way, I was able to fumble through the following tasks this morning on my way to post something for my Moxlings:

Made beds.

Hung all ridiculously fragile bedding, table runners, you know, all the things that feel so good going into the wash, and kind of make you want to slit your wrists having to deal with a wet heap of them staring at you.

Cleaned the sink, wiped down the kitchen, started dishwasher, put errant bags of licorice out of sight. And gumballs, and jawbreakers...

Made breakfast.

I pretty much kicked ass yesterday (which is funnier if you imagine me saying that in Napolean Dynamite's voice.), so there isn't a ton to be done, but I hope to accomplish the following:

*Fold all remaining laundry, put everything away.

*Organize the drawer that is home to the camera, camcorder, 55 iPod chargers (though we only have four iPods), batteries, and anything else which looked vaguely electric-ish, including instruction manuals and media cards. Oy.

*Take recycling out.

*Get on my hands and knees and scrub the kitchen floor until one of us cries "uncle."

*Vacuum my car.

*Buy and hang a new world map.

*Mop bathrooms.


*Dishes. Yes I'm relentless, because they are. I sincerely hope you guys know by now that by "doing the dishes," I mean wipe out the sinks, wipe water spots off the fixtures, wipe down counters, dishwasher/oven face/cupboards, whatever needs it, and finally, sweep/spot check. This should be review people. It's the perfect example of maximizing the effort you're already putting forth, for mere minutes.

*Laundry. I know many of you got all the way caught up, or close, over the weekend. Today, get it folded. Listen to a book on tape, watch The
, whatever, just do it. If you want to wait until the afternoon and fold during Ellen, that's fine too, just, can someone please tell me why her hair gets shorter every time I glimpse her? I mean seriously, how much shorter can it get? I'm thinking intervention. Don't get me wrong, I adore her, and it pains me that she will soon be bald.

*Bust out the vacuum. Kids were home all weekend, so was Dad, it was nice out, lots of traffic. Clean those floors. Sweep non-carpeted areas, and bend your achin' back down and spot-clean areas that need it.

*Rid your house of any and all garbage (strewn about and/or wastebaskets), dirty dishes, and fugitive laundry.

*Wipe down coffee tables, desks (Sam), any surfaces that need it.

*If you haven't died of heat stroke, pick one task that is really pissing you off and just do it. I can already assure you that it will only take half as long as you think, so prove me right.

*Can I get an amen? Does anyone feel less daunted facing this week than they did last week? Please share your thoughts, your experience, anything I can do to be of better assistance.

Have a great day guys. Remember, a few extra minutes, maximize the movements you're already making, and nothing is insurmountable. I look forward to your comments.


  1. While the majority of my house itself might look essentially the same as it did last Monday, the psychic reward of now knowing that all of my cabinets, refrigerator, pantry, and (most of our) drawers are now also neat and tidy has made a huge difference. All of my kitchen tasks are easier and quicker now that I am not constantly having to battle with the clutter. It feels like. . .freedom.

    My list for the day:

    -Iron table runners (x 3) (and maybe shower curtain) And while I have the iron out, at least one (of the 400 that need it) set of napkins from the buffet. (which will feel so great in the future when I go to pull them out and they are all ready to go.)

    -wash bath mats, and lay them out to dry.

    -shake out carpets

    -sweep the whole house.

    -clean out the one remaining kitchen cabinet (under the sink).

    -reorganize one more kitchen drawer.

    My cleaning song of the day: "That's not my name" by the Ting Tings

  2. I am almost done with the house! I even threw the bathroom in and wiped down the floor! I really do need to take pictures, but I keep forgetting.
    Because of our small space, I always seem to have the laundry kept up, but not folded. I am dreading this because I really have nowhere to put it once it come out of the dryer. Instead I sort them into individual bins. I have no idea how to remedy this. And towels! OMG, the towels! No linen closet......

    Can I cheat and clean out the refrigerator instead? :)

    J/K......... I will figure it out.... Lest I get a Moxie-beating :P

  3. I'm not in the greatest mood today and because of that I'm inclined to want to "slack". I think it's my passive-aggressive way of giving my DH "the finger." LOL...Unfortunately it bothers me WAY more than him so I will accomplish some tasks today as my form of cleaning therapy.
    I'm not sure yet what all I'll do but I do know that there will be laundry worked on and at least one carpet shampooed. Anything else I'm able to get done between meals, kids, and diapers will be a welcomed bonus.
    Wish me luck!

  4. How weird! I am sitting here at 7PM having already gone about my day while all you Moxilings were sleeping (I'm about to swear that your Monday's posts will be my Tuesday's chores as I am 8 full hours ahead!) However I have accomplished many things already today inspired by your weekend manic clean. So today I:

    Scrubbed EVERY surface in my kitchen, minus my floors which are all getting a rub down tomorrow before my coffee date with my friend Kim.

    I EVEN got up on a chair and wiped down all my cupboards, the inside doors AND

    scrubbed out my oven. (which was barking at me when I opened the oven door....*growl*)

    Cleaned my upstairs bathroom and downstairs toilet room, making everything shine and gleam back at me....up until I realised all this cleaning made me look like holy hell....*sigh*

    Got some more laundry done and hung out to dry. I still wish I had a dryer to make my life easier but alas it's hang dry and I have my first priority to Iron everything I've been drying for the last 2 days. So Tomorrow it's iron in front of the televsion catching up on episodes of Ghost Whisperer!

    Thanks for all your inspiration and taking time to get the rest of us off our butts and onto scrubbing!! ☺

  5. I couldn't post a comment earlier so I blogged...

    picture to come tomorrow hopefully.

    Jacob-I love that song by the Ting Tings!

  6. Greyson loves that song too. He walks around singing it.

    I'm listening to Hollaback Girl while folding.

    My list:
    full on kitchen
    finish kids' room
    clean out and vacuum car
    unpack 3 boxes

    "oooooh, ooooh, this my shit, this my shit"

  7. Great way to start the week.

    This A.M. Tavy and I cleaned the playroom/office and vacuumed it, cleaned the dining and living rooms (hoping to vacuum later today), and did a load of laundry. Or rather, I did a load of laundry. Am I the only one whose toddler SOBS while mama does laundry? She loves doing the floors together, loves picking up, but laundry involves much yelling on her part which is why I'm so behind for the last few months.

  8. I accomplished everything but cleaning out a kitchen drawer...but the day isn't over yet, there is still hope. I WAS able to iron two sets of napkins (28 in total), instead of just the one. So at least there is that. =)

  9. Update...
    Well, I cleaned my daughter's room, vacuumed, and shampoo'd their floor;
    did three loads of laundry;
    vacuumed all downstairs carpets;
    shampoo'd all floors but two bedrooms;
    bleached/scrubbed both entryways.
    Kind of ironic since I didn't think I'd do much of anything today. All I have to do is get started and the cleaning seems to snowball. It's a good snowball though. While I was shampooing carpets I was thinking, "man, I feel so much better AND my floors look great!" (Not to mention I feel ok putting the baby down on them again. LOL)

  10. I didn't complete my whole list. I did get more done than normal though given my list of errands and things outside the home I needed to accomplish.

    I still need to clean out that bastard car and give it a good vacuum.

  11. Chey- I'm a slacker. I spent the whole day out, came home and bitched about having to make dinner (so H cooked), had V do the dishes, had C sweep and help rotate laundry... and I didn't do anything else.

    My energy is at a serious all-time low.

    I'll just keep plugging away. Don't give up hope on me. :)

  12. Jacob-What is an iron, and I think we're losing sight of the difference between clean and America's Next Top Diva. Ironing napkins? Please, there are real emergencies afoot.


    Manda-Good job on the house, sounds like laundry is a bitch. The individual bins sound like a start, but I swear by piling it on the couch so that it cannot be ignored.

    Dawna-Slacking gives me the finger, not DH, he doesn't care. Also, what you accomplished after feeling so defeated, I am duly impressed. Shampooing sucks ass. Your prize will be more cleaning tomorrow. ;)

    Mesina-Scrubbing all surfaces and getting up on a chair are my two favourite things, next to cloves and phone calls from you. This dryer shit is not to be borne though. You're American, order a Maytag, you're killing me.

    Jennifer-That link had an attitude, I'll try again tomorrow. But I'm already proud of you. People who clean houses that are already clean are my special friends.<3

    Megan-Bastard car is orgasmic, and you win a million points for letting me spend the night.

    Sam-Why this guilt. Last I checked you keep the entire universe (including my life) going. I ate Swiss cheese for dinner. Way to delegate, it's a brilliant trick! I will never give up on you, just like you've never given up on me.

    You guys make my life worth living. I couldn't ask for a better team!

  13. Well, if I can rationalize for a second. . .Ironing is something I hate doing, and never do. There were things that HAD to be ironed in order to maintain my sanity, so I finally trucked out the ironing board and heated the iron. And in the spirit of the moxie, I thought of two tasks beyond what I was doing (like doing the dishes, and then wiping out the sink and wiping down the counters. You are there anyway, you have a sponge in your hand, you might as will do what you can). It is also, for me, a huge psychic reward, like you talked about. Something no one will ever know that I have done, you know except for the whole world who reads this, but I do. Entertaining is important to me, and now knowing that even at a moments notice I can pull together a formal dinner for 28 in my dining room, sets my little mind at ease. Success is the moment where preparation meets opportunity. And now I am prepared. For anything. (it also helps to organize our buffet storage, and when you have like 15 sets, ironed napkins take up a lot less space.)

    So there... (sticks out tongue) =)