Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tackle Me Tuesday!

I hope everyone had a nice holiday, got some sun, had some BBQ, and generally frolicked in their three-day weekend.

But now it's time to turn our attention to the matter at hand. That's right, all your laundry multiplied while you weren't looking, and some brazen garments scattered themselves across your house, in a subtle, yet effective gesture of turf war. There are more than four dishes in your sink, and I'm guessing, enough clutter has spontaneously amassed to cheapen the enjoyment of your coffee by a factor of five. Am I close?

I'm still riding the waves of my ridiculous assault on my house Saturday, but there is always maintenance. This morning I have:

-Made the beds.

-Eaten and taken meds.

-Finished the laundry.

-Had a wonderful visit with Megan.

-Scrubbed down my garbage can.

-Wiped down my kitchen.

-Made Reilly's chore list.

Things I need to get done before my glut of doctors' appointments today:

-Fold said laundry.

-Sweep/mop floors.

-Find and perform some sort of goddess anti-dust dance because it's making me nuts.

-Dust the computers because there is no such dance.

-Hang my clothes to dry.

-Run the vacuum since Quinny isn't here. :(

-Put away all my clothes.

-Do a five minute clutter sweep.

-Brace myself for pre-op hell. (What does one wear to pre-op hell?)


-Sam, I know you're busy and low on energy these days. Focus on the basics, let your kids help. Next, set a timer for ten minutes, grab a garbage bag, and rid your troubled mind of all unnecessary things. If you have to think about it, it goes. Expired coupons, expendable Pokemon drawings, McDonald's toys, socks with holes, anything with holes, and so on. Then make your bed, have the kids make theirs, and go sit. If you get a surge of OCD that compels you to fold laundry, great, if not, there is this great trick I once saw a friend do wherein she draped each person's clothes semi-neatly over the back of the couch. Saves on wrinkles, each person can go to his/her pile, and spares you the tedium of actually folding if you're just too beat.

-Megan, you're off the hook today because you brought me roses and Starbucks treats. As soon as I'm on my feet I'm coming over!

-Bethany, your challenge is to forgive me for being such a shitty friend as to still not have gotten over there. I'd like to say I'll take a taxi over as soon as the anesthesia wears off, but people like to threaten my life for such grandiose promises, so suffice it to say, perhaps this weekend or next week. Meanwhile, continue to cull out Tavy's unused things, and toss them in the swap corner. Keep the dishwasher and washing machine humming, maybe run the vacuum and the Shiffer, and surprise me with one extra task. Thank you for your patience.

-Gail, find some dust, organize your guys' respective piles (if only to straighten), wipe knobs, and go drink more tea on the patio.

-Mesina, puppies. I don't know. Don't get behind on your basics (kitchen and laundry), and keep those floors sparse, lest your new baby eat things. Tackle one thing you don't want to.

-Jacob, try not to let the glare of your sparkling house blind you. I too work non-stop when I have company, staying up late, getting up early, etc. But none of your visiting involved children so I imagine you're sitting pretty right now. But that murmur you hear is those ovens...calling...

-Mom, I want you to fill a garbage bag with things to throw away, find five things for a garage sale and put them in your garage, and then run the vacuum. That's it.

-Dawna, are you feeling any better? Up to a basics and garbage bag challenge?

Everyone else, I'm sure you got the gist: Basics, garbage bag in ten minutes, and feel free to dazzle us with whatever else your ambition leads you to do. Come on guys, I'm making it nearly impossible not to exceed the challenge. Show me the money!


  1. i have done zero in the cleaning dept today. been doing lessons and sitting on the computer. i think i can find some dust later though...

  2. *stands like a deer caught in a set of headlights* soo ermm....you came over to my house then and saw the mess eh? Cos you pretty much described the horror I faced when I got up this morning....dishes...clutter....crap...uugh. SO!
    Shelves didn't get the sort out that I wanted because, floors were my priority in the end. I cleared anything and everything that might be chewed, peed on, or potentially hiding little goodies that the new puppy might decide to disguise. I also:
    ♦ did more laundry...because the damn stuff won't go on birth control and stop breeding.
    ♦ folded all the dry laundry and put it away.
    ♦ made beds
    ♦ mopped the floors like a zillion times today after the puppy either a) had an accident or b)stepped in something (ie Juice, dirt, whatever Willow put there) that dragged across artistically on clean floors.
    ♦ used bleach until I started seeing pretty things....
    ♦ vaccumed upstairs and down, because my dog hates me enough to shed fur ALL the time...damn her!

    And that was pretty much me until dinner time and now work :)

    Keep up the motivation girl...you get me going every day! ♥

  3. Gail-Did you see that Mesina is also using diamonds now? Hee hee.

    Mesina-I love using bleach until you start seeing pretty things.

  4. mesina has all the cool shapes. ¡™£¢∞§¶••ª

  5. It's like Hades out there (I know you weird Californians like that shit but 77 and sunny while chasing down two kids and bouncing a third on my hip while wearing long pants because it was too early to shave at 6 am when I needed to drive my mom to the airport is too hot for me [is that the longest run on sentence ever?]) so I's say a skirt is your best bet for the appointment. Plus skirts are easy on and off.

  6. *hordes all the cool shapes* ☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○ Just bask in my total shape awesomeness *insert holy music here* lol

  7. I completed my whole list from yesterday today (as yesterday I was just a giant bump on a log). I saved the oven cleaning for tomorrow...it seemed too much to wage war on the oven filth and also do everything else...but tomorrow at dawn I fight! I did do a little reorganization in the buffet and china hutch, but the remainder needs some consultation with Jen, as we decide whether or not to re-purpose some of the space in there (judiciously moving some of the buffet/china hutch items into the freed up space from my kitchen cabinet cleaning).

    And with the ironing today I am nearly to my goal of having all of my sets of napkins perfectly pressed and neatly stored, which also puts me one step closer to more orderly buffet storage.

    (pats self on back)

    Hooray for us all!!!

  8. My accomplishment is not huge, but I did throw out all the yucky stuff from our "real" refrigerator and the overflow one in the basement. Em, ewww! I didn't realize corn could turn that color. :-)

    I also did laundry...towels mostly since they have been taking over my laundry room.

    I went grocery shopping today, which is quite awful all on its own for me, but now with dietary constraints, is downright torture!

    So that's what I did. Oh and hung out a lot with my kid. :-)

  9. I've been sucking at commenting, but I just wanted to say that I still love your postings (and you) and that you are in my thoughts. I hope your medical problems get better VERY SOON.

  10. Mesina-"Hoardes all the cool shapes" is the funniest thing I have ever read in my entire life. Especially since I know what a selfless beautiful person you are. I like to see a little bitch peek through, and if you knew Gail you'd appreciate your own teasing, lol. You kicked your own ass girl! Yea!

    Gail-We will figure it out. You're right on target cleaning-wise. My inspiration, as always. Plus you exercise!

    Megan-You made my day bringing me roses and treats from Starbucks. I don't care if you flung hay across your house, you're the winner today.

    Jacob-You are on some kind of roll dude. It's so awesome. Maybe now I can come over without feeling the scabies crawling into my skin. ;) You're the Lord of the Manor my friend, undisputed.

    Wendy-That is quite a start! Don't minimize it! I loathe the refrigerator, bravo! Plus laundry, shopping, and quality time with your babe? You're a Moxling. :)

    Bethany-Thank you for your well wishing, today was brutal. Hopefully I won't miss a beat with the blog, and I will be cheering you all on even of from a hospital bed, lol. You guys keep me going.