Monday, May 25, 2009

Let's Merge Into Monday!

Either the sun has stolen all my Moxlings, or the novelty has worn off. I'd like to hear what everyone's been up to, where you're at cleaning-wise, what you need to get back on the road, if only into the slow lane.

So far I've:

-Made beds.

-Eaten breakfast, taken meds.

-Started laundry.

-Wiped down kitchen.

-Contemplated kids' chore lists.

-Spot checked floors after unexpected company last night.

-Wiped down main bathroom toilet.

-Wiped down dining room table.

-Oh, and tackled a huge clutter nightmare:

Master vanity, supposedly dual, but I've run Todd right outta Dodge (I'm such a girl):


So today, I'm assuming the basics could use revisiting, as well as spot checking and general de-cluttering. Remember:

-Start with garbage, in every room.

-Next, round up dirty clothes.

-Once the floors are clear, run your vacuum and/or Swiffer.

-Make your bed, have the kids make theirs (then redo them because they will be crooked and that will bug me).

-Choose one area (the table, your desk, a bathroom) and make it shine.

-Finally, get those dishes put away (wiping the kitchen down), and fold that laundry.

You did it! You conquered a Monday. Tell me how you exceeded my wildest dreams!


  1. So far I've:
    Woken Up. contemplating coffee.

  2. Well! The novelty surely hasn't worn off for me....I however have been making major preparations for our new puppy. So my MIA is only due to that :)

    Cleaning wise, it's been ''Where can I put this so we can transform one dining room into a puppy haven'' So cleaning has...been...rather basic *dreads tomorrow*
    Tommorrow is Tuesday, and seeing that my children are all home from school with half term and due to a very exciting new addition, I will of course be leaving the kids with the puppy and trying my hand at playing catch up with the housework. Tomorrow's agenda is:
    -Laundry (*sigh* as it always is)
    -organising a retakeover of the kitchen once again...blast those dishes!
    -dusting....which also means getting the crap off of the shelves that doesnt belong
    -having coffee with a friend, if she's still coming :D usual
    -whatever else I see while cleaning and can't stand the sight of

    and by the way Chey, if this house could survive without me...I'd totally come over! ♥

  3. i really need to know how mesina makes actual hearts...anyway, saturday was great! the do-rag really kept me motivated :) i brushed the cats-this is part of cleaning because whatever i brush off does not end up floating around my house; i put my mother's day flowers (yes, they have lasted that long!) in a new vase; i swept, swiffed, and cleaned the wood floor upstaris, swept the stairs, and swept the downstairs - that was a 2 hr project; unloaded the dishwasher and did the dishes. oh, i also wiped my window sills, even the one behind the dresser that never gets seen and had a dead fly. i think i was running out of steam at at that point...i did move some boxes downstairs in preparation for reorganizing some closets. the kids cleaned up all their various messes on saturday too and it's wonderful to see a clean play area rug downstairs! didn't do much in the cleaning realm yesterday except dishes. today i had a cup of tea on the patio, breakfast on the patio, and am on to the 2nd cup of tea. probably won't do much today either, except for computer stuff, and it feels good :)

  4. I have been reading faithfully :) (not following as faithfully, I must admit)....but definately inspired to start a regiment before I lose my mind! One thing I have realized is I waste SOOO much time sweeping my bamboo floors and the rest of the house with a regular old broom. It is a daily thing (or should be) and it takes FORever! I either need a vacuum or a dust mop or...a Swiffer!

  5. oh! and it was so good to see you for a moment last night :)

  6. Chey- I must admit to being frustrated with blogger. I'd keep a running list of things I've done on, say, notepad, and then copy and paste it here. But blogger isn't allowing me ANY formatting tools. I can't right click in the comment window, or even use the arrow buttons to move my cursor. It's pissing me off, really. And the window only shows about 10 lines, which means to proofread (which I do several times before posting a whole list), I have to scroll up and down (sounds petty, but it really annoys me). The spell check also doesn't work in the window, so I'm just all around screwed.

    Anyone out there know of a setting or something I can tweak to get this working???

    This annoys me enough, that if I didn't know you personally, Chey, I would probably NEVER comment.


    As for today, I am heading to UUCS to work in our kids' garden for a couple hours and then I'll be home to work on tasks!

    Please don't give up on us!

  7. I have been out and about and entertaining all weekend. But sadly our wonderful friend flew home this morning, so the entertaining portion has come to an end. It was amazing to see her after so long, and to be able to have fun and spend some quality time together. The house still looks remarkably good, considering all that we have done. Today will be filled mostly with stretching out, the eating of left overs (yay for no cooking!), and languid, almost criminal, relaxation.

    Either today or tomorrow I will, however:
    -Wash/fold/iron laundry
    -Sweep the whole house
    -Mop the kitchen and bathroom
    -Spot clean the hardwood floors
    -Strip the linens off of the guest bed, wash them, and remake it
    -do a quick straightening sweep of all of the kitchen cabinets and the pantry, to keep them in their organized prime (which we have been maintaining quite nicely)
    -do a short wipe down of the refrigerator shelves, to keep it pristine, and to prevent having to do a full dismantle scrub down again any time soon

    My broader goals this week are to finally get around to cleaning both ovens [which I consider to be one of the world's most horrible tasks, even with a self cleaning oven] and to do a little rearranging and reorganization in our china hutch and buffet cabinets.

    Beyond that I think for today at least, we are in pretty good shape. =)

  8. Gail: the secret to ♥'s is by pressing alt then the number 3 on your numberpad (mine is the 3 and Pg Dn button also) each number does something different ☺

    Hope that helps! x

  9. ¡™£¢∞§¶•ªº˙∆˚¬œ∑´®†¥¨ˆøπ“‘«åß∂ƒ©˙∆˚¬…æΩ≈µ≤≥≥÷
    here are all my number and letters with the alt key, no heart, sadly. thanks mesina <3

  10. Well, I'm not a very good Moxling. I like reading and get inspired, but don't really *do* anything, aside from day-to-day maintenance. Luckily I have a cleaning lady who takes care of most of it. Today, however, I did start to tackle the book case in my bedroom that tends to collect miscellaneous shit. It's not complete, but as least I got started on it. :-)

  11. Karinda-The two most vital steps in the maintenance process!

    Mesina-I love "Getting the crap off the shelves that doesn't belong," as well as "whatever else I see while cleaning and can't stand the sight of." A woman after my own heart, plus all that vacuuming!

    Gail-"i also wiped my window sills, even the one behind the dresser that never gets seen and had a dead fly." Laughing my ever-loving ass off! I love it. Your chore list sounds familiar, and overwhelming, lol. You deserved your two cups of tea!

    Heather-I appreciate that you read. Eventually you'll see something that motivates you. Btw, SWIFFER SWIFFER SWIFFER! And it was nice seeing you yesterday.

    Sam-I'm not losing you to some Blogger bullshit. Figure it our lady!

    Jacob, my rockstar-Here's the deal: great list, I dare you to do it in an hour! I know you can! (Minus the ovens.)

    Gail-¡™£¢∞§¶•ªº˙∆˚¬œ∑´®†¥¨ˆøπ“‘«åß∂ƒ©˙∆˚¬…æΩ≈µ≤≥≥÷ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Wendy-Hi! Are you the Wendy who commented on Brilliant Monster? Welcome. Don't underestimate daily maintenance, it is the number one key! It's what keeps things from becoming insurmountable later. Tackling the bookshelf that collects miscellaneous shit is music to my ears!

  12. I'm a lurker. I want a be a Moxling, but really, I'm not in the same league as all of you. So, let's just cut to the chase--how do you all keep your tupperware/plasticware organized and accessible?

  13. Hi Anonymous-Thanks for lurking. Your question is of utmost importance, as Tupperware in disarray is a nightmare that can affect every aspect of cooking and cleaning.

    First things first: Make sure every piece has a lid. The ones that don't, toss 'em, find alternate uses (kids' sandbox, miscellaneous toys, earrings, whatever), but DON'T put them back in the drawer! Next, group your pieces by shape. Put the largest circle in first, followed by smaller ones. Repeat for rectangles and squares until they're all neatly nested. Then, unless you live in a palace with limitless space, you have to squeeze the lids in wherever you can, trying to keep circles near circles, and so on. If you have too many, weed them out. If you only use six of them, you don't need 15, you know? You can store the extras in a different cabinet, in the event that you freeze a zillion meals someday, you can take them to a swap, give them to your sister, anything to take the burden off your daily life. We rarely use everything we have, including clothes, so it's time to get real. You can also consider rotating their current home. Does this help? What else is troubling you?

  14. Hi C. Yes, I am the same Wendy that commented over on Brilliant Monster. And I love both of your blogs. :-)