Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sleepy Sunday, Who's With Me?

I got most of my list done yesterday, plus some exceedingly gratifying extras. I have a feeling that damned sun double-crossed me again and lured my Moxlings outside, but that's okay, today's challenge is easy:

-Basics first, you know what they are. We want Monday to feel fresh, not frustrating.

-Clear and clean all surfaces, throwing away as much as possible and wiping it all down.

-Clean your floors. This means garbage, laundry, Legos, etc., and then vacuum/Swiffer, etc.

-Make beds, changing sheets if it's time.

-Give your entryway a once-over as if I were coming to visit.

That's it. You can bust this out in a half hour or you can make your way through at your own pace. You've been working so hard, I wanted your Sunday to be productive yet stress-free.

It's as close to day of rest as it gets around here. Make me proud.


  1. Just got home from UUCS, need to figure out something to eat, and then I'm going to get some work done.



  2. Tavy and I cleaned the heck out of the family room. I even took before and after pictures. It was pretty terrifying after a few days of inattention and a toddler who strew all of her possessions everywhere. I'm hoping to dust the room before I go to bed today to declare it DONE.

    Take care of yourself! I hope today was a better day for you!

  3. Mom and I are keeping it up! You need to rest though!!!

  4. Sam-Just remember, cleanliness is next to godliness, or goddessliness, or whateverness. :)

    Bethany-I'd love to see the pics and I adore the fact that your grammar is flawless, it's the perfect accessory to a clean house. I owe you a visit. Today was a better day. Got swept off my feet by some fab friends and afforded some much-needed diversion. Thank you for asking.

    Megan-Yea for Megan and Mom! Don't stress her leaving tomorrow, you're on a good roll and I won't let you crash. Plus you know I'll always come pick up some slack while on the phone until 3am.

    PS-Rest schmest. I'll do that later.