Saturday, May 23, 2009


As I've said before, some days I become rabid with spontaneous deeds that cry for me, despite not making the all-important list. Since I know I am bound to conquer the list, I often become an absolute madman doing things I had never previously considered. Half my list is done, and in checking for cob webs, which thankfully there were only two, I ended up wiping down every surface of the house, top to bottom, corner to corner, tops of blinds, window sills, baseboards, door frames, computers, underneath printers, the refrigerator, both bathrooms, all the hanging vertical upholster-ish blinds which I hate, deep cleaned the keyboards, all shelves, every picture frame, you name it. In washing the outside of the kitchen window, I also ended up wiping down the porch light, which I may have never noticed in ten years. Yuck. Then I wiped down the exterior wall of the house, swept the porch, and tossed the welcome mat (ironic name since I am loathe to welcome people here), along with both laundry room mats, and the kitchen mat, into the washer (not on my list), swept the laundry room, bathroom, and kitchen, and took pictures of tasks I'm going to challenge myself to, since it will become necessary at some point that I sit.

Meanwhile, I'm in the mood to post some random love/hate pictures for no particular reason:

My dearest friend Gail, whose home laughs in my face, literally, sporting a do-rag:

I can be downright strident in my advocacy of white hangers, here's why:

Due to limited space of tragic proportions, my family members have become adept at stacking and wedging, in hopes of hiding things in plain sight without me knowing. They forget that I have eyeballs. This is the kind of hoardish hazard I cannot tolerate:

And sadly, this was the best I could do about it:

This is also something that makes me want to scratch my skin off. Isn't it bad enough that we have a gaming system? Must its tentacles span the entire living room like this? Imagine my horror when I ordered the kids to wrap these controllers up in cords, only to learn, "Mom, they're cordless." So why the f*** does it look like this (radical acceptance):

I just looked over and noticed Quinn. I hope this means he's got the mania!

So don your helmets mamas, and let me know how manic things got in your world!

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