Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weakling Wednesday

Okay everyone's getting a little reprieve today because it's the middle of the night and I'm on 10,000mgs of Vicodin, with the big day scant hours from now.

Before going under the knife, I:

-Folded all laundry.

-Cleaned the kitchen.

-Realized two Vicodins beat the shit out of one Vicodin.

-Ate cake batter ice cream and two red peppers for dinner.

-Swept floors.

-Hung all my fancy-ass clothes on the bag lady rack.

-Cleared counter so my flowers are front and center.

-Lay fresh, dry bath mats down.


-Wiped dining table.

I did not put my clean clothes away because I'm not so good with the standing, and I'm waiting on the junk drawer (it's a scare tactic). See how I'm human? I am going to have Quinn unload the dishwasher in the middle of the night so I can do what's in the sink. I will not come home to a cesspool kitchen, know what I mean?


-Basics, you can assume it from now on. If it's all you do on any given day, so be it.

-Wipe three walls with a Mr. Magic or whatever you have. Doors count too. Bleach works wonders on doors.

-Pick up 20 things off the floor.

-Find five things you do not use, and put them away for a swap or sale or to give away.

-Find five actually dirty spots, and clean them.

-Dust. Everywhere. Set a timer for ten minutes. Use a damp rag, not a feather duster. For tv screens, spray a little Windex on a paper towel and then wipe it down. This feels so good.

That's it. Anyone who gets all this done before I get home gets triple entry. Get your game on MMs!

PS-This is why it's a disorder: At 5:20am, when I ought to have been in the shower, I was bleaching the sinks, putting away my heap of clean clothes, dusting furiously high and low, folding every blanket in the house, shaking out throw rugs, wiping down mirrors, and blogging about it. My reward was a motherfucking cold-ass shower, because I also found just enough clothing for one more load, and washed it in warm. And now I'm sitting with my ride due in seconds, in a shirt and underwear because in my rampage I forgot to leave myself a pair of comfy pants. So, jeans or nothin', I'm going with nothin'. Later bitches!


  1. I am keeping you in my thoughts all day and trying to send you good energy.

  2. I hope all goes well today...I'm watching Pamela's updates on Facebook. :-)

    ...and so far I've done 2 loads of laundry (damn towels!), cleaned out and organized my daughters pajama, undies & sock drawers, and am running a plastics load of disses. Oh, and I LOVE Ikea's little organizing nick-nacks. Yay Ikea!

  3. My thoughts and love are right with you today sweetie. I have every faith it will all go well. And I'd much rather see you miss a beat bloggin then not resting woman!! We all love you and want you well :)

    Today I did one absolutely horrible job I've been dreading...I cleaned out the drain in my shower. OOH THE HAIR!! (I didnt throw up, although I was so close) I also threw like a million gallons of bleach down there in case there was any more hair lurking that wanted to climb back up.
    I also vaccumed (as usual), more laundry (feckin stuff), made beds, bitched about the state of the kids room and vowed to do it tomorrow (I have a cold, I feel yuck!) groomed my Husky (and won the fight! made a diet hot chocolate to enjoy and took some time to blogg.
    Now I have to throw the kids in the bath and think about dinner.
    Good luck!! ♥

  4. i really really want to get triple entry, but not sure i can accomplish all the tasks. i'm off to a slow start as we have some school business this morning. so far i got 2 loads of laundry going, collected trash (but it hasn't been taken out yet), and cleaned 2 actually dirty spots. i don't think i have any walls to wipe, or 20 things on the floor, but i am going to try and find 3 more dirty spots, and dust for 10 minutes. thanks for continuing to challenge us even in the midst of your health challenges. <3

  5. Heard you're home. Yay!! Hope you're feeling all better soon. :-)

    So today I tackled my laundry room. I didn't do the whole thing (I'm a bite-sized chunks kind of girl) but I cleaned the shit out of what needed to be done now! I emptied an entire cabinet full of donation stuff that has been added to our garage sale pile. I put extra laundry baskets in the garage, rearranged a bunch of stuff and vacuumed the hell out of it! It's so pretty now...and I can walk in it. (always a plus)

    By the way, am I the only one who is in love with the crevice tool on the vacuum? My God I love that thing....I can get out of control with it. Love it!

    Thanks for the inspiration C!

  6. um, I vacuumed, chatted with Heather who came by to get her hostage weed puller, goofed on the internet while I waited to hear surgery updates, ate some lunch (it was tasty), did a few dishes, helped my kids with their chores, took my car in for inspection, did more dishes, made a great dinner, did some laundry, and now I'm currently goofing online again. No points for me today.

  7. Bethany-Thank you as always for your kind words.

    Wendy-Thank you as well, you're smokin'! Seriously! Towels, undies, extra baskets oh my! Though, I'm not certain I want to be credited with inspiring you to love your crevice tool that much. :) Good job!

    Mesina-"A million gallons" is my favourite unit of measurement for bleach! And I adore throwing the kids in the bath. <3

    Gail-Oh friend, you get the triple entry for having a house so clean you have to hunt down the assigned number of things in disarray, lol. And because you're an awesome friend who doesn't make me feel bad for neglected emails. (My blog, my rules, ha ha.)

    Megan-Vacuuming, relinquishing Heather's weed thing, caring about me, and being so honourable as to try to forfeit your entry earns you a double. I totally love you. (Plus those your roses are the talk of the town at my house.)