Thursday, May 28, 2009

Threadbare Thursday

Good morning. Has everyone had their coffee and ready to see where today takes us? On my way to the computer, I:

-Made all beds.

-Cleaned entire kitchen, including Swiffering.

-Made protein shake, took meds.

-Scrubbed guest toilet.

-Scrubbed guest bathroom sink.

-Started laundry.

-Rounded up all garbages to be taken out.

-Built an altar for Andrew, who burned me season three of Dexter.

-Wiped down kids' computer area and sometimes snack area (grrr).

-Crap! Forgot to sweep laundry room, hang on! Okay there, ahhh...

-Got out new package of toothbrushes so we can all fight over the cool one.

-Was about to bleach sinks when I realized I can't walk and collapsed into the computer chair and started saying fuck a LOT about the pain.

But I do want to show you the handy rubbery wonderment that makes bleaching so easy. I don't know what they're called. Stoppers? You need one (or three.):

Also, Emily, you asked to see pictures of Tupperware drawers, so here's mine. We had extras, which live in the cupboard still in the box in case of Armageddon or what have you:

The reserves:

Once my Vicodin kicks in, I hope to achieve the following today:

-Fold three remaining loads of laundry.

-Finish bleaching sinks.

-Toss garbages and reline all wastebaskets.

-Keep losing my war with dust. Plead for mercy in my convalescence, get none.

-Wipe down kitchen window and hallway mirror.

-General de-clutter, setting my timer for ten minutes!

-Dare I risk further embarrassment by referencing the goddamn junk drawer again?


-Basics with a BANG! No excuses, no stragglers, I want ALL laundry and dishes done when you go to bed tonight. Seriously. The weekend is approaching, and I may need a ride somewhere. I can't have you all stressed about dishes.

-Tidy up your master bedroom with a ten minute timer. Laundry gone, trash gone, wastebaskets emptied, bed stripped (?), made, things hung up, night stand tidied. If you're not convinced yet as to why this is so important, you will be soon. Nothing breeds more guilt than falling into an unmade bed strewn with clothing. This cannot be your final image of the night. You deserve a little sanctuary, if you will.

-Check those bathrooms. Get out the Kirkland wipes and scrub down the sinks and toilets, empty wastebaskets, peek at the shower, is it begging for Ajax? Do the bath mats need to be washed? If so, sweep and Swiffer the floor once you've tossed them.

-So with washers going, room clean, bathrooms shining, I want you to spend five minutes in your entryway area. Sweep, straighten, fluff, hang jackets, whatever. Five minutes.

-Pick one tedious cleaning, de-griming job that you'll hate, like, polishing the hinges in the kitchen cupboards, or cleaning the track of your sliding glass door, or dusting/wiping down the chandelier, etc.

I know you guys can do this. Hopefully it will get easier from here, and we can all enjoy a relaxing weekend stoned on Vicodin. Oh wait, that's me.

I have total faith in you guys, go!


  1. How are you magically getting into my head Chey?! I mean I am a FULL 8 hours ahead of you here into Thursday and you post crap, I've done? ooook, so today I've:
    ♦stripped my kitchen and talked dirty to it in an effort to dig up any left over dirt that was hiding in the corners
    ♦tidied up my entrance hallway, except the porch area which I promise you will get done tomorrow as I went out there today and hoped no one would be stopping by to see me in all my cluttered glory (do we seriously NEED a thousand coats? its friggin summer nearly!)
    ♦had a visit with a friend who stopped by (see above...all my cluttered glory...*insert defeat*)
    ♦made beds and cleaned up my bedroom, just off to finish our en suite now
    ♦ everyday
    ♦avoided laundry today, as I am sick to death of cursing at it
    ♦managed to dance while scrubbing kitchen in my weight loss goals today...2 birds, one stone
    ♦aaaaaand pulled a few rather annoying weeds in the garden while I was letting the puppy outside. Not that the garden is done but those weeds were mocking me!

    Now Im just here taking 10 minutes to myself and make sure that you are doing ok and not overdoing things too much. Which of course you are! CHEY!!
    Even ill and drugged up you are still our Moxy Queen....♥

  2. *GASP HORROR* Maurice said?!?! ok the above post is Mesina, not Maurice. That's what I get for using his computer since eldest daughter has ninja'd mine. Pfft!!!

  3. OMG that is so funny. I was thinking, "Dang, that five minute getting-to-know-you-chat really made him comfortable with me!" I liked the thought of him dancing in the kitchen, and obviously the thought of any man cleaning like that and then posting, well...swoon! That's okay, I'm going to pretend it was him and that we're best friends and that I'm going to magically appear at your door one day without having to fly.

    Oh the perils of kids reducing us to using other people's computers. I've had interesting experiences with this as well.

    Great cleaning, as always, keep us posted Maurice!

  4. i have only done a few minor things today and that is all i will likely do. even convalescing you kick my butt...i did two loads of laundry (not put away yet) and cleaned a sticky spot on the kitchen floor (oh the horror!). did major testing and lessons and now need to do a market run. will unload the dishwasher later (or maybe i'll have a child do that) and dinner dishes and that will be it for today.

  5. I only folded laundry. It's my b-day, so I'm sittin' on my ass. :-P Still love ya though!!!

  6. coming to your blog through "Life is a banquet"... wow, just wow. I need to be more like you. I'm a new mom & stepmom that decided to stay @ home instead of being a doctor. I'll be back here often to remind myself to be a good keeper of my house.

  7. Gail-Stop! The only reason you don't do as much as the rest of us is because you don't have to! You're an amazing housekeeper, and doer of all things. You did a lot, it just doesn't feel hard to you because you're used to it.

    Wendy-Basics on your birthday, I can live with that. :)

    Lucy-Welcome. Wow, new mom AND stepmom. And you were going to be a doctor? Dang, you're plenty smart enough to do this, you just need some time to get settled with all these sudden children, lol. We'll be here!