Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wednesday We Can Do it!

I just have to say how proud and impressed I am at how hard you're all working, and at the effort you're making to post comments and updates, this really keeps our momentum going. I may offer an idea or method you find helpful, but you glean so much from each other, we have a great, unstoppable team shaping up. Your efforts really make me smile. You've all sold yourselves way short, and have proven that all you needed was a little direction and some support, and now you're cleaning machines!

Today I got up at 5:23am, after nodding off around 3-something. Yeah, lord help me, I'm going to have to bleach the circles under my eyes if I don't start getting some sleep.

I try to post early-ish for those of you who might log in, but before I sat down I:

Spruced up both bathrooms (lying freshly laundered bath mats, wiping fixtures, etc.)

Tore down unsightly laundry hanging everywhere, praised god for the dryer repair man coming in a bit.

Rotated a load of laundry.

Cleaned the entire kitchen, and wiped it down.

Organized my wallet.

Dusted in the back bedroom.

Emptied all eight wastebaskets in the house, relined.

Wrote Quinn's chore list (empty dishwasher, vacuum, clean toilets)

We have a heavy day, but I'm hoping to tackle the following before the season finale of Lost tonight:

Rotate/fold all laundry.

Rearrange appliance cupboard.


De-clutter five things.


Most of the feedback I got suggested that you guys kicked some bathroom ass, and I applaud you all. Did anyone wash that clear plastic liner?

Today I'd like you to:

*Wipe down all doors and tackle those knobs with some extra oomph, no need to put out the welcome mat for swine flu after all...

*Keep that laundry rotated ladies! Remember our goal is to never let it get insurmountable again.

*Same with those dishes, keep your kitchen, aka, Grand Central, clean, and you won't believe the difference it will make mentally. Keep the dishwasher running, dishes neatly stacked, grouped, soaking, and counters wiped. This is paramount.

*So we've got clean bathrooms, clean doors/knobs/laundry and dishes under control, and I think the cherry on this cake will be to vacuum and/or sweep as many floors as you have, or as many as you can without your children turning into the Lost Boys. It's a bitch, but just think, the weekend is looming, and you've really done a lot, we're in a groove, and I won't let you get complacent. I told you I wouldn't let your house become the boogey man again, and I meant it.

*Finally, I'm throwing down one last challenge, because I know you can do it, and I know you'll feel so good. I want you use a wipe or wash cloth and wipe down five surfaces in your house. 2" night stands don't count, unless you can write your name in them. I'm talking dining room tables, computer desks, pianos, islands, etc.

There you have it, five tasks, high fives all around. I am so proud of you guys. Gutting whole pantries, taking on extra tasks while pregnant, pushing yourselves through those falling-down-tired evening hours to meet your goals, finding time to spruce things up between dispensing meds to loved ones, homeschooling, millions of errands, and those of you who just really thought you couldn't do this. You're doing it. You're awesome.

(Anyone who attempts this plus the list above, gets entered twice.)

What does your microwave say about you?

Jacob says: "Cleaning a heavily soiled microwave is actually much quicker and easier than you might think. Fill a microwave safe bowl full of hot tap water, and set it on high for 5-7 minutes in the microwave. The steam loosens all of the dried, caked on food splatters, and allows them to be easily wiped away without scrubbing. While the microwave is running, use your favorite cleaner and a scrubby sponge to clean the outside of the microwave. When the timer dings, discard the bowl of water, and take the glass turn table out and put it in the sink with your hottest tap water running over it, while you wipe out the inside of your microwave, and then use your favorite disinfecting kitchen cleaner to give it a wipe down. Give your turn table a quick once over in the sink, dry it off, put it back in place, and voila, you have a perfectly clean microwave in under 10 minutes without any scrubbing. To keep your microwave clean, invest in a microwave plate guard cover (for less than a dollar) and use it to cover all food that you are cooking/warming in there to prevent splatters, and always put a plate, or at least a paper towel, under everything you put in there. When you do this, all your microwave will need is a 30 second gentle disinfecting wipe inside and out every couple of days."

Keep us posted, I'll be looking for updates!


  1. Well, I can't decide whether I'm empowering my compulsiveness of just doing something I enjoy. For some reason I feel compelled to read your blog posts, and I find myself motivated, feeling like someone besides just me cares about the state of my home; it's good to feel appreciated!
    Anyway, this is your blogspot not mine so I'll cut it short and simply say, "thanks."
    (Oh, and Jacobs suggestion works wonderfully! I've used it for quite some time now with great results. Also, a little lemon juice in the water makes the steam refreshing.)

  2. House is clean! Even killed a trail of ants.

  3. Oh yes, that's a good point Dawna, if you put some vanilla, cinnamon and clove, or lemon, or lavender, or peppermint, into the water in the microwave, it also works as an air freshener as it cleans. Mmmmmm...is that apple pie I smell? Nope, just cleaning the microwave! =)

    I already did the dishes, and the laundry, swept the whole house, wiped down my surfaces (dining table, china hutch, all of my lamps, tv and stand, and our fireplace mantle), and am now moving on to the doors. Fwew!

  4. My list is a work in progress but I did do one thing that I'm sure everyone will appreciate

  5. Oh, and those are the kids' chore lists. Almost 7 and 3.5 from left to right.

  6. How fitting... I was going to do all my knobs/remotes tonight... my son has a cold

    I love the steaming trick for the microwave, adding vinegar to the water will remove odors too

  7. I usually keep my house pretty "tidy", but I'm on a rool today. I have switched, sorted and put away several loads of laundry. Wiped down washer and dryer. Cleaned toiler, sink, counter and wiped the floor around the toilet. Vacuumed main areas of the house, twice. Wiped down the table and chairs. Cleaned switch plates, door frames and knobs. Emptied sink and wipe down counters. Did a quick wipe down of cupboard fronts. Cleaned hand prints off sliding. Cleaned t.v. and bookshelfs. Ummmmm.... I know there's something else. It was all really easy too. I just kept the wipes with me!

  8. A safety note for the microwave-cleaning tip: Be careful getting the bowl of water out of the microwave: That sucker is HOT! I usually use a wet sponge and microwave it for two minutes and it works the same way, but I always forget and pick it right up after it's hot and burn myself! You'd think I would have learned after the first five or ten times.

  9. Ok. I had a really shitty day and I had company (which was not a stress due to the first couple days challenges. Thank you Moxie!)

    I did a load of laundry, wiped down my washer, dryer, bathroom sink/counters. I wiped my coffee table and end table. I cleaned all my doorknobs, switch plates, thermostats and wiped down my remote, phone, and son's DS before turning in. I wiped down all the shelves on my bookcase (but I did not remove and replace). This morning while my little one was hard to rouse I sat by her and folded load from last night. I also cleaned my microwave and wiped down my stove (which hasn't seen action since Sat) and my counter and cutting board. Oh, I know... I pulled up stickers off my kitchen floor and swept all sweepable surfaces.

  10. oh, and I wiped down the outside of toilet

  11. Dawna--Um, what's wrong with empowering your compulsiveness? It's what I live for. Embrace it. Yes, I do care about your home, more than you probably want me to. We're talking restraining order...

    Manda--Between blasting a trail of ants and that thrilling narrative of everything you did, I'm entering you twice! Good work!

    Jacob--Okay. Cloves? Lavendar? Are we still talking about microwaves or have we switched to day spas? You are officially one spice away from an intervention. xoxo

    Megan--Having you guys over, you get entered just for everyone being dressed, dear god, lol. We'll get your schedule worked out and the rest of those boxes out of your way soon!

    Jennifer--OMG just the fact that you thought of cleaning knobs and remotes without me makes me swoon. Seriously. And everything else? Two entries woman, you rock my socks!

    Queenjulie--Welcome, let us know how we can help/motivate/spice up your cleaning!

    I am in awe of my Moxlings. I'm enjoying myself so much I should probably call my doctor.


  12. lavender* (must be the fumes)