Saturday, June 27, 2009

Choose Your Own Adventure Saturday:

(Why does a he have a daisy on his bike? Um, he leaves it. Not to worry, my mom will kick my ass for being a sexist pig.)

Very few of you adhere to the daily list I post here, which is wholly acceptable to me, but it got me thinking (something I do from time to time). What if today, we (meaning you) set each others' challenges? Aside from the never-ending laundry/dishes mutiny, let's see what you guys come up with for each other. It can be something you hate, and maybe you're kind of evil so you want all the mamas suffering, or maybe it's just something you've discovered is a great pick-me-up. I know we're off to a late start, because all this flying has given me serious jet lag, but it's not too late. Sam? Throw the gauntlet! Jacob? Get us all ironing in this heat, you bitch. Mesina, we don't have Dysons, but before you go to bed, challenge us fatty-bacon-eating Americans to something.

Seriously, everyone just list one thing, and at the end of the day, we'll see who did what.

Obviously I've already started because I'm insane, and I am posting my list in case you hate my choose your own adventure plan.

Let's post our tasks, set our timers, don those iPods, and pretend Mesina's hoite toite friend is coming over to eat a BLT and take a bath. Come on guys, you need each other today!


  1. I say everyone should clean out a closet and donate/yard sale some stuff. Like the closet that you never look in but just stuff full or crap.

  2. Chelsea-That's awesome! If everyone doesn't turn on you in fearsome hatred, they could really feel good getting that done!

  3. oooooh WE get to set challenges! *rubs hands together* come my pretties....Coooooome to meeeeee... *cough* err...yeah. *tries to hide the blushing face*

    Well, today there was a bit of bacon left over for me to cook up, so I ate it thinking of how much you guys are so missing out on english bacon. I know you guys don't give a crap, but I feel like a better person getting the benefit of such awesomeness.

    Mesina's Challenge of Pure Evilness:
    Take a look under your bed, yeah dustbunny heaven. Tell those bastards it's time to get a new home and sweep/vaccum and throw out those weird bits of paper and that sock you never knew you were missing and or even owned. If under there is some sort of secret storage heaven, ask yourself why in hell there is so much crap under there.

    If you are some sort of God who doesn't have an under the bed problem....I now hate you and refuse to send you an Xmas card. So move your sofa and get the crap that's under there. If there's nothing under there, pull those cushions out and clean baby! There has to be at least 75 cents lurking in that couch!

    If still you live in domestic bliss and have none of these problems, get yo butt over here. I'll gladly cackle at you while you clean under mine.

    And yeah, I bleach bathtubs for company cos like a true Girl Scout I am always prepared! *insert badass cookie sellin' face here*

    If you honestly lack motivation today, I can arrange a voice clip emailed to you with me saying ''MY FRIEND WILL BE HERE IN 15 MINUTES!''
    Not because I love you, but because I'm just an evil genius like that ♥

  4. Vacuum and clean your window sills. Get all those nasty dead bugs and dust off of there!

  5. First off, I made Chey's list TWICE! Woo! I rock!

    Second, I'm tired just reading the preceding posts. But I'll try. I don't think cleaning under my bed is even remotely possible, but... No. It won't happen.

    As for a challenge idea? Well, I suck at challenges, so I'd feel like a hypocrite if I posed any.

    On my agenda, though, is looking at the coming month. July is promising to be a busier one, so I have to stay ahead of it.

  6. Ew, good one Megan! I did that, in addition to taking down light fixtures to dispose of the hundred buggy corpses that once resided in them. Eff that shit!

    Uh, so I'm moving next week(and haven't packed a single thing!) but totally kicked the shit out of the house today. I've bleached the fuck out of the sing/toilet/tub, mopped what seems like 5,000 square feet of hardwood flooring, vacuumed my bed(OMFG it had been A MONTH since doing that!), bought new cell phones for the family, and stupidly organized the upcoming babys growing diaper collection that will be packed up in a couple days anyway.

    i also joined the strawberry eating bandwagon today and it feels so good.

  7. sing=sink, and, uh, ignore everything else that's screwed up
    (NAK, obviously)

  8. So, today... I was(am) emotional, pissy, ill-tempered and just plain tired.

    But I did:

    -get one closet cleaned out (I picked the smallest, easiest one)
    -vacuumed front room and hall
    -caught up on the dishes (2 minutes later the sink was suddenly full again)
    -rotated laundry a couple times
    -chased the dog for 30 GD minutes when she escaped out the front door. If I'd had a rifle, I could've cut that time considerably.
    -ran one errand, against my will, and with a bad attitude. I managed to avoid colliding with any other vehicles.

    sigh. I'm glad today is over.