Saturday, June 6, 2009

Manic Mourning Saturday

Planning a baby's funeral trumps every household emergency. This is what I am doing today. I did clean the shit out of my kitchen as I cooked 20 meals (yes, *I* cooked--thank you Susannah, my midnight angel), but mostly because I'm mad at the universe and needed to flex some muscle.

My next cleaning task will be sweeping up the shards of my heart. Who knows after that.

We'll get back on track though, after someone hoists the earth back onto its axis.

Today focus on all the things for which you are most grateful. I mean it.



  1. Somewhere in these next days I am making it my priority to phone you. For now I shall let you be tending the wounds of those you love most, but when the dust has settled I will call for a chat to see how you are holding up.

    Love you to bits Chey ♥

  2. You are doing good work, Chey. Don't forget that you can ask for help when you need it!

  3. Despite this family's misfortune, on some level they are also very fortunate. They have a strong friend who's providing solidarity in their time of need.
    You are admirable and strong.

  4. I think I am most impressed at your talents to kick the crap out of anything that needs the crap kicked out of it, including cooking.

    We are here for you too, let us help now, much like you did while you were recovering.

    I took your word to heart last night and sat on the couch and snuggled/slept/watched movies with my kids while eating popcorn and Taco Hell. It was tough I swear looking at my house from hell.

    This morning I took a page from your book and stayed awake at 7:30 despite my sleepiness and managed a majority of the clean up while the kids slept.

    My heart is breaking for you all, my thoughts consumed.