Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sweet Somber Sunday

I realize this blog has temporarily drifted away from its intended cleaning theme, but yeah, it's important to remember that even for sickos like me, some things make the state of one's house wholly irrelevant.

Today I will be cleaning my kitchen and my body, in preparation for Baby Persephone's memorial service.

My hope is to see her family supported, allow my own grief, and resume order tomorrow, lest this heartbreak consume me.

So everyone rest up one more day, and we'll get down and dirty first thing Monday.



  1. Yeah, you saw the state of my place yesterday. It's even worse today. I don't give a fuck.

    Tomorrow I may need some cleaning distraction though.

  2. As always priorities are were they should be Chey, with those who need you. I will be resting some too today, I have a late night and I feel so tired even now that I've just woken up. Sending you all much love x