Monday, June 8, 2009

Mighty Monday

For my fellow mamas in our community, we all need a serious reboot cleaning-wise. The last four days--can anyone believe it's only been four days?--has been a surreal time warp, and my house is not only crawling with germs, but I have forgotten my routine like a faceless classmate. Luckily, in a powerhouse moment Sunday I jotted down some notes, hoping we'd make our way back one swipe at a time.

Despite feeling like I was made out of cement when I got home from Persephone's memorial, riddled with pain from head to toe, broken-hearted, emotionally spent, feelings hurt, I managed only to sleep from about 8am-10am. Once again, rising at 10am is the most defeated feeling I know, cleaning-wise. Ugh. But I shall pull it together, mustering strength and energy from god-knows-where, and make this place livable again. And you can too.

As I staggered to and from the bathroom cursing the heat and brightness, I:

-Turned on the A/C.

-Tidied up front bathroom.

-Made beds.

-Started laundry. (I will have four loads today.)

-Had a protein shake.

-Logged on to post this blog on the off chance that anyone is waiting with baited breath.


I think these tasks will help you get the edge today:

-I want you to kick the shit out of the basics. I mean it. Every spoon, every sock. This is an order. And don't test me because I may very well come over to check. Oh the shame.

-Check your bathrooms. Wipe out sinks, counters, toilets, empty waste baskets, toss mats in the washer, sweep/Swiffer the floor, sprinkle some Ajax int he shower, get to it later, or when you shower (just bring a rag in with you). Each bathroom should take five minutes.

-Change any/all sheets, thereby forcing you to make the beds too.

-Set your timer for ten minutes and do a cob web sweep, through the whole house, broom and/or rag in hand.

-Set your timer for ten minutes and do a debris run, bag in hand.

-Sweep and/or vacuum at least main thoroughfares.

-Put those kids to work. Show them ghastly pictures of hoarders online until they cry, if they balk.

-Fix/straighten/wipe/throw away ten things that are not in the condition/location they are supposed to be in.

-Once your kitchen is free of dirty dishes and has been wiped, your final task is to open your microwave, ignore the horror movie music, and remove the plate, wash it, clean the inside, put plate back in, and wipe down the outside.

-Now you're done. I know it's a lot, and it's Monday, and we're all heavy with emotion. When you stand up from your computer, just think about how unjust the universe can be, and how we will not get beaten down, and that we are strong enough to get these things done. We deserve to retire to a clean space tonight.

Yes we can, si se puede!


  1. Dear MoxieClean,
    I am always in a state of fluster over the swiffer & timer tasks. As they would require owning a swiffer or a timer. I know, I know, go purchase them as they are much needed cleaning devices. However, you might underestimate how incredibly broke I am. Yet my need to do everything RIGHT says OMG, well if I don't have a timer or swiffer I can't do these things at all.
    aahhhh. Excuse my anxiety and overthinking everything, that's just how I roll.
    PS. Just cuz I can't do those things, doesn't mean I completely gave up. The laundry, dishes, and gardening all got their butts kicked already. :)

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  3. Karinda-Sounds like you're off to a much better start than the rest of us. Well, me at least. I fully appreciate that timers and Swiffers add up, and yes, I also understand brokeness believe me. So, use your wall clock, a series of songs, or your cell phone to time yourself, and since you can't really do hands-and-knees right now, you can a) ask your daughter to wipe down the floors, or b) use your foot, or c) whatever old mop you have. Just any old solvent in a bowl of hot water, and show those spots who's boss. We all improvise in one way or another, even me. That's why we're here, to support and motivate each other, in all our respective circumstances. I am so proud of your achievements today, what with the heat, that cute pregnant belly, a toddler, and feeling like you lack the supplies. We can always work around these things, and I'm really impressed by your motivation. Also, it was great meeting you yesterday, in spite of such sad circumstances.

  4. AARRRGGHHH! Stupid Internet. I had a comment. It didn't save.

    cliff notes

    -glad I came home to clean house after Persephone's memorial

    -need to fold laundry

    -went to bed early with both kiddos tucked in beside me

    -amazed that you managed to stay awake until 8am

  5. Luckily, I kept on top of all of my household tasks this weekend in spite of all of the turmoil, so this morning was pretty easy. Just some cursory sweeping, my daily scrub down of the bathroom, a quick vacuum, and I finally got around to washing the windows on the French doors, which were just shameful. I really hate hate hate doing windows. I did, however, just get the windex outdoor window cleaning kit, which promises to leave a streak free shine with minimal effort, just a quick scrub and a rinse from the garden hose...I will report back later this week as to how it actually works in real life. Here's hoping.

  6. Today is a total bust for me; been out of the house 10-4 and have another meeting 6-8. Ugh.

    I'll catch up a little tomorrow.

    Good news, though, Mom had some broth yesterday and is getting some formula in her right now!

  7. I got part of my list done. The laundry is still giving me the stink eye though. I'm so incredibly tired even though I got 7 hours of sleep last night. Going to bed early tonight. The laundry will have to wait

  8. Today I:
    1) rearranged the clothes in my closet to correspond to the season
    2) did 3 loads of laundry (last one is drying while I sleep)
    3) cleaned under my kitchen sink (and found a leak!!)
    4) cleaned the computer cabinet from hell--getting rid of *old* programs, cords without owners and manuals to long-gone items
    5) kitchen maintenance
    6) hung out with my kiddo

    That's my day.

  9. I today, but I did it for Moxie:

    3 loads of laundry
    Cleaned Bathroom top to bottom
    Continued to shovel snow behind the blizzard that is T
    Did the throw out and trash challenges.

    Am ready to meet ALL of your challenges tomorrow. Just had to get my feet back under me again. Slowly.

    Thinking of you and sending you lots of love.

  10. Well, today is a big day here task wise, however my tiredness and headache are screaming at me that whatever my plans are, they aren't going to make it easy. All the kids are home today just to add to the challenge. But today I will be:
    -washing every friggin piece of clothing/towel/sheets whatever is in that laundry basket of doom! I can do that see now that I have a DRYER! (oh did I say dryer?)

    -I have a guy coming out to shampoo my stairs, hall and office carpet since my dog decided to get sick and couldn't quite make it downstairs. Shes ok now, but I think she ate something rather questionable. So, it's costing us £60 quid to have a pro come out and deal with the stain. (I love my dog, I love my dog, I l..)

    -vaccum, because if I don't use my Dyson he'll leave me for another Moxie.

    -make my bed

    And that's it...I'm afraid that's all the cleaning I can handle today with this head!


  11. Jennifer-Anyone who did *anything* after that service gets five entries. Serious. So glad you snuggled in with those babies. As for staying up until 8am, I have lost my internal clock entirely.

    Jacob-You're my maintenance man! Proof of the miracle that is keeping things under control so that when life bitch slaps you, your house doesn't have to fall apart. I am loving you lots these days.

    Sam-You are the embodiment of why cleaning isn't the most important thing. So glad to hear your mom got some broth. Hang in there. Let me know when you want me to come kick your house's ass so that you can perhaps have one moment of feeling caught up. You are incredible.

    Megan-I can't even believe you had the strength to post, let alone do *one* task, or three. Ivy saved me after the service. Thank you for being such a steadying force.

    Wendy-Definitely the cleaning champ today! You did SO much, plus you always hang with the kiddo, you're rocking the moxie world.

    Bethany-I loved your text that said your clean kitchen was your gift to me. Um, what about *my* kitchen? Seriously, I can't believe you did all that. Wow. "...the blizzard that is T" brought a much-needed smile to my face. Thank you for checking in with me, you cannot know how appreciated you are.

    Mesina-Headaches are shit. Dryers are angels. You had me at quid. I love you.