Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tiny Little Tuesday

We're all regaining our strength at our own respective paces, and some of you are really kicking some ass, so I put together a list, albeit when half the day is gone, for those benefiting from having the challenge:


-Come on, you know those dishes and laundry are conspiring to overwhelm you, and if they don't get tamed, you're kinda sunk. So get on it.

-Tend to your entryway. Floors, debris on the floor, throw pillows/blankets, dusting, window(s). Ten minutes. No more.

-Check your master bedroom. Do the sheets need changing? Clothes hung? Tossed in laundry bin? Carpet vacuumed? Master bath wiped down? Windows? Ten minutes.

-I am re-issuing the cleaning your car challenge from the other day. Words cannot describe how uplifting this is, since all of our cars are our second homes.

You guys can do these. We're taking small steps. Take advantage, because when I feel better I'm going to get medieval on your asses!

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