Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What the Wednesday?

Well, yesterday's list was a smashing success. Was this my fault or yours? Did anyone do anything? Are we losing steam? I know a few of you are dealing with practically insurmountable issues, but what's up with the rest of you?

If we need to scale back to some basics because all of our lives are on the brink, which is what it feels like, let me know, so I don't overwhelm you with tedium.

But if you've just gotten off your game, I'm totally going to kick your ass because I got up in the shivering cold to post this. :)

Let's try this:

-You know.

-Organize one cupboard in your kitchen (I'm hoping this will lead to an epidemic that reaches all your cupboards, shhh!)

-Dump out your purse, throw away the gum wrappers, decide which of your twelve pens you really need, and put it all back together. If you want an A+ clean out your wallet too.

-Grab your Windex and spiff up all the mirrors in your house. Extra credit for any windows (kitchen windows and sliding glass doors are extremely gratifying, btw).

-De-clutter your counters, kitchen and bathroom(s). Remove garbage, have the kids take their things, put away errant scissors and what have you, then wipe them down.

-Pick up 20 things in five minutes. This should be so easy by now. (That is encouraging, not condescending.)

So, cough up some excuses for yesterday. I'd like to hear what you all were up to. Even Mesina was silent. Were you locked in a loving gaze at your new dryer? I'm in a slump too, so, no shame here. I just want to know what we're capable of as a group, apart from Gail and Jacob who are utterly ridiculous in their maintenance and often have to search for things to wipe down or pick up just to appease me. (<3)

Okay, toss me a line and pick up a broom. Oh, and can someone bring me a diet Dr. Pepper?



  1. Yesterday I paid the cleaning lady for cleaning my house. :-) While she was here I ran errands (including talking to a pregnant woman for 1 1/2 hours about how awesome homebirth is and that she should do it. :-).

    Today I'm grocery shopping, researching what kind of chickens to get for a baby flock, and doing a couple of things on your list. I'll post them when they're done.

  2. thanks for the personal mention :) i have been such a slacker in the cleaning dept lately. i keep looking at things that need to be cleaned (think: bathroom) and just not doing it. there, that's my confession. i cleaned the basement bathroom a bit yesterday and one toilet today. hope to do more but i'm still in my robe.

  3. When even I go quiet you know somethings amiss!! *wink wink*. I was here, my day was just scattered to the four winds of nothingness as I sat contempating life, the universe, and chocolate. Plus I had actually posted my Tuesday happenings on your Monday's ehh you can see how tired I was! And Im 8 hours ahead...ner ner.

    Today I have:
    •Kicked the shit outta my laundry!! oh yeah my dyson might just have to share me with the new dryer...I got a new love.
    •sat wondering why I've been so tired for like...the last week
    •went over my action plan for my eating, weight loss takes thought....omg no one told me
    •Lost a brain cell to some weird kid show Willow didn't want to watch...don't blame her, I lost 3 minutes of my life there...pfft
    •tidied up the kitchen (Booo-yah!) and swept floors in there.
    •Helped Tahira get to her exam on time while screaming in the car ''OMG HAVE YOU STUDIED?!?!''.. yes Mom of course omg you ask NOW?!

    And now going to collect my guy from work,come home and make dinner and bust off to work for 2 hours tonight! someone put the coffee pot on please.....

  4. Yesterday:
    *laundry, ironing, dishes (but not completely done yet)
    *weeded 1/2 of front yard
    *made some calls (but not the calls)

    And that was it. My energy reserve is seriously low.

    Today... I don't know. I'll check back in.


  5. Oh, and I ordered some make up at e.l.f. for $1.00/piece. That was the highlight of my day.

  6. Took L to a doctor's appointment.

    Had coffee with Bethany (important processing time here!).

    Cleared the dining room table.

    Did a diaper load.

    Scrubbed the toilet.

    For where I'm at, I'm thinking that's pretty good. We'll see what today brings; probably some dishes, I've been getting better at those. Also putting laundry away. I need to sit down and go through L's clothes, pulling out those which don't fit and/or aren't appropriate for the season; that's a pretty big job, though, and I don't know if I have what it takes right now.

  7. The basics are kicking my ass. I don't have it in me to wipe windows or clean out my purse. I appreciate your faith in me though.

    Dishes, some laundry, vacuuming, sweeping and keeping the bathroom mildew free are about as much as I can handle right now (and even that is a stretch).

    I'll keep trying though to add in extra things.

  8. I haven't been foloowing the list. I've have been keeping everything Moxie, and I did shampoo the carpets yesterday. We have a birthday party and out of state guests coming, so my cleaning priorities have been altered a little. Doing a lot more toothpick and q-tip cleaning, scrubbing walls, moving furniture, etc.....

  9. I am so tired. I really need to proof read better..... Sorry Moxie for causing you pain ;)

  10. Life is just kicking me right now. This always happens to me, I get in these funks and NOTHING moves me. Part of it is PMS but the rest? Who knows.

    I don't think I did a thing yesterday, with the exception of ordering out so not to dirty any more dishes.

    This morning I did FINALLY actually remember to push the "On" button on the dishwasher. I've been meaning to and forgetting every morning for 3 days now.

    Thanks for keeping the lists up, I do find them inspiring even when I find them discouraging.

    I think I may be on ball tonight to

    -fold laundry

    -unload/reload dishwasher

    -do some decluttering

    -wipe down bathroom


    Oh yes, I remembered last night, in a frenzy to find my misplaced post office box key I took a Swifter to the underneath of my dryer... Yikes!!!

  11. I have done nothing today that resenbles cleaning. I have been studying for a final so at least I have an excuse. I think your list is managable and will attempt is after I take said final. Thank you for getting up to write this.

  12. Okay, as I suspected, our local mamas are not functioning. I'm not either. Notice I haven't posted my own list since the weekend. I've only been posting in hopes that some sort of normalcy could be derived from somewhere, maybe here, you know? I can't even respond to each of you individually, as I so enjoy, because I have to go sit on the couch and ponder the senselessness of this world. No, OCD doesn't bow to grief, but my kids are old enough to keep a sparkle on the place, the laundry rotated, etc. Thank god. So I'll keep posting for those of you who feel certain to resume action soon, and ask that the rest of you not get irritated. I have zero expectations of Salem mamas right now, but I know if I stop posting we will be defeated. Jump on when you can, and do as I say not as I'm doing. (Or not doing.)

  13. I did most of your challenges today. Still moving very slowly here.

    I cleaned the family room, including clearing two cluttered tables to be auxillary sewing tables if needed. I organized a book shelf (my version of your cabinet challenge).

    I windexed everything (got the new all-natural windex). Moxie, dearest, what do you use with your windex? Do I need a squeegie? My grandmother always used coffee filters, but that doesn't work as well as I would like. My mother never cleaned windows or mirrors, and I am happy to say that at the ripe old age of 30 I have stopped trying to make paper towel work.

    Off to have a deep meaningful relationship with my timer and my floors.

  14. Still running on low here too, but I did manage to catch up on the laundry. And between the various family members, we managed to wrangle the dishes into submission.

    That's about it for here.

  15. I have been pretty much keeping on top of everything. I am trying to motivate at some point this week to do the outside windows and clean out my car, neither of which ever sound fun.

    I have also been on the hunt for "Magic Ceramic" which someone (was is Laura?) suggested last month, but I have been unable to find it anywhere (which is to say winco, walmart, fred meyer, and safeway) Am I missing something?

    My grandmother, aunt, and two cleaning ladies that we have worked with always used a solution of ammonia and water (which is essentially what windex is) and newspaper to clean mirrors and windows, instead of paper towels. Sounds strange, but it does work great, with no lint left behind.

  16. Looks like the group still has a heartbeat, I'm really proud of Bethany, as I hear her house look gawgeous, in spite of recent surgery, emotional overload, and a toddler. The rest of you are doing the best you can, and that's great. Cleaning is not like riding a bike, you do forget how, and what's worse, you stop wanting to. I'm proud of all you guys for trying.