Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thorough Thursday

Okay Moxlings, I don't think we can let too many more days pass before we just throw in our towels, you know? Our macaroni-encrusted towels that hang askew (Gail cover your eyes!) Let's see if we can't make a serious dent today, going at your own respective paces.

This morning, on my way to the computer, I:

-Got a bed made.

-Started laundry, rotated a load out of the dryer that makes a total of ten loads to fold. (See? I'm no sorceress.)

-Delegated the dishes. (Well, maybe a little sorcery...)

-Organized my pills and vitamins, throwing six empty bottles away, which begat a furious scrub-down of the entire kitchen, top of refrigerator, sweep and Swiffer the floor, microwave, etc.

-Made protein shake.

-Cleaned around the computer, contemplated taking a blowtorch to this godforsaken dust, and throwing away some blue gooey legs that belonged to one of those awful squishy creatures with gross hangy tentacles that come off and are too sticky to sweep up.

-Wiped down the dining room table.

-Swept the laundry room floor.

-Organized the shoe rack.


-Catch up on D & L.

-Vacuum your carpet, all rooms, meaning picking up, or having kids pick up, everything in the way.

-Make sure your kitchen is wiped down, swept, Swiffered, etc.

-Clear/wipe your dining room table.

-Banish ten things currently on your floor to the garbage/recycling/garage/etc.

-Fold you throw blankets, fluff your throw pillows, have kids take their things into their rooms.

-That's it. Now maybe you have some laundry to fold, but your living room should be pretty clean and your dishes won't be taunting you. Plus, not having little bits of crap on the floor is very soothing.

Can we handle this? Of course we can. Let me know how it goes, and all the exciting ways in which you all constantly deviate from my plan. Incorrigible!


  1. i have completely kicked ass this morning, after not doing shit for a week.

    + four loads of laundry(WHERE DID IT COME FROM?!)

    + dishes, and i scrubbed the kitchen from top to bottom

    + did the lemon + water microwave trick to clean my not-so-dirty microwave. made my house smell pretty!

    + mopped the entire house. every. single. room. hardwood sucks, yo!

    + de-cluttered my fireplace mantle

    + made breakfast for a starving toddler somewhere in there

    + took all my viatmins without gagging

    once sorren takes his nap i am planning on tackling the bathroom, folding said laundry, and then doing jack shit indefinitely.

  2. Well well! Today I was in a violent fit of hormone rage, today was not a good day to be around me for much of the afternoon and I almost (but not quite) packed it all in exchange for an entire box of chocolates. (Which my new healthy eating regime would cringe over) But I didn' in my fit of temper I got the scales out and weighed a modest portion then munched those bastards down before they knew what hit em. After the chocolate hit set in (I'm such a junkie) I managed to:
    •see the bottom of my laundry basket! Like WUT?! I haven't seen the bottom in so long I was pulling up clothes I forgot I owned. It felt so good, that dryer kicks ass and it's taken me a few days to do laundry in between other chores but damn. If anyone in my house ever wears another article of clothing, I'm havin 'em whacked. Ay-o Vinny owes me a favour
    •Vaccumed, lest my Dyson catches on I'm having an affair.
    •looked at my 2 year old with shocked eyes after she took a crayon to the livingroom floor. (like this is something I've never seen)- we had the mandatory ''what possessed you to do this'' chat while I scrubbed it up. Her answers were a bit vague, I don't think she was prepared.
    •spent the rest of my afternoon on the pc upgrading my mobile phone. Bear in mind I'm pretty much housebound with a new puppy and only able to leave for short periods (2 hours maybe). Why I need to upgrade now is beyond me was a highlight :)
    We're all slowly getting back on track! Thanks to our lovely Moxie Lady of Motivation . ♥ Chey

  3. Have done your list except for beds and the mountain of laundry.

    Seriously, I think I have more clothes t6 be washed than the Duggars.

    But: I hosted a bunch of people WITHOUT shame. Had swiffered floor, empty sink, two kinds of coffee and clean counters by 9 a.m.

    AND b/c I just keep asking myself what moxie would do, I picked up post party and have clean counters, clean stove, clean sink, and clean table.

    It feels SO GOOD.

  4. Adding: Dude, I want that living room. If it's yours will you share the paint shade?

    I just dusted! DUSTED. The ideas you put in my head. :P

  5. i'm not doing anything. my house is a complete wreck.

  6. Debe-Damn. I got such a rush from de-cluttering your mantle. Ahhh...but my *favourite* things were not gagging on your vitamins and doing jack shit indefinitely. :)

    Megan-Trying to decode your message...

    Mesina-I don't like chocolate but having to weigh food sucks ass. I LOVED Willow's answers being vague, and that no one can ever wear another article of clothing again. But obviously "♥ Chey" was the best.

    Bethany-My most motivated pupil! Word on the street is that your house is ready for its Better Homes and Gardens shoot. You freaking ROCK! Hosting with no shame? Never known freedom like that. And the dust, it is so wonderful to get the upper hand, if only for a day. What would Moxie do? I'd go to Bethany's for two kinds of coffee! ;)

    Emily ♥- Name the time, I will come. (Building my tin foil hate now...)

  7. Always welcome here for coffee :P

    And I know you haven't posted yet for today, but I just wanted to tell you that your list of what you do before the computer has inspired me in my battle to reduce my internet time.

    This morning before arriving at the computer, I:
    --Did a load of laundry
    --Unloaded the dishwasher
    --Cleared and Kirkland wiped my counters--even though I wasn't sure they really *needed* it yet
    --Made oatmeal and eggs for breakfast, then put the dishes in the dishwasher. YAY Empty sink. It was so much easier to then make myself load the stray dishes I found directly into the machine.
    -- Assisted T in wiping down her highchair post breakfast instead of waiting till pre-lunch
    --Got dressed
    --picked up stray items on way to computer.
    --And . . . Just because I love you . .

    MADE BEDS. First time in oh . . . 6 months? Helped T make her bed as well.

  8. My word verification was fugam. Pretty much my attitude right now :P