Monday, June 1, 2009

Mid-Monday Moaning:

So, there is this window in the way back, least-seen side of our house, and in this window sits an assailant on my very mental stability. The half-sun-bleached blinds sit so crookedly in the window sill that every time I pass by, I am torn between averting my eyes, and staring at it until the people with the straight jackets come. Before you jump to any oversimplifying conclusions, let me explain that the reason these blinds cannot be rearranged is that the window is to our storage room, aka our domestic dump, which I liken to Monica's horrifying closet of shame in that episode of Friends. There is literally no way to get to the window. If I stare at it long enough, breaking the window always seems like the best solution, but what good are straight blinds surrounded by asymmetrical broken glass? But it really bugs the shit out of me:

On a brighter note, I just wanted to share my surprisingly effective solution to our weird, familial, copious throw blanket disorder. Even I couldn't keep all 75 of them folded 24/7 and still have that homey look, and still use the blankets, so I bought a papasan chair and totally copped out. Sometimes they all get thrown in, but if I fold the top one, my sanity holds for the most part.



It works for me.

I've achieved almost everything on today's list, thanks to a rapid infusion of coffee for the first time in months. I still need to wash the laundry room door and put away the most hellacious wall of clean clothes ever known to woman. The bitch is, the clothes are already on hangers and yet I keep avoiding it thinking, "Well, the rest of the house is clean, so..."

Also, I need to organize my notebook before Jon & Kate Plus Eight comes on. Um, my kids and I have watched this since it was a mere one-hour special. Yes we like Kate, and her hair, and Quinn's favourite is Aaden and Reilly's is Alexis. My favourite is Cara, and Mady makes me scream. Kate's a neat freak, a control freak, and a loud, freakish freak, what's not to love. But if Jon did have an affair, I don't blame him. I mean, she is a demeaning bitch freak too.

Okay so off to finish my list so we can nestle in our throw blankets later with no guilt and opine loudly about all things Gosselin.

How are the rest of you doing today?

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  1. Git the fruit flies under control with lots of orange spray. Hung laundry to dry in the sun and washed a bit more. More to fold though. Took the kids to the doctor and then to home school play day. Washed more dishes (good God, really!?). Before bed I need to do my sweep around the living room and dining room (speaking of, I swept). Tomorrow is bday prep for my oldest's birthday.