Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

Sleep hasn't fully returned to my life yet, but it's showing a little leg, so I'm hopeful. I've been awake all night, finally slept from 7-8am, which is the worst time. It makes you feel as though you've actually never slept in your life. Plus a bonus headache. That said, I've gone a little slow this morning. My accomplishments thus far:

-Rotated laundry (I feel betrayed that mine breeds as quickly as yours does).

-Protein shake/meds.

-Did the dishes.

-Swept the kitchen floor.

-Scrubbed kitchen sink.

-Made beds.

-Avoided jelly donuts on top of the refrigerator while I wiped it down.

-Cleaned out microwave.

After my appointment this morning, I plan to:

-Do away with all laundry.

-Fill dishwasher, run it, have Quinn unload it, give kitchen a late day wipe down.


-Preemptive de-cluttering.

-Keep an eye out. Things are okay right now, but one spoon in the sink, and my entire sense of balance will topple.

-Dare I say, and elicit laughter from around the world, junk drawer? I have dont this so many times, what is my problem? Perhaps I can do it while watching Dexter.

For my Moxlings this dreary Tuesday:

-First you will___________________.

-Wipe down you refrigerator, and before you can think about it, just start pulling out all the food. Wipe down all shelves, throw away anything speaking a foreign language (or speaking at all, really), and reload in a nice neat order. This is such a great feeling. It will motivate you to cook, and, if I have my druthers, it will motive you to clean more. Don't forget the top of the refrigerator. And get that clutter off, it's damaging your serenity, I promise.

-Clean out microwave. Pull the tray out, wipe all the shit out, run the tray through the dishwasher if you must (minus Sam and Megan :( ), then reassemble and pat yourself on the back.

-Finally, POST your progress, or lack thereof. I need to know which assignments are helpful, which ones are getting done, which ones aren't, what I need to threaten you with to get them done, and what, if anything, is working.

Remember, my goal isn't to infuse my insanity into your head, nor set impossible standards. My goal is to help guide you in some maintenance, lest you ever feel like your entire house is insurmountable again. So speak up. :)


  1. i haven't been posting because i haven't been doing very much :( today i did one load of laundry, some of which is still in the dryer, and that's all i've done. i swept and swiffed on saturday, but really haven't done anything exceptional. many things around the house cry out, but i am not motivated. i feel challenged to at least wipe off the top of the fridge today, we'll see.

  2. I've got more on my list and got a pretty early start today. I've accomplished:

    Grocery shopping at winco on my own with 3 kids (it was an 8 bag grocery trip too)
    folded all my laundry
    got the kids on task with their chores
    straightened a side table that had become a surface for junk
    straightened my diaper changing area
    sprayed the tub with mildew preventer

    I've yet to do:
    put away all dishes
    sweep kitchen
    straighten living room
    straighten my laptop table
    tidy my room
    clean the kids computer screen
    more laundry
    make food for Amara's birthday tomorrow
    make birthday cake

    I just are lunch so I'm off again!

  3. So far:
    swept kitchen
    rotated laundry a couple times

    I have too much to list left to do. But I do have to go to Target pharmacy, Hel-Mart, and, if I have enough energy, Costco. Though, Costco will probably wait until another day.

  4. I've got my list completed except for the food making which will happen once Shawn returns home.

    See, it's proof that it's not me but the weather that makes me lazy.

  5. I'm still recovering over here, and I am sad to say that I'm not as good at as you are. However, I'm still reading and still loving your posts. I did cull a large bag of too small clothes from Tavy's bin this morning, and we picked up the playroom and living room. Tomorrow we shall do more.

  6. Gail-Again, anyone who was to scour her house for things to clean needn't apologize. You are my inspiration.

    So Megan-When did manic cleaning become your super power? If weather really makes the difference, we should convert your house into a meat locker. You are the golden child of the hour, colour me IMPRESSED!!!

    Sam-A great start, I feel like those things are becoming routine for you. Again, your circumstances are such that you amaze no matter what. Truly. Your challenge is to stop thinking so much, be easy on you. You deserve it more than anyone I know.

    Bethany-A) Flattery will get you everywhere with me, and B) You probably did far more than your doctor would have wanted. Don't implicate me! Good job, even though you should be resting more.

    Mega Megan Megan--You rock my world right now!