Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday, June 3rd:

Yesterday I was gone from 10:30am until midnight, so needless to say I wasn't scrubbing the house until it cried uncle. But I also wasn't making a mess (not that I ever do). Still, Todd and the kids got home at dinnertime and Todd has this odd ritual of making them something to eat around dusk every night, so lo and behold: dishes. Small price to pay, I know. Most dads don't cook, so I'm happy to pick up the slack. (Except I HATE cookie sheets with dried-on chicken husks or whatever stuck to them. Seriously. And you can't very well soak a cookie sheet.) Plus he stopped at the German bakery in Portland and brought home this, like, sampler box of cakes, and um, one bite = 50 bites, and it was worth the 7,000 calories. I'll work them off Saturday. Forgiving him for the dishes was no problemo.

Still no sleep. Was up pacing the entire night, planning today's to-do list, which consists of three appointments as well as my domestic duties.

I wait until dawn to tackle my territory, and this is what I've done thus far:

-Made two beds.

-Straightened living room (including folding throw blankets).

-Made protein shake/took meds.

-Wiped down kitchen, floor (by hand).

-Started last load of laundry.

-Organized the 400,000,000 dishes and Tupperware that need to be returned to their rightful owners, who were so kind as to bring me food while I lay around like a goddamned sloth (aka recovered).

Interwoven between today's scheduled outings:

-Fold all laundry.

-Sweep laundry room.

-De-clutter kitchen.

-De-clutter living room.

-Wipe down bathrooms.

-Dust the entire house with a timer set for ten minutes. (Damp cloth.)

-Clean kitchen window, check other windows.

-Sweep bathroom floors.

-Make sure the tentacles of all my flat irons and such haven't taken over the back vanity after I organized it all last week.

-Try to persuade my son to vacuum on an off day with promises of an Orange Julius. (I always feel like the house grows filth spontaneously while we're gone, so I've ratcheted up my plan of attack, and am enlisting Quinn.)

-Wipe down door frames, door knobs.

-Walk through with a timer set, grabbing/wiping anything that assaults my OCD.


-You-know-what, and what...

-Pick any three things off my list.

-Come up with three of your own.

-Is it time to change sheets?

-Thoroughly wipe down your computer area, including de-cluttering and cords underneath desk.

-Throw five things away, and I would LOVE to hear what they were.

There. Do these things and we're sitting pretty for a manageable weekend.

Or knock it out of the park (MEGAN!). Seriously, I'm buying your coffee tomorrow!

Today's motivation: Lady Marmalade with Christina Aguilera and Pink. OMG!


  1. i have 2 loads of laundry going. yesterday i swept and swiffed, minimally. i am still in my robe, i think if i get dressed i'll feel more motivated. today i need to make beds (change sheets), do more laundry, and take out the trash. market run today too. i think the fact that we are winding down for school is making me wind down in general. my mom will be here soon, that will surely light the cleaning fire.

  2. My morning cleaning has been interrupted by a daughter who almost knocked her front tooth out last night-trip to dentist in Wilsonville prudent.

    I have just captured my computer area in a digi photo and I'm going to send it to you Chey. Please beware when you open it, you may need to sit down first. I'm doing this so that I feel pressured to clean my desk and send you an after photo.

  3. I haven't been MIA, but rather I have no idea what just happened to my last two days... was I there? Did I do anything? I certainly don't recall sitting around lazing...and yet the house looks like burglars struck after I just cleaned! DAMN THEM!

    Today I mowed my front lawn and tackled the weeds that were hissing at me everytime I drove up the front of the house. Needless to say I'm still not convinced the lawn looks loads better, but it does at least look like some amateur went out and attempted something. After that I put away the heap of laundry that was waiting for me and then collapsed on the sofa and seemed to drift in and out of sleep for 2 hours! I woke up at 4am for whatever reason and although I did manange to get back to sleep, my epilepsy always makes sure I'm aware my sleep was broken.

    Tomorrow brings the action plan of organising and sorting through the Garage....please send in the fire brigade, ambulance and police in after me if I don't return...preferrably topless.
    Cleaning the kitchen, livingroom, vaccuming and avoiding laundry cos...MY DRYER IS COMING FRIDAY! oh Im sorry did I shout that? my bad.. *insert screams of excitement here*

    Glad to see you are starting to recover Chey! And glad to hear you rested!! xx

  4. Sigh... family clean up at grandparents and final anniversary prep, execution, and day 2 of recovery are making my house cringe worthy.

    I hope tonight to tackle some laundry, run a load of dishes and cook.

    It is with your motivation that I did manage to stay on my feet an extra 20 mins on Monday and put away as much of the anniversary fallout as possible.

    Tomorrow is get serious night because I do NOT want to spend my weekend freaking out about how much needs done at my place.

    I'd like to finish the reorganization of my spice cupboard, weeks later :-(

  5. Well, I caught my runaway dishes! Yea!

    I also:
    *contemplated the laundry
    *had a coffee and chat
    *was given an AWESOME new organizer!
    *fixed the flapper in the toilet
    *helped Charles blow plastic bubbles (remember that awful stuff in a tube? Childhood's first huffing experience?)
    *watered the strawberries an hour before the downpour
    *cleaned off my desk (again. Damn thing won't stay cleaned off.)
    *moved into my new organizer
    *made dinner for my hard working husband

    And, now I'm checking in before playing with my new organizer again.

  6. I did very little in the way of housework. My baby turned 7 today and that took center stage. Tomorrow is my cleaning day and I'm going to try hard not to let it bother me that I'll clean all day and then by bedtime it will be ruined again.

  7. Ah, cookie sheets. Here's what I do...I put wet paper towels on there to do the soaking. It works really well.

    As far as what I did yesterday...I shopped (I needed food), cleaned up the kitchen, and went to a Mary Kay training/girls night with my director (super fun!).

  8. Gail-You actually had that much to do? What could possibly be left for Nit? Sweeping the street? Damn lady, you are incredible.

    Chelsea-OMG there will be no mention of knocked out teeth on Moxieclean. No no no. (But seriously, I hope she's okay, that's just one of my worst fears.) Loved the pic of your desk, I know you did a great job, you were well on your way. Where's my 'after' shot? Way to keep yourself accountable!

    Mesina-I don't why but you've gotten exponentially funnier since you became Bristish, and when you said "damn them!" I peed a little bit, I'm not gonna lie. You are so awesome. You did a lot, and entertained me at the same time, almost enough to earn my forgiveness for moving away. I too am screaming for your dryer.

    Jennifer-Sounds like you're a bit tapped out--and rightfully so. Sorry the experience with the grandparents' house wasn't more satisfying. But you're a good person if that helps, I would have burned it down. I'm proud of you for pushing through 20 minutes, I KNOW how brutal that is, you're doing great. :)

    Sam-Well, obviously we must have an organizer affair immediately. I was just about to praise you for everything you did, but "moved into my new organizer" made me think of a hermit crab moving into a new shell and I could not.stop.laughing. Ha ha ha! Moving into an organizer, like with a U-Haul! OMG I need sleep. You rock. Fixing toilets. Dang.

    My sweet fatalistic Megan-I had such nice thoughts of you and your beauty getting some birthday pampering, until I realized you saw me eating those tacos, and obviously you must die immediately. Perhaps I'll kill you tonight over coffee? Anyway, don't worry about yesterday. Get back on track today and come here for praise.

    Wendy-Oh that's a great idea! Normally I just scrub them up right away but I will remember that next time some unforeseen bullshit prevents me from maintaining my efficiency. Shopping and jobbing, awesome. :)