Sunday, June 21, 2009

Simplicity, Thy Name is Sunday

Yes yes, today is Fathers Day and we're all making a big deal and no one has time to stand outside with a baby on their back washing windows, nor come over to admire my absolute grime-free kitchen. No that's fine.

My kids baked their dad a secret cake last night and decorated in a garden theme because he built the Oregon Garden outside in two days, and man is it thriving! Then I think later we may go to the Bistro.

So whether your plans are low key or some all out feast, know that I will be:

-Finishing bleaching the cracks of the linoleum with my toothbrush.

-Doing one last drawer.

-Praying for the strength and good music to go at the four food cupboards.

-Wash the outside of the windows (did the insides at 11:45pm).

-Do HORRID online form.

-Not eat Todd's cake before he wakes up.

-Change sheets.

You might try any combination of these, or:

-Dishes (feasts crank out a LOT of them my lovelies).

-Laundry, just keep it going in the background.

-Wipe own kitchen, even as you cook.

-Wipe down kitchen after you cook. Ain't it a bitch?

-Focus on your entryway as if people were coming.

-Vacuum, sweep, as necessary.

-Pick 20 things off the floor.

-Have kids make their beds.

-You make your bed.

-That's it. Go enjoy your dad/husband/self/etc.

Let's hear progress...


  1. *stares at the posted pic for today's moxie entry* Damn....

    Well! Today I have been working my little butt off and awaiting the children's arrival home from their Dad's house before the Father's Day celebrations at our house begin. (hint my secret supplies from town the other day might be involved here) So as soon as work is over I'm off to greet my babies and get a few little things underway for the Man of our house :)

    Maurice is downstairs cleaning the kitchen (OMG BLESS HIM!) and I will be doing nothing after work apart from spend time with him and the kids until their bedtime when I call my Daddy to wish him a Happy Father's Day.

    That's it...this Moxi will report for duty first thing tomorrow with a ''OMFG I HAVE THIS TO DO LIST!?'' hopefully one which will be totally ticked off.

    All this after I fly over to Oregon to have come cake with your kids of course xx

  2. I've done 3 full on loads of dishes, vacuumed (because I shattered a pie plate in a very loud and messy fashion), and done some laundry but mostly I've done things that I hope make my husband realize how much we love and appreciate him.
    We just finished a delicious dinner that I think was a great success.

  3. -dishes. . .constantly
    -cleaned kitchen counters
    -"background" laundry
    -vacuumed girls room, hall, dwnstrs living room, dining room (why is there CARPET here?!?), fireplace room
    -rearranged fireplace room
    -mowed front lawn

    There were still some things left on my list but I'll save that stuff for later.

  4. -I started with 2-3 loads of laundry but it became about 5 or so as we had a lot of potty accidents today that included beds and carseats. *sigh*
    -I fed everyone in a nice healthy way AGAIN today which is accomplishing a damn lot for me as I hate cooking and eating but my 34 week pregnant self is starting to get mighty hungry.
    -I did the grocery shopping (with a toddler!!!!)
    -I continued past groceries and accomplished a couple of other errands (with a toddler & really large belly.....paid toddler off with balloon and new lunch box)
    -finished all painting of desk, except one drawer handle that is still being fixed
    -did dishes
    -made bed w/ clean sheets (free of toddler pee)
    -cleaned out tub after toddler pooped in it
    -tried desperately to scrub marker off of toddler's body
    -decided an excellent father's day would consist of my baby daddy getting peed on, pooped on, and drawn on this much.

  5. Mesina-A man who cleans on Fathers Day? Damn girl. Unless your Dyson has some hella exciting attachments, I'd say it's over...

    Megan-I love you shattering pie plates. And making Shawn feel appreciated, and of course, dishes. I'm glad your meal was such a success.

    Dawna-Constant dishes, vacuumed, rearranged and mowed??? With four kids? Are you on crack? WOW! That is incredible!

    Karinda-Feeding everyone is also my least favourite chore. My kids eat opposite foods, but really, have zero interest in eating at all, whereas I love to eat but am so worthless that I either eat a box of grape tomatoes or a soy yogurt once the acid of five boxes of tomatoes per day burns a hole in my tongue. God forbid the refrigerator is barren of open-and-eat food. But I digress. So five loads laundry (is this folded and put away too? Just curious.), shopping, painting, dishes, changed sheets, dealt with painted poopy toddler. Dearest, you need to be sitting poolside with a mint julep. Bra-VO!

  6. Oh and Mesina, if you do perchance fly on over to Oregon for some cake (which I am devouring at alarming rates), may as well grab that family (maybe the Dyson too) because I am never letting you leave. :)

  7. Oh yes, laundry folded and put away too. :)

  8. Tavy and I are kicking some cleaning butt this morning. Dishes done and put away. Kitchen swept and wiped down. Playroom picked up. We're wiping down doors in the upstairs (I just had a moment where I looked at them and was OMG at the grime), and we've been picking up as we go. One load of laundry done, and with this second load, I will be FINALLY caught up on clothes and can start on my poor neglected linens at long last.

  9. Ok, I made up for all my lackluster crap the last couple of weeks. I am trying to be positive and think it will be the return to norm but I'm going back to school for the first time in 8 years so we'll see. This did however meant cleaning yesterday was a MUST

    -Sat the only think I did worth anything in the cleaning realm was taking a bag of clothes for consignment. Oh, and I bought a new broom.

    - Yesterday, I started cleaning at 1pm, with music. Otis Redding, Credence and the Beatles!
    I think I finished around 6. In that time I -

    dusted with a damp rag, put away clothes for swap, refolded messy clothes pile in closet, wiped down old tv and put it back in the closet (it has been there since Oscars), folded and put away laundry from the last couple of weeks, stripped bed, did laundry in the background all day. I think I did 5, maybe 6 loads yesterdsay. I sorted and discarded toys, wiped them down, vacuumed my room (I share with my daughter), took down christmas decorations, made bed, made daughter's bed, vacuumed hallway, made pile of stuff to take to trunk for disposal, took out garbages, condensed recycyling since they were full. Decluttered living room, wiped down TV/VCR/Xbox including cords, moved out couch, vacuumed behind/under/in the cushions of the couch, wiped down wall behind couch with mr eraser, I unloaded/reloaded dishwasher, washed dishes by hand, dropped and bent both my cookies sheets, took Kirkland wipes to front of all cupboards/appliances/inside of microwave. cleared and cleaned dining room table, vacuumed, spot cleaned floor, cut up a fresh pineapple, organized/swept back patio, cleaned shower, toilet, sink and counter, spot cleaned bathroom floor. I feel like maybe I'm forgetting something but maybe not.

    Kids got home from their father's around 7. I made them dinner, made myself a seperate dinner, cleaned kitchen, made food for friends, folded laundry, put kids to bed and finished food for friends. Sat on couch and ate a midnight snack!

    Whew, I'm tired. Have a 3 hour class tonight but kids will be at G's so not much more can be undone before tomorrow night. As I was writing my list however I could only think of all the things still left to to...

    washing knobs/switches, cleaning windows/tracks, taking out recycling, more laundry, my son's room (a black hole), cleaning last dishes, putting away some laundry