Saturday, June 20, 2009

Seriously Saturday!

No mercy bitches, today we're getting it DONE! Mostly because I slept for 18 hours last night/today and all your asses are gonna pay.

In preparation for today's efforts, I have:

-Rotated and completed all laundry (stop bringing it over!).

-Did all dishes, wiped down sink, ran dishwasher.

-Answered seven emails to free up my time in the morning.

-Washed all bedding.

-Fluffed pillows.

-Chilled three water bottles.

-Charging iPod for the windows.

-Cleaned back vanity.

-Ate a donut.

-Thought some bad thoughts, to get them out of the way for my frenzy.

My Saturday, on paper:

If you can deal, like, if you get a blood transfusion from Karinda, give me a run for my money. But if you have a life or whatever, try this:

-Clear off your washing machine and dryer. The only remaining items should be detergent, if you don't have a shelf, fabric softener, etc. Wipe them down.

-Revisit those bathrooms. Wipe down sinks, toilets, empty waste basket, toss the bath mat, sweep the floor, pour Ajax in the tub, leave.

-Change all sheets, make beds (kids help!)

-Ten minute sweep through the house, keep moving!

-Take all garbage out.

-Dust your most neglected area (bookshelf, night stand, computer area, etc.).

-Clear your dining table.

-Sweep your entry way including the porch, including the welcome mat.

-Shake your rugs, wash if you can.

-Last but not least, you thought I forgot, DISHES AND LAUNDRYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who's with me? Who unsubscribed from the blog? Who will send pictures?

We shall see. Happy Saturday!

Update: It seems Sam has caught do-rag fever! I can attest to its success:

In other news, I finally got that mo'fo' junk drawer organized thank you. Without a do-rag even(before):

And after, while the kids and I watched The Fly, and agreed that Jeff Goldblum is repulsive and anyone who digs him should be in a mental hospital:

I also tackled the camera/camcorder/iPod cop-out drawer as a bonus:

After (had to use camera on phone, as my regular card reader is being a motherfucker):

I felt a slight lull sweep through so I asked Reilly to empty this cupboard in such a way as could not be ignored. Now what OCD mind could possibly ignore the screams?

After this, two drawers, one cupboard from HELL, scour the kitchen, windows if it stops raining, errands, including getting some diet Dr. Pepper, fondling my potentially new bed set, looking for a rainbow sham for Reilly, and then home to finish my book and junk a bunch of shit that has no meaning and is taking up space.

More later...there's some tumbleweeds blowing through guys, where you be?

The rain put the kibosh on my window plan, so I decided to clean the entire kitchen with about 7,000 toothpicks. I made good on my cupboard and drawer promises, and then set about to remove every molecule of grime my trusty toothpicks could reach.

Horrid miscellaneous cupboard of doom:

Moment of truth:

Random drawer that tries to get away with smiling and keeping its mouth shut:

Doesn't look better, but it is:

More of the same (oh the dangers of out-of-sight-out-of-mind):


Cleaning under the dishwasher with a toothpick, working my way around the kitchen:

My oven's dirty secrets, revealed:

Scrubbed that grotesque underbelly until it glistened, rearranged pans, wiped everything down, put it all to bed happily:


  1. ok, I'm still rereading ''I slept for 18 hours last night/today'' You did?!?! YOU SLEPT!?!?! Can I hear a Woot woot!!!!?? *happy dance* this alone has made my day.

    Today I am working from 10am-6pm, so there isn't much cleaning that will get done. Since I work weekends and relish the time with my other half my manic days are Mondays, when I attempt to restore the order to what working weekends brings.
    However! As a true and loyal Moxiling (who hasn't unsubscribed and who cannot think of one person who would) I do solemnly swear that I will:
    -Make the beds
    -do a 5 minute job in the bathroom which includes dumping bleach down my toilet while it screams ''Not again you crazy woman!'' I love torture
    -sick Tahira on the dishes
    -spend some quality time with Mr.Dyson, just he and I lovingly vaccuming downstairs.
    After all that I will collapse into the sofa and stare at Maurice in a psychotic way until he makes his way to have a snuggle with me. It's like mind control and if you just stare creepily at someone long enough, they'll do just about anything to get you to stop. Muuuahh ahhhh xxxx

  2. Mesina-Yes I slept, or, more accurately, was comatose, until almost 4pm yesterday and would have slept longer if a friend hadn't texted she was on her way over. With coffee! Some of which I'll use today since last night's sleep was shit, sharing a couch with a nine year old on my back and the fucking tv on all night. Ugh.

    Work work work. Dang. From your pics, either your place picks up with relative ease or you're a sorceress, so either way, I never worry about you.

    I adore "He and I lovingly vacuuming downstairs," though I am one weird sex metaphor away from worrying, lol.

    You're doing fab, one of my star Moxlings, and you know, my all-around favourite.


  3. haha, not to worry, my love affair with Mr.Dyson is purely out of appreciation. You see sharing your life with a Siberian Husky you tend to have a chronic hair problem. My last vaccum couldn't cope, it actually choked on the hair and died, leaving my floors the perfect home for an entire colony of Dust Bunnies.

    Dyson is the only vaccum that can deal with this family.

  4. Reporting for duty! I've been up and cleaning this morning. A little out of character for me yes, but I have company coming. I cleaned the bathroom top to bottom (which was a huge chore), spruced up the kitchen and LR, and now I'm off to tackle laundry and get some breakfast on the table.

    Glad you slept so long. With your minimal sleep requirements that should hold you over for what...4 days?

  5. Mesina-I just love how you refer to your Dyson as a living being.

    Chelsea-Ah! Company coming is the best motivator on the world! Clean bathroom = A+, spruced up kitchen, nice nice, getting some of that laundry off your back, good choice. You're smokin'.

    Re: My sleep. Normally yeah, but I'm working off a two month deficit so now I'm just 7.5 weeks behind, lol.

    Great job!

  6. I can attest to Dyson being an awesome vac for homes with shedding critters!

    But my Dyson didn't come out to play today. Instead, with some help from the cleaning equivalent of a personal trainer and my kids, I (in no particular order):

    -tackled the dirty dishes
    -wiped down the counters, including under all the appliances
    -wiped down all the appliances, large and small
    -swept and spot cleaned the tile
    -made kids' beds
    -stripped my bed and remade with freshly laundered sheets (because I couldn't find our other set. Don't ask. I don't know.)
    -cleared dresser and all other surfaces in master bedroom of clutter
    -collected 15 things to donate to charity (clothes and toys this round)
    -rotated laundry, rotated laundry, rotated laundry (all that is left now is a white load and blankets. Yea!)
    -scoured the master bath. I won't go into detail. It was scary. I'll leave it at that.

    And this all happened because Chey texted me motivation all day!

    Thank you Moxieclean!

  7. Sam-It was definitely a trade off. You motivated me every step of the way so I could think clearly enough to boss you around. You did amazing, my do-rag is off to you. :)