Friday, June 19, 2009

Free-for-all Friday

My mind is barren of motivational witticisms this morning, so I'm counting on my Moxlings to take the reigns and dazzle me with self-imposed tasks.

This morning, while contemplating the universe, or at least my universe, I:

-Wiped down kitchen.

-Made protein shake, took meds, knocked over hand mixer loudly three times.

-Straightened patio following the impromptu BBQ Todd had last night.

-Started laundry, having been 100% caught up yesterday.

-De-cluttered counter.

-Made kids' chore lists.

-Wiped a few surfaces while staggering to and fro.


-Create your own lists, and let me know what you did. I'm always surprised at how much you all get done whilst claiming to detest cleaning, and I'm curious as to what you'll accomplish on your own.

Mesina, your blog was awesome, and I was not surprised. For those who missed it, check out this link:

Let's see if you've got the Moxie to tackle those loathsome chores, and tell us what you did.

Emily, I'm dying to see Part 2 of your frenzy. I may stand across the street, behind that drug car, with binoculars, but then again, now may not be the time for that. (Was that a rabbit I just saw scamper across the road?)

Jacob-Enthrall us.

Megan-You always do more than you think you will.

Bethany-You've been on a serious roll.

Gail-Your superhero should be Dustbuster. Was your mom's flight on time?

Sam-I want you to curl up with your coffee and read. That is an order soldier.

The rest of you, show me what you've got. And hurry up with those pictures!

I hope to post my victories later, if my card reader stops being a total douche bag.

Get on it!


  1. mom arrived right on time, but her bag didn't. we went back and got it later so all is well. no cleaning for me today! ok, there are a few dishes, but after the past few days i am ready to take one off.

  2. I love that you posted earlier today -- so motivating. I have pounds upon pounds of strawberries to tackle and mountain of laundry to climb. Thanks for the inspiration to get off my butt and do something.


  3. Well, today was spent in town again for top secret supplies! (if I induldge I'll have to send out assassins to kill you I'd do the dirty work myself, eww!)I then got lunch for Maurice and I and took it to him to eat with him at the park, we had some laughs today.

    So today I have managed to:
    -Make our bed
    -Sweep up more puppy confetti
    -glare at the mess in my kitchen, you saw the pics it was gorgeous! Now...there are dishes. They dared eat?!?! Blast them all to heck!
    -look in my laundry bin to see how the newly born litter of dirty clothes was doing.

    And that's it...the house wasn't too messy since I did a lot yesterday and no one has really been home much today. Tonight we are off to see a film and the weekend brings work...uggh.
    Glad you liked the blog entry, all in your honor girl. xxx

  4. With a toddler, er, I mean puppy, in the house, there will be no sitting and reading all day.

    Seriously, I have to catch the laundry before it runs out of the garage on it's own. And I'll tidy up the kitchen. And perhaps clean off my desk. And avoid calling the funeral home to make arrangements. I really really really don't want to make that call. But I really really really have to. :(

    Send me some emotional strength, would you?

  5. Amy-Are you the Depoe Bay Amy who wrote me? In any event, strawberries and laundry is a lot to get done, good plan!

    Mesina-I can no longer be unbiased. You are too motherfucking hilarious. I don't how care how you live, in rubbish, in dog pee, rags for clothes. Just keep posting!

    Sam Sam Sam-What can I say? Want to come here to make the calls? Tell me how I can help. Please remember that doing so doesn't mean anything except you're prepared. I will gladly assist in any way I can. I am sending you all the strength I have that I'm not sing to hold my own sniper rifle on the roof, lol.

    So much love to you. <3

  6. Nope, I am the Amy who lives in Dallas, OR. I read your blog religiously, and wish I followed your directions (or directives) with the same fervor.


  7. As I'm finally recovering from death, I have busily been reclaiming my house from the @#*%*@s, I mean children, who destroy it EVERY time I get ill, no matter how much they KNOW I detest clutter and filth. Argh!
    Moving on....
    -Bed Made
    -Bedroom Cleaned Up
    -Bedroom Vacuumed
    -Entryway picked up & vacuumed
    -Breakfast & Lunch both made by a real live mom who didn't lay in bed coughing and uttering, I don't care, go make a sandwich, eat some chips or dry cereal....
    -Got new bed for toddler to sleep in his own room more often to allow for a little more sanity in life.
    -Cleaned toddler room
    -Cleaned out, scrubbed, organized fridge
    -Scrubbed Microwave
    -Dishes Done
    -Laundry Put Away (1 or 2 more loads to wash)
    -Picked up living room, organized
    -Cleaned Kitchen Table/Chairs
    -Cleaned Stovetop, Kitchen Counters
    -Bathed a toddler twice (pooped in tub on 1st try)
    -Took out Recycling

    and there is so much more to do. Yet, I'm ready to lay in bed watching tv on computer for the rest of the day cuz that's honestly how I feel now.

  8. Today was a monstrous day. I did manage a small bit of housework but not even a bare minimum, really. The dishes are still taunting me but I've got bigger fish to fry, like not running away forever.

    Today sucks.

  9. I did the basic maintenance stuff as usual... I was mostly out and about today looking for cupcake making supplies for the fabulous Darbarella, shopping at rummage sales, and having lunch with Jen. This morning I went into the garage with the intention of doing a ten minute desperate "do what you can to minimize this horrendous embarrassment of a garage before tonight when the people are coming to buy some of the furniture you posted on craigslist, lest they think you are a disgusting, warthog faced, pig man" and that turned into an hour and a half...granted it still looks like a garage full of crap, but now it looks somewhat organized, a lot more spacious, and much cleaner (there was so much sawdust on EVERYTHING).

    That was my day...(pats self on back) =)

  10. Mama Nirvana-Welcome! I'm still flattered that people are reading this rag, but I'm so glad they are. Can't wait to hear more from you.

    Karinda-Good Christ lady you need meds! Do you know you're pregnant? Do you know I slept until 3:48pm, so I have to hate you on principle? This is nesting on steroids, but damn biotch, I'm proud! You are my hero today.

  11. Cheyenne,

    Since last post I have:
    -painted some more of the desk
    -cleaned out the vacuum
    -vacuumed the rest of the house
    -made 2 meals
    -done dishes (again)
    -cleaned entertainment center

    ...and my therapist agrees with you, she politely mentioned during our last visit that some anxiety meds are ok during pregnancy. LMAO!

  12. Jacob-"lest they think you are a disgusting, warthog faced, pig man" made me pee and I wish I was kidding. I don't think the ten minute, or half hour rule applies to you. You're such a picky bitch. You'd a) care what some craiglist bastard thinks of your garage, b) clean it from top to bottom, install a chandelier, and c) arrange the sawdust into a beautiful mosaic depicting poppies, because you stained the wood with pomegranate juice. I love you.

    Karinda-Are you familiar with mania? But really, I'm not complaining. *You've* inspired *me.* (Standing ovation.)