Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday

So Moxie abandoned her illness, er, fervor, in favour of sitting on the patio all day with Sam and I make no apologies for this. It may not have done a damned thing for my insidious dust (great phrase Gail--I'm stealing it), but it cleaned up my mind, and my soul, as only Sam can do.

Then I walked inside after they left and could feel bits of string and loose carpet fibers jumping at my feet like fleas and rued the day I ever slacked on my duties. Dammit. She even noticed that there were more than four dishes in my sink, though I had the sink sparkling naked when she arrived, so we quickly deduced Todd was the culprit. (I hate that people continue to eat after I clean the sink.)

But I did get a lot done, not to worry.

And today, as I sat down to read my emails, and drink my protein shake, I saw an email from Mesina that she was going to call circa 8 o'clock my time, and it was like 8:11, so I hustled to find the phone, and a calm befell me that only comes from her, but thinking of my Moxlings, I did the following as we chatted:

-Shook out bath mats in both bathrooms, swept floors.

-Wiped down counter.

-Folded and put away six loads of laundry. (Seriously, are you guys dropping your laundry off here? We never have this much!) This was especially fun since I had to bend my neck to keep the phone battery from falling off.

-Organized laundry room.

-Swept kitchen.

-Cleaned keyboard.

-Made the kids' chore lists.

-Sneered at the hanging laundry. It pisses me off. I am perpetually out of hangers. (In case you haven't figured it out, I am perpetually buying new clothes.)


-Deny entire household use of any and all dishes.

-Derive excessive bliss from the kids' chores getting done.

-Take no prisoners in the kitchen, specifically the drawers, who lack the decency to have any rhyme or reason whatsoever. Out of sight out of mind no longer works for me.

-Organize my hillbilly back porch or die trying. I tried making excuses for it the other day when Emily came over and she didn't even try to say, "No, it's fine, I didn't even notice," lol. It's one of the scenes cut from Deliverance, I'm not kidding. Why is it like this? Oh because my obsession is inside the house, the rest is up to Todd. Except my car, which is vacuumed weekly and immaculate, and has a change of clothes, lots of Ramen, Febreze, lotion, everything you need. But yeah, Todd has no problem cutting down a cardboard box and making it an umbrella holder. So I strategically choose my moments, based upon which makeshift shit is bothering me the most, and call him from Pier 1 to say, "Hey you know (super casual), I found this umbrella holder for only $49.99..." If I'm lucky he's playing guitar and agrees to getting it. So between that, fifteen bags of bottles and cans, and some horrid buffet of cat food made out of errant buckets and grotesque containers, water noodles, wooden rifles, the glass recycle box, the ugliest yellow bucket from his mom's era (she's 81) for some old laundry detergent, in which he keeps his gardening gloves, hoes, whatever, I detest this porch. I asked him to buy bins yesterday so I could organized it neatly and he reacted as though I asked to buy fur lining for the sink. So, I'm on my own.

-Shower before six o'clock.

-Put all my clothes away.


-Go ballistic on the basics.

-Gut one drawer or cupboard completely, and organize. Hopefully the urge will spread.

-Dust your computer desk and throw away bits of shit. Extra points for crawling underneath and wiping down cords.

-Throw away five things from the refrigerator.

-Throw away ten things from anywhere else.

-If your kids are old enough, get them focused on floors. Also, making their beds.

-Take a damp rag and set your timer for ten minutes, see what you can do.

-Vacuum/Swiff if you need to.

-Sweep front porch and entryway.

-I'll stop, that's a lot. But it's cool today for us Oregonians, so there's no reason we can't do this.

Pictures pictures pictures! And Mesina, if Maurice will buy you a dryer he can buy you a car! :)


  1. Where did you find that photo of my uncle?

  2. insidious is the perfect word. what else could explain how i already see a layer of dust on my floor when i busted my ass to clean it yesterday? grrr. got the bathrooms cleaned today. wish they could just shine like that permanently.

  3. Megan-It's my uncle too, what does that make us???

    Gail-I don't know but I'm going to sweep it into a pile and ask you about it later, lol. :)

  4. Well!! Just for you I've posted on my blog pictures of my embarrassing mess in the house today just to show you how well you motivate. See I listen! Our chat was great, thanks so much. Enjoy the post!! ♥

  5. Ok, I'm not even sure I can remember everything I did because I was working like I was on speed.

    Organized every single cupboard in the kitchen
    Wiped down every surface in every cupboard
    Filled garbage can full of spices and stuff I don't need anymore
    Washed fish bowl
    Cleaned over-sink window
    Washed the sink with bleach and then some comet
    Cleaned around faucet and edge of sink with a toothbrush
    Scrubbed back splash grout with a bleachy toothbrush
    Polished garbage can, faucet and all shiny knobs
    Sprayed oven cleaner in oven to get that going
    Washed all drip pans on stove
    Lifted stove top and scrubbed underneath with a magic eraser plus a toothbrush
    Vaccuumed out all crumbs in stove (and in the under oven shelf)
    Cleaned microwave
    Cleaned under the microwave
    Swiffered kitchen floor
    Will soon mop kitchen floor
    Washed bed sheets
    2 loads of dishes

    Tomorrow is the living room, entry, spare room, hall closet, bathroom and master bedroom