Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wishful Wednesday

I'm tired. Enough so that the coffee maker is batting its eyelashes at me and I'm almost tempted. My antidote is to crank up the obnoxious music, survey the house, and get all North Korea on its ass.

So far, in slow motion, I have:

-Wiped down the kitchen.

-Made my protein shake (cheers Karinda)

-Swept the welcome mat.

-Made my bed.

-Rejoiced (read: yawned) that the laundry sorter is empty.


Well nevermind, the card reader is being a bitch.

-Fold three baskets of laundry.

-Wash four dishes so as to revel in my newly bleached sinks.

-Finally, no I mean finally, tackle the hidden chaos lurking in the drawers and cupboards in my kitchen. Spices and birthday should not cohabitate.

-Magically will five extra white hangers to appear so as to hang my clothes.

-De-clutter computer area again.

-Persuade Todd to clean up his nests of paperwork on top of the microwave and in the guest bathroom, as well as the baby nest taking shape over by the shredder he thinks I won't notice. My leverage is that if he doesn't do it I will. Hello garbage can, open wide!

-Mourn the comforter I just bought and see if I can scheme a way to get the one I really want. And after that I will want another one...

-Finish a HORRENDOUS online form that needed to be done a month ago but gives me paralysis whenever I sit down.

-Make a very uncomfortable phone call at noon.

-Pull the couches and chairs out for when Quinn vacuums.

-Wipe down washer and dryer. They deserve it after how hard they've worked.

-General dusting.

-Throw away ten things (or give away, while the kids aren't looking).

-Add to my bag of swap stuff, which I'm hoping will result in more hangers.

-That's about it.

YOUR WEDNESDAY: (In pictures if anyone would ever post them.)


-Wipe your kitchen down, put food away, strip those counters down as naked as they can get.

-Make the kitchen floor pretty, even if it means using a wet rag and your foot.

-Change sheets, and make all beds (have kids help if they can).

-Remove unnecessary crap off of your refrigerator.

-De-clutter the largest area of your house.

-Psych yourself into believing that your boss just called in and will be there in ten minutes and wipe/spiff/tidy everything you wouldn't want him/her to see.

-Get in your drawers (interpret however you will).

-Stop pretending that that sprawling mass of shit is just a pile of mail and be rid of it.

-You're done! Can't wait to hear your success stories, usually wholly unrelated to my list, but I don't care, I just like to hear what you're all up to.


  1. As I mentioned last night I think I'll be happy if I get some laundry washed/dried and my kids fed.

    I spent 5 hours on my feet at the mission today feeding 100+ people. My footsies are SORE!

  2. didn't do anything today but shower and sleep, but DID get everything and then some from yesterdays list done!

  3. 3 loads of laundry folded. 2 loads run (need to go fold the next one soon). Some handwash done. A trp to goodwill getting rid of 3 bags of clothes, a box of books, and a play kitchen the kids never played with. :)

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  5. Jennifer-Good job with community service, you deserve a restful evening, just make sure if you decide to vacuum you do it before 10 o'clock damn!

    Debe-See? The whole point of maintenance is that you can slack once in a while and still feel the previous days' efforts holding. It's working!

    Kandrinchae-Are you a new poster? I thought this was Karinda at first. Sounds like you're kicking some laundry ass, and extra points for handwashing, which I loathe (because you have to rinse forever), and I could feel tension fading from my body as I read your list of Goodwill drop-offs. Bye bye play kitchen! Welcome. :)

  6. Wish I could indulge you with pictures but it's a good day when my own children get their picture taken, a great day when I take photos of plants or other projects, but if I start taking photos of my cleaning I probably have too much time on my hands.

  7. Well it's thursday for me, man I am seriously going to wait till you post for Thursday and post what I did then! hehe

    Yesterday I finished up the chores around the house before dinner. Am losing my afternoon's though as I am making sooooo many car trips to collect children and my man it's doing my head in!

    FYI - I colored my hair a color called Black Cherry - It's dark with a deep red color, really pretty actually! It's just a semi so it will wash out eventually. Next time I will go vibrant red!! WHOA MAMA!

    I will make it my goal to post pics for you, since you are so curious as to our little Moxie palaces!

    As we speak my sinks are bleaching! It smells like heaven in the to sort it! Will post my day today later when you post thursday! I can't stand posting a day ahead...or behind...or whatever.