Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Winging it Wednesday

Recent comments have me wondering if I am any use to you guys whatsoever, so I want to open the floor to anyone who has ideas or suggestions, or scathing words that will make me cry, in hopes of making the blog all it can be. Most of you I know, and I know that perfection, cleaning 20 hours a day isn't possible nor enticing in any way, and that you just need motivation to keeps things below a 5. (On a scale of 1-10, a 1 is a sparkling wonderland, ad 10 needs kerosene and a match.) It looks as though, whichever chores you tackle, just writing it out helps motivate, that everyone can see and validate that you're not the lizard you think you are (I <3 you Megan).

So let's hear these ideas. I try to envision an average house, and keep a little action going in each quadrant each day so no one place becomes insurmountable. Frankly, I cold not function/live/breathe saving my bathrooms for one particular day, nor kitchen, etc., but if that appeals to you guys, I can try to modify.

But seriously, please just tell me it's working great. :)

Okay this morning, I:

-Made my protein shake/took meds.

-Ran the frou frou bath mats on an extra rinse cycle.

-Wiped own kitchen.

-Wondered how we can be Old Mother Hubbard and have food bursting from our cupboards at the same time.

-Made a bed.

-Eyed the donuts but resisted.

-Made the kids' chore lists. I do not expect my kids to be my neurotic minions, btw, nor do I want OCD anywhere near their lives, but they live here too and I do believe in everyone pitching in. They are very much still children. :)

-Sneered at some paperwork.


If my secret Wednesday Wish falls through, today I will:

-Scrub the bathroom walls a second time. That Mr. Magic sponge got a little threadbare.

-Mop bathroom floors.

-De-clutter counter top and living room.

-Wiped own toilets.

-Scrub out shower.

-Pay some attention to the master bedroom.

-Fold a load of laundry.

-Contemplate whether or not dust is considered to be plagues and/or pestilence.

-Wonder if I should clean with North Korea gearing up for an attack. Hell yes! That's my only coping skill!

-Vacuum my car.


-Dishes dishes laundry laundry.

-Set your timer and spend ten minutes in each room, going as fast as you can. I suggest holding off on dishes and laundry until you've gathered everything from all the rooms.

-As you finish the dishes and are wiping the counters down and sweeping/Swiffering the floor, give the cupboard faces a once-over, yea!

-Get things off the floor.

-That's it, I'm going way easy on you guys today. Get your do-rag on and you guys can crank this out in under an hour.

-Don't forget to post and bask in the glory of your success.

Today's song: How Bizarre by OTC!


  1. Since I'm still seeking my motivation for today I will post my achievements from yesterday.
    Yesterday I:
    -picked up all the toys in the upstairs living room
    -vacuumed upstairs living room
    -shampooed upstairs living room carpet
    -did some laundry
    -changed the baby's bed
    -did the dishes
    -cleaned up the toys in the backyard
    -mowed the backyard
    -cleaned up the deck . . .
    I think that about covers it. We shall see what today brings.

  2. I don't feel like I did anything yesterday but I did a lot it's just hard to see.

    Washed and folded 4 loads of laundry, put them all away too. Makes me think that if I've got this much in my drawers, this much dirty, and a basket or two that are clean and unfolded then we have waaaaay too much clothing. Time to declutter for the swap!


    dishes with a sinkful of dinner dishes too go. I was too hot after making dinner to do anything but eat icecream.

    Did grocery shopping and delivery for a friend in need.

    and of course the obligatory nursing 12 times a day and broke up fights at least that many times.

    Today I'm determined to finish those dishes, finish folding the laundry that is waiting and finish the cycles of the stuff I started last night (including hanging them on the drying rack outside), vacuum again as I do it twice a day, clean the toilets and sinks in the bathroom, and get the cob web I saw in the living room.

  3. I think you are an amazing motivator! I think you have something for everyone. Until coming here I hadn't thought of the 'speed' at which I was moving played an important part in my routine, but IT DOES!

    I was ho humming through cleaning a room, only to turn and see past cleaned room destroyed as I worked. Those little sticky creatures (I'm referring to my precious children) can move like lightening. And I see that a little music and some speed of my own (not the pills folks, real movement here)...can help me get more done and the kids enjoy seeing me jump around. It's more of a hop due to my heavy Milk Makers..I haven't gotten both feet off the ground at the same time for months. (this is a lie, but I'll keep that version G rated)

    I think udder disdain over my own lack of self-motivation requires that I check on here multiple times a day... PLEASE keep it going!

    A 'wash sheets' day would be a joke in my house..ummmm, I have 2 loads of cloth diapers a day, and 6 sets of bedding (1 is a king, 2 are queen) and only one washing machine. Hmmm, if you add up how long a hot sanitary load takes..we'd be better off naked and wearing those sheets as clothes in their off time.

    Amy L.
    Depoe Bay

  4. I love you. I love your blog. You ROCK.

    My new depression buster is "What would Moxie Clean?" Last week, I had a major case of the blues, and in the last few days, I've turned it around again. I feel awesome when I am productive and horrid when I am on the internet too much.

    This morning, while waiting for my mother to wake up (!!! So happy she is here!!!), I:
    Touched up the kitchen
    Did Laundry
    Cleaned out my closet of winter clothes and a big pile to swap. What a relief. I feel so much lighter.
    Cleaned out DH's winter clothes.
    Helped Tavy sort the towels.

    I'm hoping to get the vacuuming done today and get my slipcovers put back up.

    Since you asked, it would be helpful for me if you had ONE task that was the #1 priority for the day (in addition to the basics), then a list of extra credit possibilities. However, this is your blog, and you rock so much. Thank you for the bottom of my heart. I think I'd be sliding back further without you.

  5. You do a fabulous job of making the challenges just general enough to fit nearly everyone, and still specific enough to motivate those of us who can't think their way through the task.

    I don't post often, but I always read your blog. Every day!

    I'll get back to work and start posting more often. Promise!


  6. growing up, my chore was to clean all three bathrooms on saturday full of piss from my stupid brothers(as well as daily dishes, but that's no thang). to this day i will not touch a bathroom on a motherfucking saturday. ever.

    days devoted to one specific room/task is for the birds! i'm all about doing a little of everything every day rather than having everything pile up and spending a single day on the kitchen, bathroom, etc.

    today i have:

    made waffles for my dudes
    cleaned the bathroom
    mopped the floors
    chiseled away at the 8 inches of dust on the tv

    what i am going to do:
    put together something edible for dinner
    organize the crap on the desk

  7. I, your ever faithful Moxiling, read your blog everyday and there isn't really anything I would change, you do it for me woman!
    I don't tend to do your challenge list since, well I am 8 hours ahead and by the time you are posting your morning entry I have already done most of my chores around the house. Hence why my list isn't really similar to yours. I will however say, that reading your challenge list always gives me ideas I wouldn't normally think of myself. It's motivating, inspiring and it's been doing a damn good job at keeping my house much cleaner. I LOVE YOU!!!
    Today I:
    -Made beds
    -Cleaned my bedroom of all crap on floor, including dirty laundry that mounted up and puppy confetti. (she's still ripping paper up to little bits *sigh*)as well as dusted and general tidying
    -Cleaned the kitchen - dishes, wipe counters, clear crap-ola
    -cleaned up the bathroom quickly, tomorrow it gets a scrub.
    -Cleaned my en-suite
    -did a load of laundry
    -picked up a few bits from livingroom floor
    -Walked my dog for half an hour enjoying music and sunshine
    I did also promise pictures of me in my American Do-Rag, so here they are as promised (brace yourself) Cos when the dirt gets tough baby, I go All-American on it's Ass!:

    If your screen didn't break, your monitor is better than mine ♥

  8. I guess my room a day way isn't for everyone! But seriously, just because I have designated days doesn't mean I neglect those rooms the rest of the week. I still sweep (wood floors) the living room and pick up everything daily. I still swish the toilet and wipe the sink and counters when they look yucky. I still do dishes and wipe all counters every day. The designated days are for deeper cleaning.

    Messes don't threaten to jump out and strangle me like they do to you, so I have to have reminders. That's what having designated days does for me.

  9. I'm waiting for Shawn to get home because Ivy is clingy today. I've done dishes but had to do them in 4 parts because of Ivy. I'd set her up with something but as soon as I'd touch the dishes she'd start to wail. I'd wash as many as I could until she really got upset then I'd have to quit and get her.

    I'm forgoing a much needed haircut so I can finish up my list tonight.

    I've also been cracking the whip on the children or rather threatening to box up any toys that are out of place in their room.

  10. Dawna-Today should bring a nap, you did enough yesterday that even I am resting.

    Megan-De-cluttering = GOOD! Nursing 12 times = EXHAUSTING! Cob web = PLEASE SAY YOU GOT IT!

    Amy-It is with ever ounce of self-restraint I have that I ignore the heavy innuendo and hit the sheets instead (hee hee)! So, are your sheets somehow thicker or woolen or something? You can do a king set in one load, two queens in another load, and the rest in a third load = DONE! One day. :)

    Bethany-My new depression buster is "What Does Bethany Have to Drink?" Thanks for the kind words, and in advance for something very potent, okay?

    Oh I see, you want a challenge, as opposed to a guideline. Yes, I can do that. :)

    Sam-I just love your libran duality of designing grids for the fucking Pentagon but not being able to figure out which room to clean first, lol. Chick, you of all people need the MUSIC!

    Debe-Okay, maybe not on my gravestone, but somewhere very important, and indelible, I want these words etched: "growing up, my chore was to clean all three bathrooms on saturday full of piss from my stupid brothers (as well as daily dishes, but that's no thang). to this day i will not touch a bathroom on a motherfucking saturday. ever." I laughed so f-ing hard. Then I realized you made that heinous smoothie for Sorren and decided I totally love you. Stupid brother piss is the best/worst. Why do you have so much energy? Anyway, awesome awesome awesome.

    Mesina-Damn, you did all that with Willow? Was she wearing a do-rag too? I loved the pics, going to take free license in using them however I wish. You always amaze.

    Laura-It's cool yo. Everyone does or doesn't do it in different ways. I can only speak to my need to have every surface and dish and crumb and whatnot taken care of before I can sit. But, most of my friends have less free time, more babies, the *right* amounts of serotonin and dopamine in their heads, so they don't care about every little thing, they just don't want that day to come where every nucleus of space is filthy. Do what works, and show us your do-rag.

  11. Hey! So far today I have accomplished:
    -ran a couple errands
    -meds (not as simple as it seems)
    -rotated laundry
    -watered tomatoes
    -bathed tiny dog
    -kids cleaned living room
    -kids cleaned their room
    -kids cleaned the back seat of the car
    -vacuumed living room, hall and numerous dust cats (ours our made of cat hair, not bunny hair)
    -washed and gorged on beautiful strawberries from Gardenripe
    -rotated laundry
    -fixed quesadillas to stave off the ravenous kids
    -fixing dinner right now.

  12. LMAO! "Ours our"

    Our dust cats ARE made of cat hair...

  13. Sam-You rocked my socks but you do NOT get credit for eating strawberries. Sorry. Demerit! I'll let the our/are FIASCO slide because I was an absolute maggot today who just now got out of the shower. Otherwise, A+ Sgt.!

  14. I should get credit for the strawberries! Do you know what kind of mess super-ripe strawberries make? ; )

    As for the shower, I don't want to hear it. I have a ponytail today.

    And, since my last post I have
    -rotated laundry again
    -finished making dinner (including fresh greens from Gardenripe!)
    -kids helped Gramma disassemble, clean and reassemble our box fan
    -refereed doggie wars over the kale and swiss chard stems, which resulted in shredded greens strewn over the kitchen floor. So, now I get to go clean up that mess.

    And I have ironing to do yet tonight. Must be done tonight.

    I think I did alright today. Even with a nasty tension headache and a bitch of a mood.

  15. ROFL! Thank you. Your appreciation of my work makes it all worth it. Unfortunately, nap I did not today. :-( Instead I:

    -Changed my bed
    -picked up things in and vacuumed my bedroom.
    -dishes (of course)
    -laundry (also of course)
    -vacuumed the girls room
    -vacuumed the downstairs livingroom
    -scrubbed wayward ink off of the dining room table
    -cleaned up puppy poo several times....(why did I think I could deal with a puppy. . .)
    -took the kids to the library (this is not a cleaning task but it did take up a chunk of my day.)
    -washed my children
    -cleaned the downstairs toilet, sink, mirror, and cabinets while my kids were in the tub

  16. I take great glory in the HONEY FREE zone now. It's a LONG Facebook story.

    And Cheyenne, I only listed a few of the beds.. there are three more I didn't list, and the fourth is the baby's crib..but plllease, she never sleeps in there.

    I just wanted to add, that I do have catagorized days for things (it's ok Laura), just NOT the laundry/sheets. I actually have a framed list that needs to be updated. I FRAMED a list! Ugh, I need to go to bed now.

    I am making my list and I will not lose it. I will be back.

    Amy from Depoe Bay

  17. Ok, I guess I don't HAVE to wash the BIG top blankets, but it seems like everytime I go in their rooms, I see that top sheet hanging off the bed, and they are all sweaty and curled up in the comforter. Why do I even bother with a top sheet?

    Seriously going to turn off the computer now.


  18. I haven't done much cleaning these last couple of days, I have to admit. Between scone orders, laziness, and the near heat stroke of having the house at actual room temperature, it has been hard to find the motivation. Granted I haven't let anything really slide, per se...but you know, I certainly haven't pushed. Earlier this week I did tackle the polishing of our hardwood floors with a little too much enthusiasm, and can now honestly say that they are squeaky clean ("squeak squeak squeak" my shoes seem to say as I walk down the hallway) it's like living in a bowling alley. Unlike other cleaning products, apparently, when it comes to hardwood polish, less is more... go figure. But they do have as much gleam as our sad little floors can at least there is that.

    I do read your blog every day, though I always make a list of my own. Not because your lists are not perfectly appropriate and thorough, but because, one, I am a control freak, and two, your lists are designed to keep our houses from feeling insurmountable, and my house really never feels that way. I think, realistically, our house is probably always at about a 3. Not quite museum quality clean, but you know, enough to live comfortably, and without shame. Enough where I don't feel I have to clean before company comes over, or break out into cold sweats and palpitations when someone asks if they can use my bathroom. But, like you say, I have no children, big or small, and only one three and a half pound little chihuahua to contend with. So I think, all in all, I am a special case.

  19. Sam-Um, okay, that' like saying, "Do you know what a mess it is to roll in a pile of money?" But okay okay, the ponytail wins. I relent.

    Dawna-Wow. Jesus. I am so impressed, I must find a way to get back on coffee...I love killing two birds with one stone by cleaning the bathroom while the kids are in the tub.

    Amy-If thehoney incident was long enough to warrant an actual story, I'd best not hear it, lol. As for the bedding, you should co-sleep. :)

    Jacob-Yes, I know. The blog is for those who need it, and you don't need it because you're busy painting stripes and arrows on your hallway and selecting only the finest pins for your guests' bowling pleasure. I have my own list too, and as you said, this is to help our less liberated friends keep the chaos to a minimum. I have bowling shoes, btw.

  20. when i moved to oregon last year we stayed with my parents. a week or so after our arrival my dad told me i needed to help out around the house and my chore was the bathrooms. we moved a week later.

    i really don't have energy, to be honest. if the house gets out of control i whine until kris decides to put me out of my misery. lately our has has been super uber clean, thanks to our landlords being over daily to show it to prospective renters. they haven't been over in 2 days and now i'm paying for it. usually i do my cleaning while sorren is asleep, or if it's really bad, i put him in his highchair and keep feeding him while i finish my shit. if he whines to get out, i just shove more food on his tray and keep going. i probably shouldn't say that, but i am trusting you wont turn me in to CPS for going all foie gras on my kid for the sake of cleaning.