Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thinking About Thursday

The forecast calls for very low motivation today, so let's make the most of the amount of times we walk across the house, stand at the sink, and get that rare burst of energy.

This morning, in a dreamworld haze, I:

-Made two beds.

-Swept bathroom.

-Swept laundry room.

-Swept kitchen.

-Made protein shake/took meds.

-Made kids' chore lists.

-Was all, "(Deep guttural sound of disdain)" because as the computer was firing up, and I was making my breakfast, Todd swooped in like a pelican to do all his books even though everyone knows whomsoever turns the computer on gets the first turn. Hence, I am 755 hours late in posting.

-Rotated laundry.

-Organized clothes into groups on street corners with signs that say "Will work for hangers."

-Folded all throw blankets onto the papasan chair in which they reside, straightened it, and cleaned the floor underneath.

I plan to be gone most of today, but I'm going to set my timer and my mind to:

-Vacuum my car (the one thing I didn't do yesterday because I uncharacteristically didn't go anywhere), while still sporting my ponytail, an homage to Sam.

-Fold the laundry.

-Set the timer for five minutes and do a cob web check.

-Scoff at my fancy-ass bath mats which spend 15 days per month dry and useful and the other 15 wet and an eyesore. Currently they are the latter, sprawled out under the A/C, plus a fan, what more do they need? A massage? A drink? Jesus, DRY ALREADY!

-Round up clothes to take to Emily.

-Sweep back porch.

-A good once-over so I can leave with no guilt. Things are pretty clean here.

FOR MY MOXLINGS (sinister laugh):

-D & L to the extreme.

-Eat strawberries until you're sick.

-Lie in the sun, brown, turn...oh wait, this is Sam's list!

-Okay, don't let the kitchen intimidate you another second. You've had your coffee (and your lunch because Todd is a pelican), so crank up some OTC and put that kitchen in its place.

-First get that washing machine going, and keep it going, until your bins are empty.

-Wash all mirrors and at least five windows, inside and out. Sam, Megan, I'm picturing your big picture windows in your living rooms.

-Walk through your house and throw ten things STRAIGHT INTO THE GARBAGE!

-Sweep your walkway.

-Pay some attention to your entryway. Sweep, straighten, fold blankets, put toys in tubs, shoes on racks, etc.

-Choose between a general ten minute dusting of the house or five specific areas, like a crusty old bookshelf that is so corroded it should be a mystery stairwell on Masterpiece Theatre or something. Knick knacks suck and are the perfect thing to avoid, except I won't let you. I have to pay the price for my Willow Tree collection, and so do you. I recommend a damp rag, but a Swiffer duster works well too, though I loathe feather dusters.

-Assign each of your able-bodied children three chores that matter. "Think happy thoughts," or "Tell your sister you love her" isn't going to do jack shit in your house, so get them folding, straightening, or, if you can, GETTING RID OF!

-Sweep/vacuum if Ivy (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) lets you.

And just for Bethany, THE MOXIE MANDATE!

Today you have three options:

-Clean your door and window and immediate entry area with Mr. Magic and Windex and a broom...

-Get every single item off the living room floor and sweep and apply whatever wooden floor treatment you use. This means moving couches and chairs chick, are you loving this challenge?

-Scrub down Tavy's highchair and your dining room table, with will undoubtedly beget an unconscious flurry of sweeping the floor and such as well.

The two latter tasks involve picking up books, so be prepared to put those away.

If you're manic (I don't feel mania in the air) do them all. Otherwise, tell me to suck it and do what you do.

Can't wait to hear. :)


  1. Alright, well, it's been an exceptionally productive morning for me so far; considering that I usually don't even get started until about now. . .
    So far I have:

    -packed 2-1/2 bags of four (we're leaving this afternoon)
    -unloaded/reloaded the dishwasher
    -started working on the laundry
    -washed the dog. . .(FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I WOULD GIVE ANYTHING TO RID HER OF THE SMELL SHE'S TAKEN ON...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!)

    I know this is early, but, everyone have a great weekend! I'm off to pack lunch and finish packing the bags and then we're off!

  2. I'm imagine Todd like the pelicans in Nemo "Mine, mine, mine...."

  3. Dawna-That's awesome. Pets suck.

    Megan-I'll tell you later what happened as a result of laughing at your post...

  4. Hey! Lying in the sun eating strawberries sounds fabulous! ; )

    I'm just getting started, so will post later!

  5. I haz exactly 0 I'm one sad panda :(

    However! Today I have *drumroll*:
    -Done some laundry! there is still some to finish tomorrow since I got interuptted. (see below)
    -Went to lunch with my honeybuns!
    -Did some grocery shopping on a serious budget. Omg that sucked big time
    -Took the kids to the after school coffee on the porch (they do this every thursday)
    -Made dinner and afterwards walked the dog for 45 minutes.
    -Somewhere I also did light kitchen cleaning, I think it was this morning? *scratches head*
    Now I'm showered and chilling for the evening. Tomorrow I finish off all the laundry and entertain a friend in the morning/afternoon who's coming for lunch and coffee. xx

  6. So, today:
    -hosted a visit from the medical supply company driver, an LMT, the RN, and the respiratory therapist
    -went to the bank (what a sad chore that is)
    -built a new dog gate from scraps lying around (feeling like I live in Arkansas)
    -made beds
    -had kids straighten living room and help in kitchen
    -played with the new chihuahua
    -contemplating doing some laundry.

    I'm not good at assigned tasks apparently. But I still need Moxie Motivation!!


  7. -ate one container of strawberries
    -mowed ENTIRE lawn
    -planted a few new plants
    -harvested more peas
    -5 hours calling & e-mailing clients, paperwork, filing
    -trip to grocery store
    -counseling appt (drug referral...apparently the anxiety/ocd aren't going away)
    -one load of dishes
    -folded & put away all laundry
    -balanced checkbook, budget

  8. Okay, so technically it's Friday but due to the pools of toddler pee that I was swimming in about an hour ago I thought that I would do another load of laundry in the middle of the night, spray down my mattress and make the bed again.
    As I clean between midnight and 1 am and contemplate how insane this is, I realize that the only thing that would make it MORE insane is to actually give Cheyenne a picture as she has been asking for them regularly.
    This is a link to a pic of my bed getting made in the middle of the night with a toddler asleep at the foot of the bed in a fresh diaper & jami's all wrapped up in my quilt and comforter.

  9. Sam-This strawberry thing is becoming a pandemic. You must cease and desist referencing them on a blog dedicated to the drudgery and tedium (or in my case thrill) of cleaning. Kapeisch?

    But in light of everything you accomplished, you're forgiven. :) And I love you living in Arkansas (not really).

    Mesina-"I haz exactly 0 strawberries" is funnier than hell, but still breaks the no-strawberry zone. Coffee on the porch? I have no sympathy. Get to work biotch!

    Karinda-Holy shit with the strawberries. Strawberries are not the new cleaning, oh-ay? But, since you managed to haul your pregnant belly out to mow the lawn, and do paper work? You deserved every sumptuous bite! You are one impressive little engine that could. Also, I really like your sheet set so you're practically the teacher's pet at this point. :)