Friday, July 17, 2009

Finally Friday

Screw the French maid uniform, this is what it takes to clean a house--minus the rhinestones!

Yesterday I tore the house apart and vacuumed three Cheerios out of my couch (three!), used the crevice tool in the cracks, which I just wiped by hand this weekend, and generally accomplished obscure non-list items in addition to regular chores.

This morning, I've:

-Made beds.

-Straightened furniture post-frenzy.


-Did the dishes.

-Put the laundry in its place.

-Wiped down kitchen, including fixtures.



-Organize board games.

-Make chore lists.

-De-clutter computer area/city dump.

-Windex lizard aquarium.

-Repaint my toenails (yes it counts, it gives me motivation).

-Find a caddy for my vitamins. I heart caddies.

-Organize my underwear drawer. (Black ones go here, black ones go here...)

-Put away my clothes.

-Dust lamps.

-Wipe down bathroom sinks.


-Strip down to your undies.

-Revisit the importance of keeping laundry and dishes under control. They are silent but deadly. Don't get complacent.

-Wash all mats (bath, welcome, throw rugs). A nice and easy pick-me-up.

-Clear off/wipe down dining room table.

-Throw ten things away.

-Wipe down your bathroom and commit to some scrubbing by coating everything with Ajax if necessary.

-Okay okay, you botanical beauties, go weed or pluck dead heads off some of your flowers outside.

-Refill your coffee.

-Clean something unexpected.

This will take less than an hour. See yesterday's comments for my recommended playlist.

I have faith in you guys, sun or no sun. Let's make it happen!


  1. This will take less than an hour. NOT in this house! lol!

    I'll try though.

  2. LOL Sam, I completely agree! So far what I've accomplished today is laundry and dishes, taking a load of items to Goodwill (does that count as throwing things away?), chiropractor appointment, and making a batch of brownies. That may be all I get to do today since I am off to a divorce mediation meeting. Ugh.

  3. Sam-Okay okay, I was just trying to be motivational. Trying is all I ask, and you get a million do-overs.<3

    Susannah-Laundry, dishes (known here as "the basics"), Goodwill (which most definitely counts as throwing things away), appts., and brownies? That's pretty great for the heat and your upcoming miserable appt. Good job!

    Thus far I have cleaned the entire kitchen within an inch of its life, gotten every stitch of laundry done, cleaned living room, folded all blankets, made beds, and found my oldest friend from when I was three on facebook. Pretty sweet. I can't decide whether to declare the house good enough, or whether to do something drastic like knock down a wall...we shall see!

  4. What actually got done today:
    *cleaned off dining "room" table
    *watered outside plants
    *straightened up living room and vacuumed
    *vacuumed hallway
    *hand-washed entry area rug, and hung outside to dry
    *gave JJ his 16 week shots (I'm so used to stoic big dogs. JJ SCREAMED. That did a number on my heart!)

    Never as much as I'd like to get done, but I think all things considered, I did alright.


  5. Can I tell you how annoyed I am that I can't remain in said undies when I have to refinish the furniture or move the sprinkler in between house cleaning duties! Honestly, I wouldn't give a f@%* cuz I am THAT hot (not HOTTT) except that I live right next door to my landlords.
    That being said, I have:
    Had meeting with new LLL leader
    Took kids to park (water play)
    Finished sanding the dresser/changing table
    Did 3 loads of laundry (2 folded and put away)
    1 load of dishes
    Cleaned kitchen counters
    Vacuumed main areas of house
    Watered the entire yard/garden
    ...and told off stupid ex-idiot who thinks it's ok to stretch the truth to his dd on a regular basis.

  6. Wait, I forgot...
    Made Bed
    Straightened Bedroom-organized
    Filed Paperwork
    Made Spinach Dip for friend

  7. Sam-I nearly fainted. You did all this with a wimpy air conditioner in this heat? I'm petitioning for a medal of valor. You kicked ass and I am so very proud. Vacuuming must have been especially hard, maybe second to that rug. Pat yourself on the back, and know that I'm always cheering you on.

    Karinda-I have decided you are either a machine or a pathological liar, lol. But since I've only heard glorious things about you, I will believe that you are simply an amazing human being who is giving this a run for her money. Keep up the good work, but go easy on that body. As for lying exes...(long string of expletives). <3