Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thrills for Thursday

I choose to believe you're all so busy busting out amazing feats, you simply have no energy to post.

Mesina, I can always count on you to attack with ferocity, and make me laugh until I pee, er, cry.


-Fold laundry.

-Scour bathrooms.

-Dust, my life sentence with no possibility of parole.

-Vacuum my car.

-Bleach all sinks.

-Organize/wipe down bookshelf. There are books every which way. Hopefully sometime in the accumulation of the next 50 I will realize we need more bookshelves.

-Scrub bay window.

-Wash porch and laundry mats.

-Clear off counter.


-All dishes, all laundry. Have we discovered paper plates yet? Wipe down kitchen, stove top, back splash, and floor.

-Clean window sills, especially picture windows.

-Anyone have a fireplace? I don't know what people do with these, but do something!

-Sweep stairs if you have them.

-Pick up all errant jackets, book bags, shoes, blankets, etc. that made their way around the house.

-Pick an eye sore and kick its ass.

Hoping to break radio silence any time...


  1. hot damn! flaming june is one of my most loved paintings!

  2. I finally ran some dishes yesterday... because with 4 adults in the house, we COMPLETELY ran out of utensils. >.< There's still probably a load and a half more to go; I may get to them today...

  3. Sorry, Chey. I'm holding on here, but am not motivated to do much more. I've got help keeping the dishes caught up, and the laundry isn't too bad yet. But ... well, you know the deal.

    I am reading your posts though! Everyday!

  4. I love this blog and read it everyday!

  5. I'm holding steady with the laundry. The kitchen has managed to go to hell in a handbasket again though, and I've got to torch it tonight. I've got people coming over tomorrow so that should be good for frantic cleaning.

    Sorry for not posting. Treading water over here.

  6. I still see sand, everywhere! It could just be my imagination, but I am convinced I just crunched a little piece in my teeth a second ago.

    In my moment of despair, I made the mistake of Playlisting Kelly Clarkson on Youtube. For some bizarre, perhaps nostalgic teen retrospection, overcame me. And I now see how depressing 'that' kind of music can be. All of sudden I found myself in near tears over those exact 'break my heart' emotions that I felt at 10 years old. If you've ever seen Drew in "Never Been Kissed".. yeah, that was my childhood.

    Needless to say, I decided to opt out of finishing the sand clean-up and nonsensically search Youtube for ANYTHING that would get Kelly Clarkson out of my head.

    Quick.. suggestions!

    Laundry done, dishes done, Dyson is dry and back to work, dinner...almost done.

    Amy DB

  7. Anonymous-Glad you liked my chosen graphic. Was it enough to inspire any cleaning?

    Katie-Utensil drought! That's the worst! Hope you awake to dishes in abundance. Company definitely breaks one's routine.

    Anonymous #2-Thank you, how very flattering! Always hoping to inspire, will settle for entertaining, lol.

    Bethany-Sorry the house is waging a coup on you! I love you torching the kitchen. Hopefully we can set things straight one Kirkland wipe at a time. :) Let me know if you need a hand.

    Amy-Great now I just crunched sand in my teeth. As for Kelly Clarkson, Since U Been Gone, in spite of the egregious use of "U" is a pretty good revival from whatever mournful stuff you were listening to. Aside from that, I recommend Pink's version of Me & Bobby McGee and am eternally grateful to Jacob for sending that link. I also recommenr Lady Marmalade with Christina Aguilera and Pink, Shut up and Let me Go by the Ting Tings, and How Bizarre by OTC. Good job pulling yourself away and getting things done!

  8. It may have taken me all day, but I got it all done (finally). I also managed to bake some bread (why I decided to do it while the house was 80 plus degrees I don't know) and clean off most of the siding on the front and sides of the house thanks to a nearly two hour phone call. <3
    Oh, and I got some more stuff of Allison's ready for her to take away, take it away!
    My goal for tomorrow is to clean out my car and make some random returns to stores between chiro appointment and mediation.

  9. Yesterday I slept, did a few light chores like vaccum and hoped my bedroom was still in a state of bliss. It was until last night when the dog jumped on the bed, thus forcing us to change the sheets at midnight. Blast her! Muddy paws didn't make for a very nice bed to sleep in.

    I also managed to do a home hair cut on Willow, she now has bangs which are so cute I could cry! It makes her look all grown up! And yes I cut it straight! WHOO HOOO! I cannot fathom spending out at the hairdresser for a near 3 year old when I have hair scissors at home. I know, Im so cheap.
    But the restless nights forced me to nap most of yesterday morning until I found the energy to get everything together for a homecooked dinner and light tidying. I swear though the house is not in too bad of shape as everyday I do something and the kids pitch. (and that lovely man o mine!)
    Today is clean for company day - since tonight we have friends over. I'll do what I can until I go see Maurice for lunch and get us a Subway to enjoy while we chat for his hour break.
    So if anyone has any spare energy to give me...I'd love you forever and ever! xx