Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Well Well Wednesday

It's been a little quiet around here. I know the berries are calling and everyone's sick but that is no excuse! Just kidding, it's the perfect excuse, lol. I am pleased to report that I'm not as sick as I thought. A recent change in medication, which warned of "some drowsiness" landed me flat on my back every time I took it, like, waking up at 5pm. Plus it didn't work, so naturally I ditched it. (Psych, I sold it on the black market, naturally.)

So what's it gonna take to reboot our little army, hmmmmmmmm?

This morning, as I wandered the darkness, I:

-Swept the laundry room.

-Folded 475 loads of laundry. I've become convinced that my family has been wearing seven outfits each day.


-Made chore lists.

-Cleared off and wiped down dining room table.


-Finish @#*&&^%%$#^%* paperwork. The implication being of course, that I STARTED IT!

-Pat everyone down to ensure they're wearing the bare minimum clothing. Shouldn't be hard today, at 90 degrees.

-Spiff up windows.

-De-clutter at least ten things making me nuts. So I will be 1/10th as nuts as I am.

-Once-over the bathrooms.


-I have a feeling laundry and dishes are creeping up on and/or drowning some of you. Let's meet that challenge head-on. Show no mercy!

-Wipe down entire kitchen, including cupboard faces, knobs, appliances, and floors.

-Make your living room suitable for company.

-Wipe down all screens.

-Set your timer for ten minutes, grab your rag, and wiped down everything in your path. Leave no prisoners.

-Straighten up the bookshelf and/or hutch that you refuse to look at because of al the books/knick knacks that have become askew.


I get lots of emails about what you guys are up to, but people have gotten shy about posting. I don't have much of an ego guys, but it's hungry. :)

(Disclaimer: It's 90 degrees, so full permission granted to tell me to fuck right off.)


  1. I posted my happenings for today already on your Tuesday post! So there!! I was just trying to be organised and sort two things at once so.... I'll give a brief recap anyway (because Im a total whacko like that)
    -Sorted the office out in prep to move it. However we have decided to leave it till the weekend because, we're so worn out from our day it's too big a job to do ''after dinner''. (duh!)
    -Got some more laundry sorted, folded AND put away...damn I'm good
    -Went in and made sure the bedroom hadn't been subjected to fondling in any way (even kinky). It was so clean from yesterday I just want to lap up every second I can keeping it that way :D
    -Got the livingroom company proof *flex* (as per your request on the list!)
    -Mopped the dining know why.
    -vaccumed, I even vaccumed my feet! YES I DID!
    -Sorted through the endless pile O crap that mounted up on our breakfast table (the one we are ditching). See we don't use it for anything but a spare shelf...annoying as hell!
    And that was kinda my day. Maurice suprised me by coming home for lunch to slap a smooch on my face, I was half asleep on the sofa at that point trying to recoop from a bad night. How sweet is he?!? It made my day and got me motivated to finish up all these jobs! Plus I made him a nice dinner of Toad in the Hole - which is sausages cooked into a homemade batter baked in the oven. English thing, so nice!
    Now it's time for some coffee I think and a chill out. xx

  2. oh dear god Im so sorry for the epic novel I just posted....Damn me and my garble mouth!

  3. Mesina-You are my favourite novelist. Okay, I won't even pretend I can get past the juxtaposition of the words "fondling," "kinky," and "lap up." were we talking about?

    (Splash cold water--started thinking about Kate Winslet, go figure.)

    I love moving offices, things get so organized that way, and I love giving substitute shelves/tables the heave-ho. You are one brave Moxling! Sounds like you totally deserved the surprise kiss from yo man! You rock Moxieclean! But Toad in the Hole might be the least appetizing phrase I've ever heard in my entire life, just sayin'. Love you.