Friday, July 3, 2009

Fool-Proof Friday

Okay, the weekend looms large, let us not get complacent now. I'm busily obsessing over household bullshit that I am determined to fix, though it is a scientific fact that none of it can be fixed (such as adding space).


-Empty and wipe out ALL garbages. For reals.

-Tackle your kids' room, and if there are more than one, start with the scariest and work your way through one each day, major emphasis on gettind rid of these. If I ever see a McDonald's toy in any of your houses I will vomit on your nicest piece of furniture and then yell at you to clean it up. So, kids' room. Bedding, make beds, rearrange if necessary.

-Wash all household and porch mats. It's a pick-me-up. With an emphasis on me.

-Peek at your lamps and see if they're smothered in dust. Let there be light and everything.

-Bring on the basics too!

All done, go eat your goddamned strawberries. :)

1 comment:

  1. We are not even gonna talk about yesterday (Friday) cos it was such a hellish day I don't wanna go there again.
    On the other hand, my honey took me out to see Public Enemies to cheer me up! I loved it! Now that the weekend is here, it's work work...oh and yeah that's about it. x