Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thoroughly Thursday

The week is winding down, and I'm guessing so is our energy. The heat is oppressive and apparently you've all ditched me for strawberries. Infidels.

So in keeping with making the most of our time, I'd like you guys to set timers whenever possible in completing tasks, be they mine or your own. And I cannot stress the benefit of music. Cleaning in the quiet is like eating cereal with no milk or something. Don't do it!

I have done vague, assorted things today that will be of no use to you, so I'll skip straight to your tasks. They are:

-Clean and polish all fixtures, like faucets, lights, fans, etc. Not with anything fancy--a rag will do--just make 'em purdy. (It kills a grammar to write something like that so you'd better f-ing have loved it. :)

-Wipe down walls. Children = smudges. Smudges give me nightmares. Use Mr. Magic or whatever you have. Do it for me. Please and thank you.

-De-clutter three areas.

-Clear three surfaces (desks, tables, counters, tops of bookshelves...).

-Remove three items from your closet permanently. Tip: If you haven't touched/worn it in six months, it goes.

-I would be ever so thankful if you'd all go buy white hangers. The world will be a better place.

Crank up that music mamas, set your timers, don your do-rags and go!


  1. I love timers and I love the reminder to do it.

    I'm deep in class prep right now, but I'm planning to do 10 minutes per room + 20 minutes kitchen when I return tonight, and I'll post then.

  2. I realize from reading other comments that I'm just a total slacker. Sorry. I was hoping to be reformed but it seems that manic Sundays just work best for me. Maybe once school is out...

    After school last night however I did start a load of laundry, bathe my kids and take out some recycling.

    This morning I started another load of laundry, shaved my legs and cleaned the front half of my car.

    Tonight before long weekend starts I will clean out my fridge and take all garbage and recycling out.

    I plan to do all the laundry from the weekend in a random stop at a laundromat for fear I'll be forever buried if I don't.

  3. My day started off early with the potential to be a LONG one. And then I got sidetracked. Of course.

    I haven't done much around here. I've spent entirely too much time trying to figure out how to use my new (to me) phone. Cleaned some greens. Shifted the dishes around. Talked with some nurses, a social worker and a massage therapist. Made some calls to creditors (fucking yea). Helped my mom outside for some fresh air. And played with the dogs.

    I'm a serious housekeeping slacker.

  4. Once upon a time, when my husbands sexuality was almost in question, he was super organized. He had every color hanger to match whatever color shirt he hung up and hung said shirts in rainbow order. I decided enough was enough and traded them in for shiny new white hangers. He no longer hangs his clothes up.

    We're in the middle of moving, so pretty much every second of the last two days has been spent cleaning two houses. It's hot, I'm sick, fuck this.

  5. Oooh timers are a great idea!! Yesterday (Thursday) I managed to get a few bits done that I wanted, the rest got blown to the four winds being I had a million other places to be yesterday. But I did manage to:

    -Tidy up the kitchen
    -Get some laundry on, put away what needed to be and yet today I still have some to put away? Eh?
    -change bedsheets - I'd take credit but the dog sort of made it that I HAD to do this - mucky paws are my bed nightmare
    -sweep up and generally make sure there was less crap than normal on the floor

    Then the rest of my day consisted of places I had to be other than home:
    -Griffin's coffee on the porch Thursdays. Which end with not enough time to go home and yet 40 minutes before Maurice gets off work. So we:
    -headed to the park to play to kill time! YAY parks!
    -Did some shopping with Maurice
    -Mad dashed dinner, ate with a shovel instead of a fork because at 20.00 I had to be:
    -At an Ann Summer's party! Which went on until midnight, but alas I bought some kinky bits that will spice up my life and make the world a better place. :D
    Whew, today is another mad dash at it's Griffin's sports day, unless it's cancelled due to the rain. xx