Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Workin' it Wednesday

I kind of left you guys hanging yesterday, but something tells me you persevered. Today is supposed to be hella hot, so let's go easy, because as everyone knows, when Mama ain't happy, ain't no one happy.

Today I have:

-Made two beds.

-Protein shake/meds: check.

-Swept the floor.

-Did a crumb check in the living room to appease me until Quinn vacuums.

-Cleared one counter top.

-Hung my other shi shi bath mats for their fortnight of drying.


-Organize remaining food cupboard.

-Pack for a trip I do not want to go on, lace much of what I say with reminders of my unhappiness, lol.

-Wiped down entire kitchen, getting all dishes done (every spoon), sweep/Swiff, take out trash, wipe down the refrigerator and microwave, which essentially hanging welcome mat for new dust to settle while I'm gone.

-Finish/fold/put away all laundry. I really think 100 hangers is enough. If my inventory exceeds that than I am just some disgusting Paris Hilton bitch. I only wear five outfits anyway, just like everyone else. Man, gotta give at least six garments the pink slip.

-Clear the chest at the foot of the bed, which serves as a transition place of sorts between me clearing them from the laundry room and getting them a spot on hangers so scarce.

-Wiped down back bathroom. I tend to neglect it because it was recently remodeled, and the dust just loves this.

-Clear and wipe down dual vanity.

-Have kids dust main area(s).

-Clear/wipe down dining room table.

-General, 10 minute de-clutter.

-Frantic last minute surveying, to see if I can spy anything amiss enough to stay home.

I will do all of this in under two hours, albeit in my underwear because it's fucking hot yo.


-Get an early start on D & L, use paper plates if you can, any shortcuts that will ease your burden. I'm curious how many use dryers and how many line dry? I like the idea of it but I can never get things straight enough, and I don't like the feeling of crunchy clothes...

-Clean your dining area. Debris, papers, dishes, and then wipe down the table, chairs, legs, etc. (The tables', not yours.)

-Make beds (including changing sheets if it's time).

-Spiff up entryway.

-Set your timer for one ten minute run-through with a cloth or wipe. You'll be surprised at how many extra things you'll do. Plus I'm going to sneak in and extend the timer by 20 minutes. :)

Today's grueling chores are brought to you by Iko Iko by the Belle Stars.

I would like to read at least three success stories by 1pm. (9pm Mesina's time.)


  1. I just wrote out a HUGE comment response..and I am convinced that; 1. Computer HATES me and my comments because it shut down on me.. and 2. Loves you, because who wants to read that long post?

    Ok, love that you have a transition HOME for your clean laundry too. SO far in my hopes that hubby's clean clothes one day WILL themselves into the closet on their own..I use them to decorate the end of the bed 'area'.

    -Drying Methods: I use both. I bought these retractable do dads that you can attach to any wall and hang your clothes on the line. When you're not using it you just wind it up and it folds up high against the wall. WOO HOO.. I love it. I DO NOT love crispy underware, nor do I love the sight of crispy underware floating out underwares *(is that a word)..float about indoors, across my room.

    -All beds are made, and I only had to make MINE today.

    -Laundry is almost finished (3 loads down, one left to fold)

    -Dishes DONE, wait, I blinked, it's lunch so that must mean they are piling up as I type. Multiplying like wild rabbits in my yard.

    I just need to get over my "GO GREEN" guilt and use those darn freebie paperplates my hubby's work gave him. Yep, he works for GP and gets MASSIVE amounts of free TP, occasional papertowels, and for REALLY special occasions, paperplates. How did they know I had so many butts to wipe? Hey, if you're planning a camptrip, shoot me an email. I'll send you over the GOOD STUFF..3 PLY BABY!!!

    -wow, just realized my second comment response may end up longer than my first. Before my puter 'hates' me again..I'm off to finish organizing my organization notebook, SHOWER, EAT, and get through my list.

    Amy in Depoe Bay/for now (looking at moving closer to Lincoln City)

  2. I'm watching Renae's girls today in trade for more cleaning power from her in the future. Today, I'm also getting back on track. Mom's gone and I am super depressed about that (want to come help me clean my way out of my funk later this week?).

    But today, I've:

    Picked up the family room
    Picked up the living room
    Picked up the Dining room
    Cleared the counters
    Ran a load of dishes
    Picked up the bathroom
    Picked up my office

    That's a lot of picking up and restoring order. This afternoon, I'd like to:
    Do a second load of dishes (the shame)
    Clean the counters and sink
    Do two loads of laundry
    Sweep the kitchen floor and damp mop
    Water my plants
    Do my monthly budget (does this count as cleaning? :P)
    Restore order before bed tonight

  3. How about getting up early and going to a free movie? Does that count for anything?

    Or running terrifically boring errands?

    I'll be back home this afternoon and get something done...

  4. I really need this by 7am or my day is too shot for any housework. I'll read this again in the morning and do your challenges then.
    Tonight is date night with Shawn anyway.

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  6. i'm ready to get back on the moxie cleaning train. today i did dishes, ran dishwasher, wiped all counters, changed and washed sheets for 2 beds and folded and put away one load of towels. i like to line dry linens in the summer, but run them in the dryer for a few minutes first before hanging them out. seems to help with the wrinkly/crunchy factor. we don't have a clothes line here though.

  7. Amy-I think computers hate comments made to this blog because my Moxie Magic wants you scrubbing instead! Yes yes, my laundry is only human too, lol. You did awesome, and you've already done more for the environment than I ever have, so whip out those paper plates baby!

    Bethany-Wow. All that plus babysitting plus not running for the hills? I'd love to scrub away your blues, mine will require a power washer, do you have one? I'm really impressed, let me know if you managed to get to Part II.

    Sam-Every Little Thing You Do is Magic.

    Megan-I will start posting them at night.

    Gail-What expletives did you post and then erase? Your Moxie Train, friend, is only one car long, lol. You do not need me. But I'm still glad to see you going at it, and I appreciate the dryer tip, even though I am WAAAY too lazy to move my laundry to five different stations, lol. Talk to you soon.

  8. :)

    I managed to rotate laundry several times, with Charles' help putting towels away and gathering dirty laundry.

    I caught the run-away dishes, while Victoria wiped counters, table and swept.

    Charles emptied all the garbages.

    I watered tomatoes and strawberries.

    I found a purse to tote our chihuahua around in. But, according to Victoria, "He hates it because he's not from Beverly Hills." (I know that doesn't count for Moxie points, but dammit, JJ is cute.)

    I paid one bill, in person, pending a shut-off. Grrrrr....

    Picked up our Gardenripe veggies. (paid in full months ago, thank God)

    And to end my day, my phone died its final death. And we can't replace it. So I'm relegated to a phone my mom had in a drawer. But I can't get the damn battery off to get at the s/n. And I have a 10am appt, so I have to go to the Verizon store at the freaking crack of dawn (for my spoiled homeschooling brain) to get them to switch my number to this no-frills boring phone. It was made with elderly, sight-impaired consumers in mind. ugh.

    Oh... sorry. This isn't my blog to post all my issues, huh?

  9. Sam-It is your blog in which to say whatever you want. Phone shit sucks, I hope it gets resolved swiftly. Major kudos on the cleaning...Yea Charles!

  10. I didn't die! See! And here you guys thought you had it made, Mesina slipped out the back door and the posts were more sane. Oh hell no! I'm back babeh!

    Yeah so tuesday I woke up with this enormous headache and sore throat of the kind that makes you curse and swear that you get this crap at all, let alone in the middle of a friggin heat wave! So I plopped on my sofa waiting for the meds to kick in and work some magic. I've basically been feeling sorry for myself ever since and finally made it out the door yesterday to a friends house where low and behold....I got sunburned. Does my life ever get normal....I certainly hope not. :)

    So! when you post thursday's entry, I will be there, with a mad list of crap that I should have gotten sorted, so long as I don't get side tracked today by ice cream or some shit. *Fingers crossed* xx

  11. All while on pain meds, today I accomplished:
    Stripping the beds and washing sheets
    3-4 more additional loads of laundry
    2 loads of dishes
    swept and swiffered kitchen floor
    wiped down the cabinet fronts in the kitchen
    cleaned bathroom sink
    swept and swiffered bathroom floor
    vacuumed entire house
    finally cleared off the top of the dresser in the extra room
    folded an absolutely insanely huge pile of clothes
    started getting rid of clothes hangers that aren't white ;)
    wiped down train table
    wiped down dd's little purple table
    wiped down kitchen counters and kitchen table
    put together 2 meals with leftovers
    pulled out a large pile of clothes from my closet
    organized hall closet
    re-alphabetized our movie collection