Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yoo Hoo, Tuesday...

I can manage time like a superhero, but alas, I am not god, and so, I was unable to post a blog this morning between 9:21am and 9:22am, when I needed to leave for an appointment. Afterwards I ran to Keizer for one of those ten minute errands that takes three hours, at which point I sojourned in my garage, on the phone, thinking it was charging, but it died anyway, and then came in my house and did the only logical thing: strip down to my underwear and eat grape tomatoes.

So that's what happened to your blog today.

But all hope is not lost (except for Mesina). We can still act!

We can:

-Refuse to let the sun set on any dirty dishes or laundry.

-Pick up our entire living room, folding blankets, putting baby toys in something, straightening the cushions, vacuuming, dusting pictures, etc. This will take 20 minutes or less. Have the kids help, they have endless energy this time of day!

-Take three wipes into your bathroom and get as much use out of them as you possibly can. Start with the sink, counter, fixtures, round up hair clips, toothbrushes, etc. Give the toilet a mini-makeover, and use the third wipe for the wall, the tub, whatever.

-Do three things to make your bedroom a soothing sight.

-Bring me some strawberries.

Sorry guys, but I know you made me proud even though I wasn't looking.


  1. Indeed. I ran laundry (diapers and clothes) and one load of dishes, and set up for another load of dishes - they snuck up on me over the weekend.

    I would bring you strawberries if I had any. Alas, the only berries proper in the house are the last of the blueberries and marionberries I froze last summer, and I ain't sharing.

  2. Katie-Good work, and the juxtaposition of "berried proper" and "ain't" made me laugh. Gold star!

  3. What's with all the berries? I have 3.5 days until market time again, and all the berry reading made me want a berry shake. Since "I" Possess NOT any berries until said Market time.. I was forced to FREEZE cut up banana.
    It's just not the same.. or very fair.

    Off to run laundry (diapers and clothes)and think about Market Day..and BERRIES!