Monday, June 29, 2009

Sleepy Sundays Lead to Mad Dash Mondays

Apparently we all took a day of rest yesterday, or perhaps you were all out picking strawberries and couldn't type with juice-stained hands. In any event, even I will admit to having gotten hit with serious lethargy. I even made coffee you guys. It was that bad. What finally got me through was the discovery of a Law & Order: SVU marathon on tv. You see, Mariska Hargitay. Need I say more? This miracle enabled me to fold laundry, dust, wash walls, and make quick jaunts to put things away, rotate laundry, start other tasks, during commercials. Eventually, they cycled into her longer hair phase so I spent more and more time in other rooms until eventually I was missing entire episodes.

My great coup was, after breaking my arthritic knees on the bathroom floor for a couple hours, followed by scrubbing the tub and shower and toilet and sink until they all cried uncle in unison, Reilly came home and said, "Mom! The bathroom is SO clean! It's like, sparkling!" Ahhh.

An example of what it takes to satisfy this mind:

Another breakthrough that somehow took me four years to think of:

Before (the sight of this makes me livid):

Now, can I get a collective "Duh!?"

In my Mariska-indifference (gasp!), I did this to myself, so this was my morning greeting and will need to be corrected immediately:

So I have to sort that out before we leave today, as well as shower, which, um, I neglected to do yesterday. OKAY! I KNOW! I'M DISGUSTING! I was so tired I could no longer stand. I am so far beyond ponytail Sam. My hair is Exxon Valdez.

But whatever, now it's time to crack the whip on you.

Since I have very little idea of what got done this weekend, let's do some maintenance:

-D & L (is it psychically easier to call it this, lol?)

-Strip beds.

-Wash all sheets.

-Remake beds (not necessarily in that order.)

-Clear off dining table.

-Sweep/Swiff kitchen floor, bathroom too if you can.

-Set your timer for ten minutes and get as much use out of a damp cloth as you can.

-Pick up 20 things.

-Scrub one thing really well, whether it's a sink, refrigerator, microwave, a kid, whatever.

-TRY to vacuum.

-Extra credit for throwing away needless things tripping up your mind and feet. And I don't care if you recycle or what you do, just get it out.

Okay ladies, I want success stories!

In case you're wondering, I worked myself ragged yesterday, in between naps and hour-long episodes, and we're going to be out today so I'm doing the make-the-most-of-the-walk-through today, after cleaning up that food-tastrophe. (Does all the tea we have balance all the sugar we have?)


  1. I don't know 'bout you slackers but I got a lot done yesterday!
    Today has been all about cooking and I'm enjoying some homemade blueberry granola with homemade yogurt. The cleaning can commence after.....yum.

  2. Let's see... between trying to get the ridiculous amount of sleep that I apparently now need and homework I...

    unloaded/reloaded dishwasher
    washed 4 loads of laundry
    and had my son take out the garbage
    shaved my legs which for me is a different kind of psychic reward

    This morning I folded most of the laundry, stripped my son's bed and put it in the wash.

    Tonight is class and I have reading so I'm off duty tonight.

  3. Megan-Did you miss the memo about not tormenting me with descriptions of fresh foods? That said, way to go on keeping the momentum, I know Ivy doesn't give you very many minutes!

    Jennifer-Work, homework, single parenthood? Mother Teresa eat your heart out! I'm so impressed with all you do, but mostly, I'm always glad when a slack shaver finally whips out that razor!

    (Replies posted Tuesday, June 30th because I suck.)