Sunday, July 19, 2009

Say it Ain't Sunday

I hate Sundays. I always have. Since childhood. I've analyzed the shit out of it, and in speaking to an old friend recently, the best I could come up with was to say that Sunday always gave me a hollow-ish echo-y feeling. A weird quiet. Blech. I still get that. Like the city is quieter, businesses mostly closed, the general pace seems to slow way down, and that is not what I'm about.

This malaise affects my cleaning too, as it feels as though I'm wading through a taffy pull to complete my tasks.

Nevertheless, I will be finishing off the dreaded bookshelves today, as well as a roster of objectives no one would ever think of but me.

Yesterday was caddylicious. I love putting things in baskets and sorters, as it tricks me into believing that my house is not a cluttered shit hole. I sorted computer games, vitmains, and even put all my cds alphabetically in their binder (just for Skyla!).

I know it's a scorcher, but LET'S TRY THIS:

-Getting to the bottom of the sink and laundry basket to start fresh on Monday.

-Get out your Ajax or facsimile thereof and coat all appropriate surfaces. Pre-shower would be my suggestion. Wash your shower curtain liner. Wash your bath mats too. Sweep/Swiff bathroom floors while they're nekkid.

-Challenge your kids to see what they can do in their rooms in ten (or twenty) minutes.

-I dare you to get on your hands and knees and wipe down your kitchen floor. Get a Kirkland wipe and dig your nails into the baseboard crevices. It takes two minutes!

-Clear the dining room, including the table.

-Turn your scattered nightmare of mail and crap into a tidy caddy, box, bin, basket, etc. Repeat wherever there is chaos.

-Turn you three favourite songs on iTunes or You Tube and see how much clutter you can liberate your computer from. (Sorry to end a sentence in a preposition.)

-Finally, find ten things to toss/donate/garage sale and put them in your garage or wherever.

Okay? Okay? Listen, Sam worked her tail off yesterday, even washing a rug by hand in the heat, Karinda and Debe are both pregnant and have been Moxifying their houses top-to-bottom, the rest of us have no excuse!

Let's liven up this day!

Update: I finished the big bookshelf, only to realize, immediately, that it's the other one driving me to drink. Ugh. Hopefully I will be posting another victory soon. Sorry the pic is grainy, my phone has PMS.


  1. Well yesterday we had a chill out day, which I was under strict orders to take having had barely any sleep the night before. My reward was that my dog (we believe the puppy) chewed up my glasses while I napped after watching Marley and Me. I don't mean, oh dear there's little teeth marks around the I mean she demolished my glasses to the point I thought...what the hell is this?! Let me just point out that I'm as blind as a bat (except I don't even have cool radar detection) and I am now living with contacts until my eyes hurt.
    So the only thing I accomplished today was going down to Specsavers and getting two brand new pair of glasses (Red or cool!) and now hearing I have to wait a week before they are ready! *faints*
    I also went out to lunch with my honeybunny and now am being so unconventional that we are having homemade pancakes with hot apple topping and whipped cream for dinner. yes...DINNER. (eh?)
    So tomorrow I will do my usual Monday Madness cleaning and take a blow torch to anything that remotely resembles a germ and Mr Dyson and I will have a glorious afternoon vaccuming up dustbunnies.
    I did also do a few loads of laundry this I wasn't totally lazy!! And the basics have been kept up on, so I'm off the hook right? Right?!
    Have a great Sunday everyone!! xx

  2. So far I have managed everything except the crazy pile of mail. In addition the three year old and I made banana bread and blueberry chocolate muffins. Unfortunately I managed to somehow break my Kitchenaid mixer in the process :( I'm hoping I can figure out how to fix it.

  3. Mesina-You are excused on the grounds of blindness and the fact that you posted anyway. :)

    Susannah-Damn, all that and you baked? And killed your mixer, that sucks hardcore. Not sure how to fix it but kudos for getting so much done!