Monday, July 20, 2009

Mellow Monday

I'm a dirty rotten scoundrel. I got as far as ripping apart our school shelf and wiping it down, and I took one look at the random assortment of shit strewn about the dining room table and fled the scene like a burglar. I will finish, I just need a Law & Order: SVU marathon. Mariska will inspire me.

But I did complete the one, and two people have walked in and been so impressed they vowed to go home and organize their own houses--yea!

I also got all caught up on laundry, swept, mopped, scrubbed, wiped, and de-cluttered everything I could get my school shelf-avoiding hands on.

In short, I'm pretty caught up. This is when I rearrange my nail polish, sort my flip flops by colour, alphabetize things, dump the junk on the computer, and feel overwhelming urges to redecorate, buy art, scrub wastebaskets, and caddy-fy everything I can.

Todd mentioned a garage sale, which I liken to hearing the term "root canal." Mind you, I am the master garage sale-haver, but it takes so much prep it fills me with dread.

Today I am helping a dear friend whose McMansion is filled to the brim with rich people dirt/clutter, and will be there tomorrow as well. Good thing things are ship shape here.

The next day I'm helping a friend who just moved from the dorms into an apartment, and she didn't even attempt to lie about the shit hole. I know I will be uber-eager to scour my own digs after this week.

So where are we lagging troops? Basics? I've heard lots of good things via text so I'm maintaining my faith.


-Get the washer humming, head to the kitchen.

-De-clutter, find caddies for, your desk area.

-Strip/wash/remake all beds.

-Open your wallet and throw away old receipts, coupons, etc. And please put your cash in descending order with the faces all pointing the same way, for me.


-Pretend someone very important is coming to use your bathroom.

-Have a heart to heart with your room. Remember it should be a place of peace and comfort. Make your bed!

Okay, this is a start, I expect most of you to do a whole lot more, plus bake, which is making me hate all of you. Debe and Karinda are in the lead here and they're pregnant. Let them motivate us all.

A little each day keeps the shit hole at bay!


  1. All done except the baking. I'd love any ideas on how to make a bedroom be a place of peace and comfort (other than making the bed).

  2. Remove everything that is not a source of comfort--ie boxes, things to be fixed, errant shit. Personally, I find sparse to be best. Create space, arrange things in an eye-pleasing fashion. Some people like candles, I don't know, I'm not much of a girl that way. Mostly rid your space of eye sores and things that don't belong.

  3. Hmmm. Well, creating space is not really that easy even though I am in the biggest bedroom. I wonder if it would be easiest to rid my space of the eye sores by using those candles you were talking about. There's nothing like starting over, right? ;)