Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Timid Tuesday

Wow, yesterday was the party to which no one showed, lol. It's okay, it happens. I choose to believe things got done.

I spent the day cleaning my dear friend's house. It's been calling me for years, and it was incredibly rewarding, and incredibly more work than I envisioned, lol. I'm going back today. So nice; no kids, a stiff drink, lots of wipes, (I forgive her buying Clorox wipes as opposed to superior Kirkland.) solvents galore! In preparation for this assignment I of course scrubbed every inch of my own house so I wouldn't be jealous of my friend and burn her house down. It's amazing to me that people are paralyzed by cleaning. I sat in her kitchen window sill with a toothbrush and toothpicks and got the place showroom clean and she stared at me as if I had ended the war in Iraq.

Anyone care to comment on the scarcity? The heat? Pregnancies? Moxie? Indifference?

Okay well for anyone still gleaning anything from these posts, here are some ideas I got while fighting grime today:

-Since the kitchen seems to be root of all paralysis, what if you just focused on scrubbing fixtures, cupboards, hinges, inside cupboard doors. The reward is more mental but still counts. Perhaps sit on the floor with the implement of your choosing and do some fine tooth combing. At least you get to sit right? Reorganizg cupboards is always a thrill but maybe too grandiose right now.

-Pull the refrigerator out and scour it, including the grill which will never fit again and always fall, but it be clean.

-Bleach your sink. Or green bleach it. :) Dishes must already be done though!

-While you're sitting on the floor, open the cupboard under your sink and give it a piece of your mind. You'll be glad once you're under there.

-Peek at the baseboards and see if you feel brave?

-When you've successfully exfoliated the dreaded kitchen, make sure you're winning the battle against laundry, lest you lose the war.

-Pull one thing completely apart, as a trap to put it all back together neatly.

You're done. Deep cleaning the kitchen is a salve, the healing powers will stay with you all week, and we can focus on other things.

I am proud of whatever it is you're doing, and understand why you can't do it all.


  1. Yesterday: got my family off on the road home. DH rearranged the furniture a bit (it's his hobby). Crashed in the heat.

    Plans for today: Dishes. Laundry. Cleaning out the refrigerator.

  2. D & L done (laundry hanging outside to dry). Not much else though since I just got home from various appointments about 15 minutes ago. There is always tomorrow :)

  3. Katie-Dang, you packed a hell of a lot of work into three sentences, I'm impressed!