Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why is it Wednesday?

Can I like, totally monopolize this blog for a second? Okay, I'm the busy sort, it's no secret, but some planets must have collided this week because literally every breath I draw is booked. Three friends asked me to clean their houses, something I enjoy doing, but my dearest, most deliciously evil ally lives in a McMansion cluttered with rich people shit like expired Wiis, iPod skins, drum sets, 20' x 20' maps, on the floor, and lurking underneath all of that superfluous mess is grime the likes of which I've never known. So we scheduled two days, plus the rest of my life, essentially, following her surgery this morning. Monday my kids had a playdate, then some seriously James Bond childcare maneuvering (read: they ended up staying home alone), then off to Deborah's with kerosene hidden in my car just in case. I've been dying to get at this place for four years.

Then I anxiously awaited the arrival of an uber-important term paper a friend who was emailing me any second to proofread and edit.

Tuesday I filed some legal documents, right up until I had to be at an appt. in six minutes and was still in my underwear. Arrived with half-wet/half-dry hair, my FAVOURITE look. I was wearing the absolute most disgusting clothing you could possibly conjure up your mind, and flip flops, which you never wear to an appt. I endured all this shame in an act of unprecedented altruism so as to be prepared to hit round two at Deborah's. Then she announced she was going to see Harry Potter and could we meet an hour later. Um, no, I'm not going anywhere dressed like this. Except to an appt. with the person with whom it matters most. Also, OCD types don't like to kill time. But it worked out we were done at the same time and we were starving, and she groveled and used the surgery card to lure me into the Konditerei, where we hid in a corner and waited for Murphy's Law to take effect and for everyone from my high school and an assortment of others to stream in. During lunch, another friend called, a fellow OCD sister, in the throes of a serious grandiose plan, and asked when we might be able to carry it out. I basically said between 1:10-1:11am. But I'm headed there now. Tonight, Quinn and Reilly have track and field from 5-9pm, after which I was invited to a movie but not sure if I'll live that long, considering I've only had time to eat grape tomatoes in the car.

Tomorrow I'm helping a friend move out of her dorm and into what she described as a "disgusting" apartment, and could I please haul my 1,000 lb. Kirby vacuum. Tomorrow night I have serious plans.

Friday Todd will be out of town so the kids and I will do something radical, maybe pedicures. I was inspired by a gift card in my wallet, but I won't use it because it's cursed.

Friday night there is something. An intervention I think.

Meanwhile I have kept my house clean started filling next week's wheelbarrow.

I have also completed a surprise for a friend, read two books, started a third, and am close to deciding whether or not to endanger my current 4.0 GPA by adding math to my political science and foreign language schedule. Can't decide between Spanish, an easy A because I know a lot, or ASL, which Quinn could take with me. He has always wanted to learn.

Yes, I had coffee today.

I've noticed people are posting their cleaning achievements on their personal blogs or pages, an interesting happenstance that means nothing to me, lol, I'm just glad folks are cleaning!

In my mind it's September, so pardon the rambling.

Also, I am always amused when people portray their lives as being more idyllic than they are. I like to be brutally honest, sometimes to the point of TMI. It makes for better jokes and it's quite liberating. I like to say I've been in my underwear all day and have still not finished the school shelf, so that I don't have a heart attack when someone drops by. I don't know, facades are so 2008, and I am always refreshed when you guys post that all you did was dishes, or nothing, or scratched an itch. I'm glad we can be honest here.

In keeping with the spirit of the most egregious stream-of-consciousness post in documented history, I'm changing the rules today.


-Post a list of the things you hope/want/need to accomplish before the weekend.

-And dishes and laundry.

-It's something new I'm trying.

Ready set go.


  1. How did you fit typing into that schedule above?
    I'm seething with jealousy over your book reading accomplishments as well.
    The library gave me 30 days to finish Jane Eyre (can't believe I haven't read it before), and Ulysses by James Joyce (what was I thinking?).

    I'm still dedicated to cleaning as I pack.

    My Goals:
    Donate as much as possible, makes less to move.
    Get through laundry hampers that somehow heard I had a knitting order to finish and decided to turn into a mountain overnight.
    Finish stupid 'lint' crafts today (not paper, we've moved on to making fire starters).
    Try to find a place in the house to put packed boxes.. that Won't get unpacked a million times by my toddler.
    Find a place in my house to cry (loudly) without causing childhood trauma, when toddler unpacks aforementioned boxes.

    Amy from Depoe Bay.. soon to be Seal Rock

  2. Amy-Seal Rock? Wow. I lived there for 13 years, in Makai, just off Ona Beach. I love your list, your humour, and your praise especially, lol. As I drifted off at 6am, I remembered one major thing I did yesterday that I neglected to post and will thus get no credit for it, but I have forgotten what it is.

    I don't know how people move with six kids. Even little beauties in matching sweaters have to be a little rambunctious right? I strongly encourage you to follow through with the donating plan. My rule is, if you have to ask, toss it. Simple. Your laundry sounds like a vindictive bitch, I hate that. Put it in its place! Also, I love that your crying will be loud. You're so human! Except that you have six(teen) children, which makes you superhuman.

    Good luck. Stack boxes along the wall, you can go about three rows high before they run the risk of toppling onto little ones. As for the unpacking danger, SHIPPING TAPE! Buy some right now!

  3. Yesterday: did dishes and laundry. Go me!

    Today: need to unload dishwasher and consider reloading it; also fold 2 baskets of laundry and iron fabric for the carrier I'm making for Bethany. I'd been intending to make pot roast today, but since I forgot to pull te meat out of the freezer last night, that will have to wait. I'm considering starting a batch of bread tonight, to rise overnight.

    At some point, I REALLY need to sort through and reorganize baby clothes!!!!

  4. Packing Paralysis set in today.
    I love organization to a fault. Can’t seem to find a way to organize my crap into cardboard boxes.
    Subcategory: Utensils
    Subcategory to Subcategory: Plastic Utensils
    Subcategory to Subcategory’s gory…gory gory.. ahhhh….
    I wanna go back to bed now.

    The best part of my day was seeing your post and to top it off.. I’m moving to Makai. I can see Ona from my kitchen window. How funny is that coincidence!?
    A beach WITH a bathroom, I’m so happy about that.
    Thanks for making me smile today.

  5. Hope/want/need to accomplish:
    Scour kitchen
    Scrub bathtub
    Work on making my bedroom a "peaceful place"
    Play date for K in Wilsonville tomorrow
    INDIGO GIRLS on Friday night :)

    Dishes and laundry done :)

  6. Katie-Way to hit the basics! How'd you do on the dishes and laundry today? Amazing that you find time to craft, especially for someone else, wow! Hopefully you found a worthy substitute dinner, and can have the pot roast tomorrow. Baking bread rocks because that is when you can knit! Incidentally, I spent the morning/afternoon at a friend's sorting nine huge bins of baby clothes, by size, by preference, etc. I'm thinking there will be pregnancies on the horizon...

    Amy-I wold have paralysis everyday, so you're way ahead of me. Pack utensils, and put plastic ones in a gallon sized Ziploc baggie or small clear tote. If you can manage a nap with your brood, more power to you, somehow moves always end up happening. Hope you like Makai, it's muy over-developed now, but who can argue with an ocean view? I can't remember which house is 990. Is that pre-loop, or in the curve? Are you renting? Anyway, pace yourself, it will happen. Also, my mom painted the "Bait" sign on Seal Rock store, and also did the graphics for the sweatshirts they sell and their business cards. Just sayin. You're welcome for the laughs.

  7. Susannah-Didn't you just scour your kitchen? But that's okay! Cleaning is exempt from the moderation philosophy. Scrubbing bathtubs is the best. How's the bedroom coming?

    Have fun rocking out to the Indigo girls.

  8. I saw the word 'nap' and wondered who got a nap? What? Wait, I'm confused. hee hee
    Is she still talking to me?

    I always 'want' to go back to bed, and occasionally I hide there. But Pllllllllease, they never give me a nap. I think about faking the flu, but I'm pretty sure the oldest one would just offer me some raw garlic and tell me to 'sweat it out'.... That's my girl!

    I'm up late, and it's never a good idea to type when the letters are on the brink of becoming a fantastic 3d movie right before my eyes.

    Amy in Transition

  9. Yesterday (Wednesday) I managed to clean the house fit for company as I had two wonderful friends come round with the aim to support me over my newfound loss of driving license. They were incredible and came to support me in any way possible but mostly, chatting endlessly about everything just to take my mind of things. I love them both dearly, what great friends!
    So I did clean and I've been tackling laundry for the past few days and almost...almost got it all done until Tuesday hit and I came home and did nothing but make plans to adjust to my new lifestyle.
    Today I will order groceries online and try and finish out the laundry. x

  10. I *did* just scour the kitchen, but then a group of seven friends came over. And there was alcohol involved (not me) . . . and thus my kitchen needs scouring again ;)
    The bedroom hasn't changed at all. I'm overwhelmed.
    Indigo Girls will ROCK!
    And I have to say - you are coming to Monmouth and didn't tell me?! J/K :)