Sunday, July 5, 2009

Suck it Up Sunday

I'll regale you with the details of my adventure after they happen, lol, but today is about you, and oh yeah, god, for some folks.

Your Sunday looks like this, and feasting on your succulent fruit is not an acceptible facsimile.

-Clean inside/outside your refrigerator, including removing everything from the door and scrapping most of it. I'm a bitch. Don't forget the top, it's a forest up there.

-Wipe down and organize your entertainment unit. Stack/file games, or preferrably get rid of some, dvds too! Hide those cords, clean off the top, and pat yourself on the back.

-All garbages out in case you ignored me before, lol.

-Attack all floors with a vengeance and relish your hard work.

-Back to basics, then your time is all your own.

I'll be back Monday and we'll pick up the slack, slackers! Just kidding, my ass-kicking Moxlings!


  1. I'm totally working all day! I can't clean!! *pant pant puff....faint*

    Alright, I'll take your Sunday list and smack it on Monday as a compromise, you slave driver you. And yet I come here to get a whip crack everyday to get my ass in gear so...why am I complaining?! Damn me all to heck!

    Too many things buzzing around in my head, some about housework, others about new potential blog entries (including a love and relationship advice section?! am I mad?!) We'll see...soon as I narrow it down to 10 million things from 100 million, we'll get somewhere. ♥

  2. Mesina-Ahem, I noticed you never posted Monday. Are you skipping school? I choose to believe you are on a plane here. Yep, that's where you are...