Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday in Slow Motion

Blah. I need to start posting these at night, because I get up and start cleaning in such a frenzy I forget I haven't tended to my flock. (That sounds incredibly arrogant, sorry, lol.) Anyway, we returned from our coast misery, er, trip, and despite the fact that we were all slugs who wore the same clothes for four days, we managed to bring home a Hefty garbage bag full of laundry. I am finally through it all. Whew. Plus I had to attack all the germs and dust and generally offensive particles that I'm convinced invade while we're gone, even though I cleaned my ass off before we left.

This morning, I:

-Put the last load into the dryer,

-Hung my snooty clothes.

-Wiped down entire kitchen.


-Had shake/meds.

-Made my bed.


-Organized my purse, and really, I deserve a standing ovation for that.

Later, I will:

-Fold remaining laundry.

-Force the kids to make their room look presentable even though I can't.

-Hang more of my clothes, since I got rid of more stuff and now have hangers, GLORIOUS HANGERS!

-Have Quinn vacuum.

-Write up kids' late-day chore lists for after our outing.

-Clean out refrigerator.

-Dust more. And more. And more. And more. Repeat.

-Whatever else I see, with my hyper-trained eye once I'm back in my underwear.

For you guys, how about:

-How are our laundry and dishes/kitchen? Make this your focus. Overcast days tend to wipe people out so if this is all you do, it's a great start this week.

-Take the silverware tray and wipe it out, it gets grungy, along with the drawer while you're at it.

-Wipe kitchen knobs, latches, etc.

-De-clutter one hellacious area.


-Strip/re-make beds?

-Pick up living room in five minutes. No no, you can do it.

That's it. Start slow. Hopefully we'll have the important areas under control by week's end. Good luck and don't forget the music! I will make cd's for anyone who wants one.


  1. I'm going to be in the same miserable boat. We left Friday morning and got back last night just before midnight. I rode with my sister and her 3 kids both ways AND they stayed at my place last night and likely will today... God save us from the laundry and sand and...

  2. Jennifer-Seems everyone's routine came to a screeching halt with the holiday. Sand is a plague. Let us achieve independence from the traces of our trips by week's end!

  3. Ahh, the sand...
    Don't ever forget your handy dandy Talcum Powder..aka Baby Powder.
    Put this all over bodies that have wet sand and the sand falls right off.
    My sis told me the trick.I can rub it ALL over and no matter what, that sand comes off smooth as can be. I do this on feet before getting in the vehicle.
    And I have a spot outside the house where I strip down the littlest ones and rub it EVERYWHERE sand finds and then I bring them in for their shower. I LOVE BABY POWDER.

    I'm off to clean out my silverware tray. I hadn't even given thoughts to it, until I saw you write it out. Bless YOU for bringin' it to my attention!

    Amy (Depoe Bay)

  4. Amy-Excellent tip, though the idea of rubbing powder about my body is extremely counter-intuitive, lol. And I don't plan on returning to the beach any time soon. Let us know how thrilling your silverware tray experience was. :)