Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Catch a Tuesday by its Tail

It's not my fault. Seriously. Todd has been on the computer all morning and since he's chasing down job info, I can't exactly stand over him and say, "Ahem, my blog???"

So I've been making the most of the seemingly wasted day, doing these things, and hoping y'all found some things to do:

-Made two beds.

-Ran last load of laundry. Apparently we upgraded to the "wash the last load and another one appears" plan. Weird. A few of my things have ended up in the dryer lately (a big no-no since I am over 6' and cannot afford things shrinking) so I got medieval about who rotates now. I have signs on the washer: "Do not dry!" I have crime scene tape around the area, and I leer at anyone near the laundry room.

-Took all seven wastebaskets out, including main garbage, threw them away, re-lined bins.

-Swept the back porch.

-Organized the counter.

-Wiped down kitchen during protein shake/meds.

-Ran my lint roller over my suede ottomans. You should buy suede ottomans just to do this.

-Made kids' chore lists.

After an appointment today, I will NOT collapse on the couch after getting two hours' sleep following a much-anticipated screening of Kill Bill with a friend last night until 3am. Nor will I get lured into the Law & Order: SVU marathon starring my Mariska Hargitay (we date casually). I will do these things:

-Fold final two loads, watch them reappear before my eyes. Weed out jeans Quinn is outgrowing. He is ten and about to need Levi's in size 18. Damn.

-Do the ten dishes in the sink that are presently menacing me because Quinn isn't awake yet to unload the dishwasher.

-Tackle pasta cupboard.

-Run a fine tooth comb over the counter.

-Spelunk under the front bathroom sink and stop pretending the tiny tote with a heap o'shit in it is a proper medicine cabinet. I need to sort through the expired Tylenol from when my kids were two (they very rarely get sick), and the homeopathic treatments which seem to work for everyone but us. I like the idea of this because I get to scavenge in our storage wasteland for a better tote. Have I ever posted a picture of this room? You would all drop dead and/or unsubscribe. I think I've alluded to Monica's den of crap on the show Friends. I guess every OCD nut job has one.

-General de-clutter. I see books lying around, which is only okay if they're mine. Oh wait, they are. I see a shit load of Sharpie pens because I splurged and spent $20 on the Sharpie pen (a specific type) the other day only to discover they were all blue. Dammit to hell. So I spent another $20 yesterday to get black ones. I don't know exactly where to put them. Perhaps scatter them about like easter eggs and surprise myself later?

-Sift through five stories of mostly impulse Old Navy clothes I bought last week, try everything on, and determine which things go back. I can't stand having this many new clothes. Oh, and use the gift cards I was given to buy even more, lol.

-Wipe things down. Ten minutes, damp rag, and then my mind will be at peace. For 2.5 seconds.

What's on your list today? This:

-You are going to remind dishes and laundry that you da man. Make that kitchen shine, make sure that washer has an empty gullet by the end of the day.

-I am also assigning you guys under the bathroom sink. You know it needs it. Empty trash, consolidate shampoos, stop saving shards of soap, clean out any yucky stuff, wipe it out, done. While you have the wipes out give the sink and toilet a once-over. Never hurts.

-Sweep all linoleum/wood surfaces.

-Vacuum all carpet.

-Assign each capable child three tasks.

-Wanna bleach your sink? ("Oooooooh, I do! I do!")

-Dust your computer, your tv area, and your bookshelf.

-Sweep front and/or back entry, including mats.

-Pick up everything that does not belong on the floor and throw it away, put it away, or make your kids deal with it. :)

Okay that's all. You guys can do these, even though it is dusk. I'll post earlier from now on.

Don't forget to share your stories, minus fresh fruit.


  1. Thanks for the tip Amy! I'll add that to my packing for future.

    I did manage to do 2 loads of laundry last night, washed.

    I also unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher this morning. I hope to fold said laundry this evening.

    Ah... Kill Bill...

    As I'm writing this I realize I'm posting on the wrong day so I'll move it. (this sentence is now obsolete because I haven't saved yet of course)

  2. hee hee

    I love the part about the Sharpies..oh I do love thee.

    I am working through the list, except for the part about the bathroom sink cabinet. Has any one else ever been devestated by finding your hidden storage area SOPPING WET? I am SO fearful, that I don't store under there anymore. I may, perhaps, be the most UNLUCKY person when it comes to faucets. EVERY house has had at least one leak on me.

    I'll get rid of the shards of extra soaps, but you can't make me get rid of the collection of laundry lint. I'm saving it to make paper with. I'm serious, I GOOGLED it!

    Now I'm going to go look over home considerations and try to decide what I can live w/o.. (yard, dishwasher, bedrooms) you know, just those extra things.

    Amy (Depoe Bay)

  3. Jennifer-You get a free pass having been away, what with sand and sand. Breathe easy, your house is always only 20 mins away from perfection!


    Amy-Fellow Sharpie lover? We're BFFs forever. Sopping wet cabinets have happened to all of us, I hope you were able to sort it out and if you really did save dryer lint, I'm driving to Depoe Bay to steal it. Any mother of six who makes paper out of laundry lint needs to be shaken. :)

    Good job guys!